Oh Cali I’ve missed your socialist ways

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by super71, Dec 12, 2018.

  1. super71

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    Let’s tax our tax payers on texts so people that can’t afford phones can have them for free, while regular middle class struggle day to day and now have to pay this tax also.

    Next they will tax on toilet paper, or how many times you wipe . This is the state I always hear hates trump and how he’s does everything terrible, yet they are thinking about taxing people for texts.

    One of the worlds largest economies, yet always in the red and or negative. Have to love it

    Socialism is a failure in every single society ever, keep taxing the rich, eventually they move and then you have nobody left to pay for these Bane Shift socialist programs and the economy collapses because you have people that don’t wanna work because of all the hand outs.
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    Yes. Funny thing is the socialist never quits. Like a crazy person who keeps banging his head against the wall expecting a different out come other than brain damage. HOPE AND CHANGE!!! HOPE AND CHANGE!!!! COMRADES UNITE!!!! WORKERS UNITE!!! May 1st comes and goes every year and some new version of socialism is always being crafted to create that utopia just out of reach like a fat rabbit chasing a carrot on a stick held by some crazy scientist standing just out of reach of the rabbit who eternally runs on a tread mill. It becomes a plague when it becomes militarized. Chinese Communist Party is a good example. CCP will just keep running everyone over until it forces its brand of socialism down everyone's throat.

    Let's just raise taxes one more time and then we can pay California's debt down. Just one more policy to give free needles to the heroin addicts in San Francisco, and then we will clean up the tweeker poop on the streets..... Tomorrow Tomorrow Tomorrow. Hope and Change. We will pass just one more policy to make the environmental fanatics happy don't let the loggers thin out the forests in California. Ignore the fires burning down the state. Just wait til after the elections so we can get all the tweeker votes and all the environmental yuppy votes. Tomorrow we will pay the debt. ............. Raise gas taxes just one more time so we can pay for that bullet train that will collapse the California economy cuz it will be okayyy.....
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  3. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!

    I honestly don’t understand it, like I’m pretty much middle of the road but idiotic Bane Shift like this is why I’m forced to vote for a nobody or a republican. Heard a quote years ago might have even been from a movie, “you know why nobody likes liberals, they never win” it just seemed so fitting.
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    and I'm the president of the US

    y'know, since we are telling lies.

    Also they do not have whats-app in the US?
  5. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!

    Closed minds typically never open
  6. Geressen

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    tell us more about yourself

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