New Champion: Firk Glaciator

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    Following the path that argol had lead, the glaciators used their innate psychic abilities to manipulate ice into powerful armor.
    Faction: FS/ST
    Class: Monk
    Rarity: uncommon

    Nora: 68-76
    Damage: 8
    Range: 1-2
    Speed: 6
    Defence: 3
    HP: 55

    Attack: Frost (2)
    Frost Armor (5)
    Arctic (1)
    Amphibious (1)

    Upgrade 1:
    Frost Aura 2 (4)
    Savage Exploit (7)
    Absolute Zero (8)

    Upgrade 2:
    Psychic Aura: 2 (4)
    Catalyst: Psychic (8)
    Telekenetic: Thrust (8)

    Just a rune to help encourage the argol frost/Psychic amp theme a litte bit more.
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