lovers couple - two runes somewhat like two runes with siblings ability

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    Rune Name - loving bard(male) and loving maiden(female)
    k thir or ironfist
    Race: human or elf, Class: bard(male) and bard or priest(female), Size:1x1 both , Rarity: exotic
    : (Short Description) male with lute in one hand reaching for her with another hand, female standing and reaching for him with both hands
    Flavor-Text: without each other, they suffer. And together the world is easy for them, fear nothing.
    Nora Cost:
    80 both

    Champion Stats
    both 8, SPD: both 6, RNG: male 1-2, female 2-3 DEF: 0, HP 50:

    Champion Abilities
    Attack: sonic(male), magic(female),

    Here it is little tricky - the abilities depend on other rune in play, similiar like it is at sibling ability.

    come in game first time and alone - without loving maid

    With lover maid come in play and in play
    detection 3, plus 2 ap (to get to lover maid asap :D ), plus 1 speed, plus 5 max hp, plus 2 dmg

    With loving maid close 2-5 spaces
    gain protective(but working only on loving maiden), fearless, unstoppable, detection removed

    With loving maid close 1 space (engaged)
    gain enrage (only when loving maid is attacked), antagonize

    When loving maid is killed
    depression, vengeful(triger only when loving maiden is killed)

    come in game first time and alone - without loving bard

    With loving bard bard come in play and in play
    charm 3, plus 1 range, plus 2 def, plus 5 max hp, plus 2 dmg

    With loving bard close 2-5 spaces
    gain battle hymn(but working only on loving bard and self)

    With loving bard close 1 space (engaged)
    regen 2, divergent

    When loving bard is killed
    lethargic, change magic attack to psychic

    Upgrade Ability Set #1
    Ability #1 +5hp(both)
    Ability #2 +1def(both)
    Ability #3 +1dmg(both)

    Upgrade Ability Set #2
    Ability #1 female - ethernal lover - same as immortality but without 5hp shrine lost, male - damage shield physical 1
    Ability #2 female - promise - area 1 space around this unit is inaccessible(basicly force bariere)
    male - engage ring - work only on loving maid - generated equipment - loving maid gain 1 ap every time loving bard make a succesful basic attack
    Ability #3 retreat(both)

    • What role is this Rune intend to fill? - to fulfill some feel desires of players
    • Why isn't this Rune's role being fulfilled by similar Runes? - I haven't seen similiar runes yet, which are about human feelings, the strongest known - love and with bringing this parameter to affect.
    • How is this Rune different from what is already in Pox Nora? - it is about love, which is stronger than sword and the love parameter realy has affect on dmg and battle skills
    • How is this Rune competitive and why would it be used over other Runes? It has many useful abilities, offering various game style - male bard can let others to kill maid to make up his dmg, or he can sacrifice himself to protect maid
    • What makes this Rune unique and fun to use? - because of many variations it offers, when runes are alone, close, engaged to each other or killed and abilities mimic the human feelings, when looking for love, having lover and lost him/her.
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    Kinda like the idea but I suppose it will be difficult to code that many interactions/abilities. I think that death and deploy triggers are enough.
    I see them with ability LOVERS like: if there is one unit deployed with this ability it have -1SPD/-1DEF and depression.
    Next if the two lovers are deployed than both have +1SPD/+1DEF and iron will or fearless for depression. They both need to have deck limit 1 too.
    And I think that male is her protector so maybe bodyguard ability? If IS than barbarians beacause humans are only in FW.
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  3. marian2001

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    Yes, bodyguard for male sholud be better. Also the engagement ring shoud create ability on female, named Divorce :D or Reject, which makes male depressed again :) and while female has engagement ring and moves, male moves engaged to her for free cost of ap. and also female move just for 1 ap per move . same for male - if he moves, engaged to female with engagement ring on, she moves with him, for free - no ap for move.
  4. chickenpox2

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    Make when one die the other gains vengeful permenantly

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