Hotfix: April 15th, 2016

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  1. Senshu

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    Greetings Everyone,

    We have a hotfix for all of you Today, to address some of the lingering issues that have come up with the Spirits Beyond expansion.
    • Revised the following maps to address to address match balance issues.
      • K'Thir Hill (5 Fonts)
      • Shores of Maljara
      • K'thir Forest
      • Darkmarsh
      • Forsaken Wastes (0 Fonts) has been replaced with Forsaken Wastes (2 Fonts)
    • Fixed an issue with the equipment Firk Mask where the psychic damage modifier would persist after the equipped champion was destroyed
      • Firk Mask is now once again allowed in ranked
    • Fixed a crash error that would occur with the equipment Frost Amulet.
    • Fixed some crashes that would result from certain effects.
    • Fixed an issue where the spell Eroding Winds would not affect stealthed units.
  2. Senshu

    Senshu Administrator Desert Owl Games

    Update: Server is back up with the hotfix.

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