Pox Nora Literary Series No. 1: a Clandestine Love Affair

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    It was a quiet evening in the library. Like usual, I was engrossed in some light reading, The Grand Compilation: Histories of Nora Since the Separation, a book that I had been into recently--off and on for the past few decades or so. I believe it was just when I reached the chapter on Deep Space Quantum Nora that I heard the door creak open. Sparing a moment, I glanced up to see a figure draped in a long cloak cross the threshold into my dimly lit hall of learning. Strangers came and went at all hours here in K'thir's greatest library, so seeing nothing amiss, I initially returned to my studies.

    It was a good half-hour before the stranger approached me. Setting down a leather satchel on the table, my guest alighted upon an oaken stool just across from me. I looked up just in time to see her lower her hood, revealing a face of such beauty that it immediately set my DEF stat to 0 and granted 2 nora to the next champion to basic attack me.

    "Good evening, miss," I said, trying to keep myself under control. "I am the Lorekeeper here, as you have probably gathered. How may I be of service?"

    The stranger glanced at me, something unknown dancing in the light reflecting off the green of her eyes. "I have come for your counsel, Lorekeeper." So saying, she brushed her cloak aside to reveal a long dagger strapped close to her leather tunic.

    "A--and what counsel is that?" I quoth, suddenly becoming aware of my heart beating in my chest.

    "They say you hold the Favor of the Gods," my guest replied. I carefully watched her gloved hands, slowly growing more and more conscious of the iron tool of war between us.

    "I have need of your services. Might I ask you, Mi'lord, to accompany a lady on a brief journey? I work for the Aurora, you see, and they could use a man of your... caliber." As she spoke I noticed that she was slowly unclasping the broach around her neck. My mind could not help but wander to certain physical subjects that, as a Lorekeeper, I had sworn off long ago.

    "Aurora? But you do not bear their badge. And I know all of the Inspectors in this district..." But she was standing and coming around to my side of the table to face me, her cloak now shorn and her hair now free to fall as it might about her shoulders.

    "I am of another division," she said. "Perhaps I can... persuade you of this fact?"
    She came to stand just barely apart from my seat, her smile upturned in an expression that would have granted a Dwarf or Brute +2DMG and +5HP. Suddenly I was fighting the urge to be Relocated 2 spaces towards my lovely companion.

    "It's a wondrous night. Why don't we take a walk and I'll explain my situation?" I gulped, but I knew, looking at her, that I would not be able to muster more than Rank 1 Resistance to her offer.

    "V- very well..." I replied, and upon leaving with that Elven maiden, I sealed my fate to the world below.
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    Well, balls
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    Do you plan on continuing this?
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    Yeah, possibly. It was a spur of the moment thing, but I could do more.

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