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    So, this is Qucas. I have paranoidschizophenia. Thats why I thought I was being followed last year. Ended up being hospitalized twice late last year after having some bad delusions. I thought I was dating my dream girl when I wasnt, thought one sister wanted to kill me while the other had done horrible things in my past. My thoughts were so out there at times that its crazy just thinking about it. Still recovering from my psychosis.

    Left Five Guys in April because I couldnt handle being a manager any more and now work at Arbys. Its alright but cant say I enjoy it. I spend most of my free time in bed doing nothing, negative symptom of the paranoia. Been wanting to tell you guys for awhile just cause.
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    Try to keep busy and incorporate a physical activity into your weekly schedule like jogging or working out.
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    Exercise has the added benefit of releasing endorphins.

    Just keep talking about it and getting the help you need. The more people are willing to talk about their issues, the faster the stigma about mental health will go away. Hopefully someone else will see your post and be willing to share their story as well.
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    A relative of mine once suffered from hardcore paranoia, to the point he had to be committed so my suggestions are based on what changes I perceived in him since those times. He had some unfortunate events down the line because of it, but quitting drugs, moving, taking in 2 dogs which he regularly walks as well as getting a more challenging job seems to have helped him out to the point he's off medication now. Basically, he assumed a lot of responsibility and stopped being a pothead hermit so I summarized it as "keeping busy and becoming more physically active" but there's a lot more to it, obviously.
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    Yeah, I really need to exercise and be better at keeping busy. Surprised he is off meds.
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    It wasn't overnight. By my count, from the time I was aware of his condition to that point, it should have been about 5-6 years.
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    Have a family friend whose son has similar issues.

    If he is off his meds he believes himself to the son of God (a.k.a. Jesus) and that God speaks to him directly, and... asks him to stockpile weapons and ammunition and cut off contact with the outside world to prepare for what's to come. He will quit his job, and sell any possessions he currently has and even forgoes food in order to fund these purchases. He has also threatened her life.

    So, in response, his mother has tried to get the courts to rule that he needs to be forced to take his meds and thathe shouldn't be allowed to purchase firearms, but they basically won't do anything because he hasn't yet committed any crimes. This is pretty reflective of the fact that these systems in the US are designed to be punitive, rather than preventative, which is unfortunate, because this seems like a tragedy waiting to happen.
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    Also it was a pretty good RPG back in the eighties.

    Ask Killing Joke.
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    @Vash Dragneel I hope you stay well, mental health problems are as real as physical illnesses and not seeing a proffesional is similar to letting a disease run its course, fine for a cold, not so much for cancer.

    I can answer this.

    also lol religion.
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    The first step to overcoming a problem is admitting you have it, so I'd say you are already improving.

    I know a couple who had bad mental problems, they were in debt, did drugs, didn't work and their barely past teenage children had to work to pay the bills.
    They got better once they moved away from the stresses of city life and made a small farm for just the 2 of them.
    They seem to be clean from drug use now too.

    It seems to me the best way to improve is to get away from what caused the mental issues, being drugs, stress or whatever.
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