poxnora is failing

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by littlezay, Aug 20, 2017.

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    Not to be harsh or rude but I've been playing Poxnora for a long time. for how long you say ? since the 1st and 2nd expansions ever made. so I've seen pox at its highest and lowest ( lowest being now).
    you guys aren't re assuring the few players you guys have left anything . no incentive or anything. i get there is going to be a lot of bugs and stuff not working properly and you wanna fix things without breaking other things i get all of that. Being perfectly honest no one likes to play a incomplete game. Poxnora as of right now is what that is. one of your side projects that you occasionally fix things and try to keep the population happy when your more focused on bigger goals and things. The ps4 launch was supposed to happen over a year and a half ago.... yet it just happened not to long ago. give the ps4 players free angels. nothing for the PC players who stuck by you guys through all these years. Back into the real topic here i'm not seeing hope for the game. keeping it simple lots of bugs and editing needing to be done. More advertising should be done with and i cant stress this enough a better commercial. I can't even believe you guys got the approval to air that. For starters its blurry. and they way the game graphics are set up it looks bad. not to tear pox down or make it seem like i dislike what you've guys done because you have done A lot. i appreciate everything you guys do . i just don't understand as in to why no 1 is taking the initiative to start re doing things. could start with bug fixes mean while updating graphics because the sprites are becoming unbearable. the art work for each rune is unique and very well drawn. yet the sprite doesn't have that authenticity to make you feel like the runes are real or alive. I personally don't care if u guys even started 1 rune at a time ( eventually picking up the pace) but at least starting the change process. I love pox and it would be sad to see it go. but i dont see the player base or game in general going into a good direction as far as improving anything other than bugs and the new client about the game. hope you guys read this and this is opinionated and my view on the game . there is a lot more good things i could say but i'll leave it for another time after i get some responses from the Dev's and or creators.
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    2/10, I've seen better doomsaying in the CorpseE days. Paragraphs would help.
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    lol. no I agree. I've played this game just as long. Its pretty telling the people who liked your comment though.. paragraphs dont devalue what he said, they just allow you to take away from his argument without actually providing reasoning for why he's wrong.
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    Your only response is a single onomatopoeia? If you cared about the game you'd ask more of it instead of pretending it's fine.
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    yup its dead
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    He's right with the majority of it, but then again most of this has already been said. Continuing to name the devs failures isn't helping at this point. I just really wish they would bring in someone with a decent marketing background. People will try pretty much anything these days, especially when it's free to play, the fact that they failed to capitalize on such a big thing like the ps4 launch boggles my mind.
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    Look, the situation is this. Its 2017, hell it's almost 2018. Look at the games out there right now. you can literally pay a menial amount of money to play a video game in virtual reality on your freaking cell phone. Even WoW is struggling to maintain a player base and the company is moving on to projects like overwatch (moba (lol/dota) market) and mobile market to make their $$$. Half of our notorious player base from the past have moved on to games like these as well even though they love this game to pieces. Look at Runescape for christ sake, they are running old school servers with a dying population and a lasting but not quite thriving community on the main game and just made a really smart move by developing mobile software for both of their games.. This is a niche game and on top of that it's an OLD as ****** eff niche game. I love this game to pieces and this honestly is one of the best companies to have had the game in their hands for a long time, but no matter how much money they poured into this game it isn't going to rake in any kind of outstanding numbers as far as player base or net profit are concerned. The game itself is such as that. Is the game alive? Are people still playing it? Is it still fun? yes.
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    Just bring Pox 2.0 and people will see.
    It will be glorious.
    But yeah, this game is on the ropes and proabably coming down before the 12th round is over. I dont wish it, but it's expected after all this long time.
    It's not anyones's fault per se, it has been a while.
    I just wish someone could sell the idea of a Pox 2.0 to an investor, it would be a success because it is so unique.
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    Let's be fair, this game has done 12 rounds by now.
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    pox2 willl fail just like other new games of this type, the vast majority of people are not prepared to drop large amounts of cash into a game like this... not in new games. people are sick of it, face it pox is expensive. this game was from a bygone era which passed.

    i am sick of f2p models too, google play is inundated with them, did you see where longsword wouldnt allow cards by free players to be traded, its a lol epic fail. pox has its own war vs farmers, always did since i started. now the rewards for playing suck ass, they reverted their day one ps release rewards. instead of 200g for a quick game we now get 13g.. players usually cant consistently win in pvp and the rewards sucked anyway.

    i am not against pox 1 per se i just acknoledge you have to spend money to play... it can kick the can down the road for some more years, but if it ever came to pox 2 im saying goodnight on this game.
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    I expect each time I come to the forums to get a 404 error at this point. I'm certain the just released midterm was a huge flop and some real discussions are being had in the future of this game. If that wasn't the case they'd be invigorated by the success of the release and give us a roadmap or some HYPEHYPE
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    I'm pretty sure the new client wasn't touched by a real programmer since the "beta" release, or maybe even earlier. Lots of quite important stuff which was reported at day zero is elementary and would take literally an hour to fix, but here we are several month in. Maybe there's a guy who gets told or contracted to take a quick look at a certain issue once in a while, or maybe all changes are done by people with limited dev capabilities, or whatever - but it's not looking alive at all.
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    This thread is best viewed with chilli nuts and beers tbh. First you get dazed with a wall of text, then you realise that chilli nuts and beers are way better than whine ever was. This thread has some good humour, and i enjoyed parts of it!
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    I will if you convince me that I should.
    Otherwise you know the drill.
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    The game doesn't thrive because the average attention span of most people is like 30 seconds. Kids today rather play shitty overwatch " the game makes me cringe, and the cartoony animations drive me nuts" than a strategy game.
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    I cannot convince you to change your mind without being rude. I just hope that the Pox 2.0 chanting is a joke at this point.

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