Poxnora Makes All Runes Free Besides One Set

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hatecrimes, Apr 18, 2014.

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    btw, how is ptjimbo's post not on topic... I'm just asking out of curiosity...

    feed us more entertainment. we need mo-AR!
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    And if your all so smart. What type of in game economy is there, if runes have no value and you get to set the prices to what you feel they are worth.(which isnt the case)

    still no answers, hmm clearly you dont know enough about economics to be talking about it.
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    which post?
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    Bro, literally nobody here really cares. We're kinda just here for trolling purposes and to expose a butt-hurt man child on the internet.
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    its pretty much all the ones that are directed to me, we are talking about the game, but ppl making it sound like i did something wrong by expressing what i have witnessed. you dont like the topic fine then you can leave. (not you but the others) but understand this is my tread, and i get to say what is on it. I heard his opion now he is jsut harrassing me. Clearly has no life.
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    Actually I am on lunch and have nothing better to do than "harass" man-babies on the internet. :/
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    truthfully jimbo you have no say on this post, you never paid a dime on it.
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    is that like a insult or somthing. idk cause im not a weak nerd in real life.
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    Actually *adjusts nerd glasses* I have every right to post where and what I want, just as much as you do. Especially because this is the internet, and not your house. If this was your house I would not have even been there because, well, I don't care nor know you, nor do I want to know you in the life that exsists outside of the forums. I prefer beign able to troll you, in your own forum, while also pointing out some major points that you should probably take to heart if you're going to be taken seriously anywhere.

    I, although I was trolling, inadvertantly helped you and gave you advice for the future. But for now, we shall continue to pick on you and laugh at your nonsensical thread.
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    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    acutlly this is my tread, so it is my house. and you expressed your option, now your just making a ass of your self. No one was here to troll but you. Every on here was gernally tring to make their point. Yours what that ima bad guy cause im not going to pay for runes that have no value. So get a life, 40 year old virgin
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    ive been reporting you this whole time hope you know, and ima call them later and make a complant untill your banned
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    New management. SOE had their way of doing things and we have ours. Also, the Free-to-Play genera has evolved so we made changes to remain competitive.

    We have nothing to do with any of those sites. We do not condone the act of players selling runes and they do so at their own risk.
  14. hatecrimes

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    Another thing why it was off topic, i never said that there was anything wrong with the game. Its to to with economic which ole jimbo from the pig farm cant wrap his mind around
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    I never said that? I said that you should not put down a game because you spent money and it turns out the value you gave your runes is now seemingly less to you because you... I don't know..? Honestly dude your complaints are vague and too personal for them to be a serious issue for any of it to be taken into consideration. I also mentioned that if somebody DOES want to spend money on this game, let them, they can do what they please with THEIR money. If they want to spend it should not be up to you because you are butt-hurt over your runes personal value being lessened. :/
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    A very entertaining person.
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    I under stand that, and I dont condone selling runes for actual money either. But we use dollars as a value system, and PB points as a value system. Weather you guys recognize it as a actual value, its what the players use. Now most runes are just based off point values. But some runes like defiler knight. Is base off a dollar value. You wouldnt, if your smart trade a defiler knight for a rune that was based off a PB points value. Even if the value was the same. Okay so you trade for like a bloodraker, its had the same dollar value, even tho the points where not the same. Thats how the prices are set. You can say the players a are setting the price but thats just not the case. There is a some what of guide lines that are followed. Which I just put in the above statement.
  18. hatecrimes

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    Example: of restrictions
    You couldnt ever trade something for more then what poxbox is offering it for. Unless poxbox doesnt have it in stock
  19. Poxbrothers

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    As a store owner I'd like to point out that the off-site value of runes has stayed around the same.
    There have been some ups here and some downs there, but if we would look at the whole package, there barely has been any difference since DoG took over.
    Not with the runes becoming easier to get with gold nor with the lower box prices (a bit yes, but not a lot).

    You should realize that new players in the game means more "economy" in the game. It has a way higher priority for anyone that likes the game than "the value of their collection", because even as a store if the game has has to pull the plug because there aren't enough players, which in the long term means not enough revenue for DoG, your collection is worth nothing at all anymore.

    I admire the owls for actually trying to protect perceived collectors value with for example the re-release of LE's as LEGs. For the same amount they could've just said that they would make those runes legs.

    To your last point: of course not, but Pox Box is "just another Pox Nora player". Yes he has a fancy website, but if you want to say, no this is worth less or no that is worth more you absolutely can, even if no one will agree with you on your perceived value. I mean, why would they get runes from you if they can get it cheaper from another "player".


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    Excellent post. OP will of course ignore it since it has logic and evidence, but excellent none the less.
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