Rune Discussion: Nefari Messenger (Week 4)

Discussion in 'Underdepths' started by IMAGIRL, Mar 13, 2015.


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    IMAGIRL Forum Royalty

    This is week 4. I think there are lots of ways this one could go.

    Current Kit:

    Previous Kit:

    My thoughts: (Just to get the topic going.)
    • Nefari Messenger is trying to do 2 roles, and she is failing at both. It is causing her to be horrendously expensive as well.
    • She either needs to be damage, or support. I personally am opting for support. As to what; I currently don't know.
    • I do think that she should keep Drive, and possibly gain Rebuke 3.

    Community Suggested Changes:
    • ?
    • ?
    • ?

    Poll rotations will be thus:
    • Highest vote becomes new discussion
    • 2nd, and 3rd place get put on next weeks poll choices.
    • 4th place gets swapped out for another possibility.
    • If there is a tie between 3rd, and 4th I use my vote as a tie breaker.
    • I do not vote unless there is a tie.
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  2. Fentum

    Fentum I need me some PIE!

    I've been running this lady for around seven years. Always as a support and damage combo. Magical damage specifically. I would prefer her to lose annex.

    My existing rune doesn't work as annex just doesn't activate.

    Can anyone explain the difference between the asterisk and non asterisk version?

    IMAGIRL Forum Royalty

    Long story short. There is not difference between them aside from the * being non-tradeable.
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  4. PiPPoInZ9

    PiPPoInZ9 The King of Potatoes

    Annex is the sandbag IMO. It`s fun when you kill a champ by expanding the front bonus, but how often does that happen? Rgen and Life Siphon is a bit of an overkill. Maybe loosing one of them and adding Bleed? Drive is nice. Looking back at the previous abilities, I kinda like Afflict.
  5. Fentum

    Fentum I need me some PIE!

    Thank you. I wonder why my Annex doesn't work.
  6. PiPPoInZ9

    PiPPoInZ9 The King of Potatoes

    It doesn`t stack. So if you have the warbanner out (Mark of Sheoul), nothing happens.
  7. Fentum

    Fentum I need me some PIE!

    Interesting. I had the banner out and / or the lady, but never saw a four radius font.
  8. OriginalG1

    OriginalG1 I need me some PIE!

    how bad is initiative affecting that nora cost?
  9. junithorn

    junithorn I need me some PIE!

    Nef messenger is a sad story, she used to be such a staple.

    In short, she costs too much. Annex is useless, life siphon has no place on her too. She needs to be able to init in and drive cheaply.

    IMAGIRL Forum Royalty

    The Font Radius does not expand. The font bonus does however. So now things in an AoE of 4 around the font take 2 fire damage. You are still only able to deploy in the AoE of 3 that was originally there. That does not change.
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  11. chickenpox2

    chickenpox2 I need me some PIE!

    I feel like life siphons kind of sandbagging her give her regen 2 on base and change upgrade path 2 to
    bleed/lifedrinker/life siphon
  12. Leadrz

    Leadrz I need me some PIE!

    If my sketchy calculations are correct.
    Remove life siphon + annex would make it 77 nora?

    IMAGIRL Forum Royalty

    Life Siphon 10
    Annex 4

    Assuming Default upgrades.
    (77) If Regen 1.

    Unfortunately, like all themed leg abilities. Unless the other 7 lose Annex. The chance of her losing it is close to zero.
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  14. chickenpox2

    chickenpox2 I need me some PIE!

    yea it make little difference removing annex
  15. Leadrz

    Leadrz I need me some PIE!

    Imo 4 nora is alot.

    IMAGIRL Forum Royalty

    Personally I am a fan of Annex in UD. An Illusion has to be at least 4 spaces away from the font to drop a relic to contest. Any damage to them destroys them. Annex extended our font bonus to 4 spaces makes it so no illusion can contest us on the other half of the map. Situational, but useful.

    Unfortunately it is already on our Banner. Making it kinda pointless on her. An argument could be made for splits, but chances are your going to run the banner that affects the most champs in your bg. At the very least it ends up becoming a 20 nora relic to contest with.

    I would like to see her lose it, but that's not my call to make.
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  17. Fentum

    Fentum I need me some PIE!

    This is an excellent thread. Thanks for your insights.

    I would be very happy to lose annex, as banner will likely be out. Also lose one of regen or life siphon. Prefer to keep life siphon as it seems thematic and combos well with temple of brutality for a focused BG. Though losing life siphon and getting regen 1 is likely more efficient.
  18. chickenpox2

    chickenpox2 I need me some PIE!

    i love how no one has complained about font acolyte directly dispelling opponent when contesting when purging flame is out
  19. SMh7

    SMh7 The King of Potatoes

    Three things Nefari Messenger must be: Drive, Initiative, and cost less of 77 nora.
    Obviously with 7 speed and 1-3 magical attack.
  20. drathys

    drathys I need me some PIE!

    this was literally what i was about to say.dmg and support dont need to be separated cpmpletely.she needs to be able to increase the tempo,arrive quick and slap everyone into action.
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