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    @Moles Praise be Cthulhu!
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  2. Moles

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    Part of consolidation is also streamlining existing abilities and making similar mechanics more consistant, which we have done a lot of. and more of is coming with the expansion.
  3. Ralphen

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    My requests:

    * An option to switch on/off the new graphical effects (some graphical cards can't handle them properly).
    * Icons visible for all the terrain types when switching to map grid mode (eventually, make them a bit smaller).
    * Linux/Mac versions back (Java and Java FX are now compatible with Pox requirements), it would help a lot in increasing the player base.
    * Fix the "Lava Pit - Underdeep" map for the "low-graphic mode", because it's ugly with no lava on it.
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    Did you fix alluring discipline to apply charmed?
  5. Moles

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    We have a ticket for it, looks as if it was fixed once but not properly - I have taken ownership of it now so you will see it in a patch soon, may not make the expansion
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    I hope this thread is still a thing.

    I would like to see more statistic graphs for champs, both in the rune manager and In-game, i imagine something like
    This for stats (HP, SPD, ATK, DEF, RNG) but with pretty colors and more eye friendly

    And not only for each individual champ but also the "overal powerlevel/nora cost/etc" for each battlegroup.
    One could be used to show the fav elemental attack on that battlegroup (Acid/Fire/phisical/poison/magic/etc.)
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    oh lord yes please

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    Yeah this is still a thing, just haven't gotten around to updating it again. Thanks again to @Moles for the Reverse Alphabetical BG Dropdown Listfix...
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  9. drathys

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  10. Ishalia

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    Firstly, sorry for the poor paint quality!

    I would like to make a few suggestions concerning the QoL of poxnora.

    1. When you have a champion selected and you cursor over/select Attack: x or a damage dealing ability(fire bomb, farshot, etc.) there should be a small, colored number above all enemies showing how much damage that attack will deal. Everything should be included(Defense, tough, scale armor, sl bonus, amps, etc.) and the rounding correctly implemented. I believe this wouldn't even be that difficult to add.

    2. When you have a champion selected and you're moving to a new location, two things should be displayed. First, it would be nice if there was a small, colored number above your champion showing how much remaining ap you would have after moving to that location. Second, it would be nice if the game also highlighted the champion's range as you moved. I'm thinking about having a see-through version of the sprite on the square you indicate, and then the range being shown in see-through red or something(I did it in white and it doesn't quite look right to me). I've uploaded an image showing this as I feel that my explanation was a bit lacking.


    It could definitely be improved, but what do you guys think?

    Also, Gedden leaked us some pictures of an updated UI work in progress several months ago. Are the artists still working on that, has it been scrapped, or is it almost done? I would love to hear more about it!
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    Here's a similar thread:


    I don't think the projected range values or unit movements would do that much for me. That's something I would toggle off -- lot of UI clutter. Damage numbers would be hella nice though.

    [self-styled elitist]
    But any serious player should be able to calculate that quickly and easily in their own head, so this is really just catering to the illiterate and uneducated masses.
    [/self-styled elitist]
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    I'll merge this with my thread, once I get around to updating it. I like to update it a chunk at a time instead of little by little. Keep'em coming!
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  13. Ishalia

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    Yeah, personally I wouldn't use it either, so I'd like it to be toggle-able on/off for sure. However, a friend that I got to try the game said that she'd like to see the ranges as the unit moved so I thought it might improve NUX.

    Well, I'm sure you know better than most that the rounding and how a lot of things interact with each other in this game are inconsistent, so for that reason alone I would love the in-game damage calculator. Also, anything with weird percentages (web, resistances 2, etc.) are a pain to calculate in your head especially when you only have 1:45 and you need to do a long turn. ( I know you weren't being serious there but I wanted to address it anyways =p)

    Sounds good!

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    @Senshu ?
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    @Kampel That's a hell of a lot of work.

    Updated 6/13/2015

    Again, if I missed something, let me know.
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    i got a few
    ita really irritating to find old threads using search if forgot the name so like a history list in profile page split to 3
    1. Threads made by you in chronological order
    2.threads you wrote/liked
    3.old watched thread list added tothe folder
    i know it might be difficult to do but i'd be happy if just 1 and 2 gets implemented

    I have written atleast 200 odd threads it would be nice to go back and see them because search doesn't tell if its made by you or its a comment
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    Go to the postings tab on your profile page, and scroll down to the bottom, click "find all content by ...."
    Same as previous, except you choose "Find all threads by ...."
    Haven't found it, though I'm sure it's here somewhere. You can find all the likes you have received by mousing over your username in the top left next to your Inbox, and Alerts, and selecting the Likes You've Received" in the dropdown.
    On the top of the page, right under the Poxnora logo, and under the Forums Tab, look 3 over, and you can select "Watched Threads" you might have to look down a bit, but select "Show All Watched Threads"
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  18. chickenpox2

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    I agree that it's there but this system will make it more easier if i search post by me it shows jumbled between comments i made and threads i made
  19. Senshu

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    We are looking as many different UI elements for improvement, but we aren't going to make any changes until we come up with a design that actually feels like an improvement over what is currently in place.

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    Well, an idea would be to set it up like Smite's HUD They have it set to a reasonable default, but you can tinker pretty much every aspect of what you see. Let me get a vid for you. Be sure to watch the full vid.

    I image it would be a hefty amount of work, but it could very well be the best option instead of finding the best UI for what we ask, you could just set it up for us to do it ourselves.
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