Okay Its time OT, Got Darker, Alot Darker.

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Anotherblackman, Nov 18, 2018.

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    So recently I have found this new 2018 dying poxnora OT actually has alot of balls. So with the return of actual mental ambiguity, Imma hit you all with this:

    This right here, is the real America. Double standards that always end up with factual reality. And worst part is, no one knows or is even caring about this cause its being swept under the rug. Both of the "sides that care" are silent of this but the moral underbelly of america sees this and will and rightfully should be angry. Angry at the levels of firkery going on with this. If you actually care about anything you spew about any of these topics: Police, racial discrimination, Gun control, Gun proliferation, Legal black murder, obstruction of justice, you will sit through that white mans rhetoric and tell me why you disagree, cause Im tired of people acting like they know, but they still don't know Bane Shift about America.
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    wow I didn't even hear of this. disgusting.
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    My state has had this refrigerated trailer carrying hundreds of decomposing corpses for a couple months now. This is the same year they had protests about disappearances.

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