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  1. Vorian

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    A futuristic game with advanced technology Light can only split with Light etc...


    Insects (consists of all sorts of insect races with Spider people as a fast hard hitting elite, other elites being magically gifted Fairies and Pixies)
    Nommo/Aquatic (The Firks are back along with Merfolk do I need to say much else)
    Mammals (Felines, Humans, Kitsune etc...)
    Avian/Carian (All have flying with the traditional Angel as the elite)
    Reptilians (All sorts of reptilian humanoids with winged reptilians and Dragons as the elite)

    Gods - Elite cards for all Light based factions one per battle group.


    Insects - Ants as the elite who eat their enemies alive, parasites as cannon fodder
    Space Raiders/Space Pirates - Specialise at nicking stuff...
    Werewolves + Wyverns - Werewolves riding wyverns would be a thing.
    Vampires - For stealthier players.
    Liches and Necromancers - For those who are obsessed with the undead.

    Devils - For all darkness players one per battle group.
  2. Thbigchief

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    - The only futuristic thing I see here is the word "space" I guess?

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