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Discussion in 'Rune Ideas and Suggestions' started by Woffleet, Feb 11, 2015.

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    Cyborg: This unit has faithless and has no limit to the number of equips it can have. Nora 10

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    I think a racial should promote synergy. Also I think the flavor is kinda off here.

    What about, salaman expertise, when activated gain the equipment of nearest equipped salaman.
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    I think that equipment dependence doesn't make for a good racial. Certainly not without access to Surge: Equipped, Craft, and such like IS has. The thing is, even IS equip synergy is based on "free" equips, such as Ale from Carouse, on top of all the other stuff.

    Plus, the flavor suggesting equipment for Salaman is that their more impressive weapons are uniquely imprinted on them (through nora, not mechanisms). They aren't part machine or anything, they just have an above average level of mechanical and alchemical technology with regards to the rest of FS. But that's mostly due to access to the ruins of an older civilization. Again, they aren't incorporating that technology into their bodies. And it's also extremely unlikely they'd be able to mass-produce particularly high-tech equips.

    Just like other FS, they still rely on physical adaptation to their environment, but even then they haven't let tech overwhelm them, on the whole. I recently made some suggestions with regard to Salamans, which included some tech focus (Mad Scientist and Test Subject specifically), but they were meant to be by and large the exception, not rule. Aberrations among the Salaman.

    Ultimately, I don't think Salaman need a unique Racial ability anyway. Just like I don't think that Firk need it, and yet they can come together to present a strong argument for a Firk-focused BG. What Salaman largely lacks at present is options (especially for range) and some unifying options to encourage a theme focus, so maybe you'll take a Salaman Soldier over some other mid-70's nora beater, for example.

    But really, other than throwing some Provision around and the like, I really don't think having Equips be a theme focus for all of Salaman is a good idea.

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