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    I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but it seemed the most appropriate.

    Hello, I'm new-ish player, and have recently started trying to use the rune forge. However, certain runes just can not be sacrificed. Whenever I try to do so on these I get the error message: "A problem was encountered while sacrificing the rune. Please try again later."

    Obviously I've tried many "later" times. The reason I'm not posting this in the bug reports section is because I think there's logic behind it, and the error message is wrong. It seems that all the runes I received whenever I started the game are not able to be sacrificed. This makes sense, but it poses a problem: whenever I receive copies of one of those spells, equipment or relics I can't actually select the new rune I received to sacrifice, it only lets me sacrifice the first one, or the one I received for free. And since those specific runes have some tag on them that blocks them from being sacrificed I don't know how to sacrifice these specific duplicates I no longer need.

    Are there any ways I can sacrifice these legendary duplicates without getting error messages?
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    Aaah, I'll try that, thanks!

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