Kanen Cult Mistress

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    Rune Name : Kanen Cult Mistress
    Faction: SP/SL
    Race: Kanen
    , Class: Witch, Size: 1x1, Rarity: Leg (limit : 1)
    : A female Kanen crone sitting on a tribal chair one leg on an armrest and a large staff in her hands.
    Flavor-Text: " Only when one truly believes in Kain Taris can you ascend to be his consort"
    Nora Cost:
    80+? (unsure Please advice :) )

    Champion Stats
    8, SPD: 6, RNG: 4 - 5, DEF: 0, HP: 43

    Champion Abilities
    Attack: magical
    SpellSurge : Pack Savagery
    Pack leader

    Upgrade Ability Set #1

    Rite of power
    Rite of creation
    Ritual of power

    Upgrade Ability Set #2
    Defensive Strike

    • What role is this Rune intend to fill?
    Other than Kiergana, we lack a full pack leader mechanic ranged unit for the Kanen.
    • Why isn't this Rune's role being fulfilled by similar Runes?
    Althougth Kiergana does have this somewhat, she works better in a sitched BG and lacks proper synergy.
    • What makes this Rune unique and fun to use?
    Having four procs of pack mentality is brutal, also the free basic attacks from sentinel and defensive strike will proc pack mentality as well. It isnt as Overpowered as it seems as pack leader can only proc the hits once per turn, got me thinking about getting it off on the opponents turn.

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