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    hi im new on the forum but i have play poxnora along time ago science we need to download java to play it
    i lost my acount and i was borring to back to play
    a few month i found the game again on steam and its amazing
    i love everything on this game


    i think it need more online multiplayer friend interaction
    1x1 is cool but i love to play with my friends some of them is not good enoth to play 2x2 vs players we like to play friends vs machine
    would be amazing if it has a way to play with your friend against a BOT like 2 players vs 2 bots or more 4 players vs bot or crazy missions ... like the game battleforge that had a way to play 4 friends in diferent spots of the map and each player has to do some diferent stuff to clear the way for some one or 2 friends can finish the battle

    other crazy stuff i think would be great for the game... is if it has a mode that the turn was not for the players but for the team like on a 4x4 it has a blue team and a red team and the blue team has 8 minutes to play and each one of the 4 players in the same team could play at same time in the same turn

    i think this game need more ways to play with your friends
    friends bring new friends to play and more ppl playing the game more money the make can get

    and would be amazing if would be possible to play the game in a smartphone

    sorry for my bad english
    i just want this game stay alive for ever and i would love to play this with mygrandchildrens some day

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