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Discussion in 'Savage Tundra' started by Sarashu, Apr 16, 2014.

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    So, my two biggest points of interest, Zeventrech and Ferren Ninja, naturally came together in this ST/SP BG, and I actually found a lot of synergy. At first I was trying to include Cyclops Ritualist (Poison Trap) and Frostguard Bracers (dropped) to proc with Kas Master's Slam, but remembering some of my games vs bots, I remembered the insane bonus damage of Slamming an opposing creature against another opposing creature. So I gained a new appreciation for Vicious Harpoon, Swap, and Ferren Ninja's Dragging Attack, as well as stacking Slam/Knockback for a huge burst against 2 creatures. I feel like it will be a strong concept, which I also really identify with, but I want some feedback from experienced players before I invest in it.

    I'll post the BG, but the one 'odd' thing will be the Snowcat Burrows. I just really wanted to use Deception to place Snowcat Burrows at fonts to really annoy and overwhelm my opponent without having to send my own champs, but it's hard to say if that's a viable concept without testing it.!/deck/CohCplctZcd+CdiCdock8CtBCjxc3QcuDs5Qs13S52S5nS4VrIR2we1fe1j

    Also, do you think Zeventrech will be nerfed hard in the rework? Is he seen as overpowered?
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