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    I really like Monks. Since the release of the split guys I totally fell in love with them. But at the same time, I feel that they are still not developed well enough to be a strong and consistent theme. Sure, they have quite a few strong interactions and combos, but unfortunately, they don't have a lot of mid range units, lack alt dmg, don't have a strong mid-to-late game growth and in general don't have a great amount of synergy. Their discipline abilities are somewhat an attempt to make them synergize better but in all honesty, they kinda suck and most of them are on champions that are shoeboxed.
    So, the idea behind this thread is to offer a way in which Monks could become a badass theme with the right tools to be playable in various different ways by reworking shoebox champs, introducing a few new abilities and champs and reworking the discipline ones.

    Reworked Discipline abillities:

    Tundra Discipline
    When there are four/five or more friendly monks in play, this champion gains +2dmg and savage exploit.

    Forglar Discipline
    When there are four/five or more friendly monks in play, this champion gains +5 max hp and essence capture.

    K'thir Discipline

    When there are four/five or more friendly monks in play, this champion gains +1 defense and telekinetic thrust/slam.

    Shoeboxed/sandbagged champions:

    Fracturing Boulder
    I think it should lose weighty and stasis and get -1 spd. it's the only real alt dmg outside of frost that monks have and he can be good so you wanna run two but with his drawback you're kinda forced to run only 1. in his U2 I think he should have telekinetic thrust, mindwipe aura 1, voices in the head

    Chirai Anchorite
    swap sunder with soul of ailur

    Calm as Raging Tides
    maybe sweep instead of enrage 2?

    Circadian Arcanist
    Would be cool if Semi-aquatic became on upgrade but tbh I don't even know why she's a Monk

    Darkmarsh Shadow
    replace shadowstrike with shadowspawn, +1 base def

    Epochal Sage
    was never really a fan of her. time bend is a cool abillity but doesn't give enough to justify running it. would be cool if she was somehow reworked so she became runnable in splits as well

    All the ferren monks are fine but it's a shame that their ferren focus is on base.

    Firk Thornflinger
    confuse enemy instead of paral feedback (makes more sense according to the art) range to 3-5 or 4-5. rend 1 to U1

    Jakei Icefisher
    add tundra discipline base or U1 (instead of pin down)

    Jakei Mindstriker
    remove immunity psychic
    U2: Arrow Throw, Tundra Discipline

    Jakei Shadowstriker
    minus 1-2 dmg

    Jakei Warfoot
    remove blitz base
    U1: Tundra Discipline, blitz
    U2: charge: frost kick

    Khong Monk
    U2: Tundra Discipline, Elusive leap
    -3 base dmg

    Leoss Magnate

    heal champion rank 2 on U2 or replace regen 3 in U1 with something cheaper

    Lonx Missionary

    is he costed correctly? he's quite expensive for what he does.

    Leoss Monk

    soul of ailur to U1, righteous shield base.
    U1: divert, soul of ailur, regen 2

    Nohkan Grandmaster
    -3 dmg base, 1-3 range, -6hp
    U1: counter attack, tundra discipline
    U2: frigid strike, freezing aura

    Nohkan Guide

    U2: Tundra Discipline, Sermon (only cause it makes sense according to the description, I have no idea what other upgrade(s) to put here)

    Paragon of Ailur
    no idea what to do here but nobody plays him. maybe the train abilities ought to get buffed?

    Silent Master
    U2: replace preparation with tundra discipline

    New champs & abilities:

    Boghopper Guide
    Race: Boghopper
    Class: Monk
    dmg 7
    rng 1
    spd 6
    def 2
    hp 44

    Attack: Psychic
    Guru (When there are at least 5 champions that share a race or class with this champion in play, this unit becomes permanently pacified, gains defender and at the end of each turn the closest friendly champion with class:Monk within 3 spaces gains a random discipline abillity. when a friendly champion that shares a race or class with this champion within 5 spaces dies, this champion loses pacified for 2 turns and becomes enraged 2.)
    Telekinetic thrust

    U1: Mindwipe Aura 2, Psychic Ping 2, Forglar Discipline
    U1: Nohkan Do, Evasive 3, Reflexes 3

    Lonx Mentor
    Race: Lonx
    Class: Monk
    dmg 7
    rng 1
    spd 6
    def 2
    hp 46

    Attack: Psychic
    Force Barrier

    U1: Frost Aura 3, Tundra Discipline, Logistics: Speed
    U2: Charm 3, Soothing Serenade, Nohkan Do

    Aen, the Siddha
    Race: Jakei, Elf
    Class: Monk, Wizard
    dmg 9
    rng 1-2
    spd 6
    def 1
    hp 50

    Attack: Magical
    Meditate (This champion becomes stationary, Pacified, gains Defenseless and/or Easy Target, cannot Block or Dodge and heals 3hp every turn. after 2 rounds, this champion gains +1 defense and +1 range permanently and regains its normal state. (AP: 4 CD: 5)
    Teleport 1

    U1: Tundra Discipline, K'thir Discipline, Regeneration 2/Heal Self 2
    U2: Nohkan Do, Oblivion Shield, Deflect

    Salaman Firebender

    Race: Salaman
    Class: Monk
    dmg 9
    rng 1
    spd 6
    def 1
    hp 48

    Attack: Fire
    Flame Strike
    Damage Shield: Fire 3/Flame Shield

    U1: Flame Charge, Flame Nova 3, Nohkan Do
    U2: Purging Flames, Amplify Fire, Provision: Offense

    Monastery Disciple
    Race: Jakei, Elf
    class: monk

    atk 8
    def 1
    spd 6
    rng 1
    hp 45

    Atk: Psychic
    Quest: Kill Enemy
    Nohkan Do

    U1: Tundra Discipline, Counter Attack: Ranged, K'thir Discipline
    u2:Inexperienced, Impatient

    Elven Guru
    class: Monk

    atk 6
    def 1
    rng 1-3
    spd 6
    hp 46

    Atk: Psychic
    Heal Champion 3
    Quest: Support

    U1: Kthir Discipline, Nohkan Do
    U2: Train Dmg, Train Def
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  2. zenadel

    zenadel The King of Potatoes

    I want to see more focus on race because something like circadian arcanist as a monk in my opinion is not an option.
    So really aren't boghoppers, ferrens, jakeis and leosses enough for makeing decent BGs? I don't like putting class just to nerf units.
    And salaman NINJA who is monk? He is ninja like rogue. There is no need for this.
  3. Alakhami

    Alakhami I need me some PIE!

    eh, all of the already existing runes listed here are Monks so even though the logic behind that might seem strange, for some reason that's just how they are.

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