Running Campaigns vs Skirmish

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    Is there any reason to run the campaigns after the first time you've run them rather than just a skirmish over and over? I cannot really tell if the rewards for campaigns are the same or different for each campaign, or what they are at this point. Sample size not large enough.

    The campaigns definitely take longer.

    Put dailies and heroics aside. If I've completed those, what do I run and why?
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    Campaigns have the possibility of giving you more gold than a skirmish game if you play on Hard or Legendary (depends on how long it takes to finish, but Hard caps at 200 gold and Legendary caps at 300, while Normal and Skirmish games cap at 100), though you generally have to build decks to specifically tackle them on the higher difficulties.

    To answer your question, if you've done the dailies and whatnot and don't want to do PvP, then Skirmishes are your best bet.
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