How to make Mysian Necromancer runnable?

Discussion in 'Forsaken Wastes' started by ghklf, May 25, 2015.

  1. ghklf

    ghklf The King of Potatoes

    I see few points to run her, she seems overcosted.

    She is obvly not a ranged beater, and too expansive as a support.

    Since she is a Necromancer(another poor Necromancer), I assume she should be built around summoning.

    Any idea about it?
  2. kalasle

    kalasle Forum Royalty

    Yes. She has two viable and strong summons. She can be a budget boost option in skellies. She's a fine champ for what she does, and functions well at common rarity and for her roles. Leave her.
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  3. ghklf

    ghklf The King of Potatoes

    I am confused about her roles.

    Seems she should be in skelly or zombie.

    In zombie theme, apart from summoning, she does little for 80 nora. She is not a zombie and does not have any disease related or swarm related ability.

    In skelly theme, again she is not a skeleton. If only choose boost 3, she is 84 nora about the same as Tormented Priest and Tomb Lord but has much less damage output. Even Necromancer looks better than her. If pick summon, the cost raises to 92 nora.
  4. Netherzen

    Netherzen I need me some PIE!

    At the time when witches were top stuff,i saw yobanchi run them in witch bg.Basicly each attack from the summon would trigger revel in misery and would provide meat blocks to protect many ranged witches.
  5. ghklf

    ghklf The King of Potatoes

    Really? In witch theme, Rip Witch, Frostvein Witch, Accursed Scrofula and Stitched Anathema all seem to be much better than her while have the same range.

    All her upgrade lines do not synchronize well with the theme.

    Wander why he ran her.
  6. Djangoguy

    Djangoguy The King of Potatoes

    Back in the day when Witching Hour was global summons could heal all your witches, with WH being nerfed this way this just seem too costly to be effective.

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