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Discussion in 'Split Faction' started by Coltsfan3, Dec 23, 2015.

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    well, i didnt play kanen but i use ritual cultist as a healer in other decks, not sure you should play alacrity insyead of db cause its cheaper. dark runner looks like crap for me and you should probably change proportions. whirlwind also looks like crap, but i dont know many kanen. if you run many traps lvl 3 you could consider using vicious harpoon for pulling. sorry that i cant help you more
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    Your BG seems fine, I would use Ritual Cultist for Healing. One Alcaricity can be better than x2 DB. I use Zeleatory in the Bloodhowler, it makes him insane against FF. Also, try another Lasher if neede range.
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    Thank you! any suggestions on who i should take out for ritual cultist? I'll give zealotry a try and keep an eye out for whether i need range.

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    Click the pic' for the Poxbase link.

    Been running this successfully recently. As a note. I keep interchanging Howlers, and Animus. Not really satisfied with either. Spark Crones are a disappointment for me so I don't use them. Bloodholwer Alphas make positioning a pain, again I don't use'em.

    I can list upgrades if you want'em. Mostly go for buffing and auras. Elemental Vortex + Scavenger is hilarious FYI. Screw it, I'll list them anyway.
    Kanen Alpha (Tough 2 / Boost)
    Kanen Crone (Drain 2 / Surge: Kanen)
    Kanen Howler (Call to Arms / Death Nova: Sonic 2)
    Kanen Mongrel (Reinforcement 2 / Rend 1)
    Kanen Scavenger (Disease Aura 3 / Forage)
    Kanen Slipped (Charge 3 / Pack Leader)
    Kanen Tracker (Detection 3 / H. Vegetation)
    Kanen Whirlwind (Multi-Attack 1 / Fear 1)
    Kiergana (Boost / Pack Leader) Been going back-an-forth with Life Siphon.
    Ritual Cultist (Death Charged 1) I run 1 with Disease B. The other with Magic Bomb.
    Rupture Alpha (Pack Leader / Commander)
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    I asked fo you:
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    should get a harpoon in there

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