LF newer FS runes, potentially also more basic to get started in IS.

Discussion in 'Rune Trading' started by rutslane, Feb 7, 2020.

  1. rutslane

    rutslane The King of Potatoes

    Returning new player here. I have mostly played Forglar Swamp but looking at the runes I have, I could potentially also go into IS which I would also be interested in. I don't have any runes post 2015.
    So I am looking to expand Firk and Jellebrum champs, and spells like Nora Eruption on the FS side.
    Also potentially interested in a starter pack of some sort for IS, since I have a few rare/exo/LE runes there but nothing beyond that.
    Here is what I could offer for trade
    Attendant Squire
    Basilisk Templar
    Northern Cross Cardinal
    Farcrags Sandkip
    Holy Blade of Valdac
    Dwarven hooligan
    Elemental Warstaff
    Ironfist Inquisitor
    Talgar Ironfist
    Bluefist, Cavernspawn, Chained Fae, Skeezick Ripper, Sandstalker Lord

    I have Swampguard Crusher, 2 Neuros, spirit altar.
    2 Augurs, 2 Frenzied Pirahnids, Gekaal, 1 Marsh Warden, Slick and Buzz, 2 Tide Mater, 1 Drown.
  2. Adramm

    Adramm Well-Known Member

    Hello there!
    First of all, I recommend you to do some daylies and get 5k gold, then buy a prebuild deck in the marketplace. Maybe "The Collective" have some of those you nned for your FS liking.
    For the IS, unless you want to build a tinkerer one, maybe it's better to build any deck and convert it to crafting gems, then craft what you want.
    Now, all that is if you want to get hold of your runes in hand, (wink wink those LE)
    If you dont have the spare time or patience to wait to have your built deck right now. I can offer you the runes you want (as long as it can be crafted, so no Planar Disturbances expa) and trade it for that sweet Basilisk Templar Limited Edition you have in your pocket.

    Whatever your response is, hope the info helps you in some way!
  3. rutslane

    rutslane The King of Potatoes

    Thanks for the tips, I really appreciate it. I made a deck to farm gold, following your advice.

    I would be willing to trade the Basilisk Templar, or other runes, although my collection is limited. Let me know what you would be able offer.

    Here is the list of runes I would be interested in
    LE: Jellebrium Extispicer, Neophyte, Darkmarsh Outlaw, Firks
    Exo: Jellebriums, Firks, Karch

    Let me know if you could help with any of those!
  4. Etherielin

    Etherielin The Floof Cultist

    I can get you all of these for free, but my only requirement is that you join our Discord server. :p
  5. rutslane

    rutslane The King of Potatoes

    WOW! I would truly appreciate it!
    And even better: I HAVE been actively participating in your discord. Just with another name: Sirhunter!

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