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Discussion in 'New Pox Nora Client Beta Discussion' started by bearhugger29, May 25, 2017.

  1. bearhugger29

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    Okay this game has started to piss me off quite a bit but I know its because of my deck I have set it up. I'm new to the game so there is so many things I don't quite understand yet. I've been trying to play the Solo games and there impossible for me to beat. I've tried custom matches with bots and get owned every time. Can someone help build a deck that can help me out with this. I have all the tutorial decks unlocked. Also tips on being a better player. All the guides I've found are from older builds.
  2. Hierokliff

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    I only play FF IS, that inquisitor deck you get are very strong and should be able to defeat most custom matches vs BOT. allthough i havent tested it, so going to do that now.
    Its sad that they havent got the singleplayer observable yet

    tip is that the BOT is really stupid, never charge it, save 2-4 AP on your units so that when its time to fight you can always hit 2 times because the BOT has charged you.

    sometimes/maps its better to ignore sidefonts and just go for the shrine and kill it.
  3. Regulate

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    I would suggest re-posting this in the general discussion forum at the top, this is not commonly visited.

    I would also try to include a bit more specifics on what you're having trouble with, will help people answer.
  4. bearhugger29

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    I will do that. Thanks for the heads up Sir.
  5. Hierokliff

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    Eh hrm noticed all units are level 1, and are missing some upgrades iam so used to use :)
    here is a video of my first fight using this level 1 bg against a custom BOT

    hmm wasnt allowed to publish it at first, it was too long .-p
    oups i had the other client in the background, so alot of extra soundeffects, rah rah noob me.

    and the cool thing with custom BOT is that the decks you are facing can be a players deck, so its fun to fight your own decks now and then :)
  6. onurbd

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    Dear New player the easiest way to beat the game on legendary modes in order to earn free runes would be to play forsaken wastes i will give u a deck that can beat any campaigh should u put in the time and efort to gain these runes, most of them are easy to get, 2 aspect of death, 2 collection of souls, 2 death guards, 2 elsari reaper , 2 lich kings, 2 ravenwraiths, 1 serkan lich master, 2 skeletal berseker,2 wailing banshe, 2 reapers blade, 2 repurpose, 1 elsari vex , 1 tome of hate, 1 unholy tomb,2 reapers blade2 sacrifical dagger, 2 shield of darknes 2 tempest crown, ( slap shield of darknes on banshes and u will have an imortal champion runing amok, put tempest crowns on ravenwraiths, use repurpose on skeletal bersekers to make them stronger so they selfheal, use collection of souls to buff serkan, slap reapers blades on lich kings for easily killing boses,) more or less u should be destroying the campaighs with this deck on legendary, thats what i do :)
  7. aZaX69

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    Good advice but I think the OP was looking for a starting deck to just beat basic bots. It's a matter of preference and your play style really as most of the starter decks have their own strengths and weaknesses. I liked playing the Bonesaw skelly deck from FW training...
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