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    Hello, I am Gnomes... I am not a top player and I have not (yet) played over 100 games with each of these bg's or anything. But I should still be able to give you some good tips, Tricks, Insights on the Theme. I also have spoken to other top SP players to get their thoughts.

    Welcome to the Sickly Slags
    The shatter Peaks have flying Voil, screeching hyaenid, and keniving Moga. But one of the ugliest and most disgusting themes in the peaks are the Slags. This guide will be copying @Gorebucket 's amazing guide on Treefolk in hopes of giving you many Tips, Stratagem, and insight on this ghastly theme.

    Overview of the Slag Theme
    In my opinion slags have two modules to the theme. They are "Oozing Slag", and "Meta Slag".
    But the two modules work for the same goal just in different ways. and that goal is to:


    The reason that slags want to do this is because of the passive on the Oozeking Slag and Terraced Slag: Ooze Tap.

    "Ooze Tap: When a non-flying opposing champion withing 5 spaces enters Ooze, it takes 2 Acid damage and friendly Slags occupying Ooze within 5 spaces of this unit each heal 2 HP. "

    This mean that by late game the enemy(unless flying) can not move around the map near your slags. If they do, not only do they take dmg on the way in but are also healing all of your slags in the process.

    Strengths and weaknesses of the Slag Theme.


    Their one biggest weakness is flying. Anything that can just fly over the Ooze bypasses Oozing tap and in doing so the main strength of the theme.

    The second biggest weakness is decaying, if your champs are decaying make sure your Oozing tap champ is far away. This is so that the enemy can not just walk over the Ooze a few times to instantly deal 2 dmg per movement to any champions within oozing tap range. Your biggest asset becomes your biggest downfall.

    Thirdly Rush... Any BG that can rush your Slags before you have time to set up the ooze terrain or the oozing slag cohort will win.

    First on how Slags counter their weaknesses...

    Vs flying we use Slag slop and Avalanche. Both spells cause Grounded.

    Vs Decaying, make sure to get your Oozing tap champ away from the enemy so that they cant just keep running over the ooze while right in front of you. Also spread your Oozing Slags out while decay is active, so their aura does not dmg themselves.

    Rush is not the strongest counter in my opinion, but the most common and with that, the one that will kill you the most. That is because having a all flying bg is rare to play against. And decaying only really comes up if your playing vs FW.

    What they have Access to:

    Commander, improve range


    Relocate: Ally, Pull, Shatter, Distract , Fascinate

    Defensive Abilities

    Oozing Tap, Aura + Eater, Split, Absorb, Hallucinogenic!, Heal Self

    Unique things:

    Illusions of Lies, Extraction, Call to Arms, Hallucinogenic!, Dazzling, Distichous: IS/SP

    Power turn:

    Guarded: Slag,

    What they have little Access to ( AND THAT'S COMPLETELY FINE):

    Cleanse, Detection, High DMG, OTK, Get rid of super champs...

    Building a Slag Deck

    I recommend starting with a base of:

    2x- Caustic Slag - Amazing ranged champ with Call to Arms
    2x- Oozeking Slag - Ooze Tap
    2x- Terraced Slag - Ooze Tap
    1x- Tribal Post(Warbanner) - 5hp, 1 dmg Global
    1x- Slag Slop - On demand Ooze
    1x- Sludge pool (At least) - Win condition and Ooze
    (Honorable mention to Mika)

    These cards make the Slag theme into a playable BG.

    "Great. So just what is all that stuff? What does it do? And why should I use it?

    Good question. What follows is a detailed analysis of all of the theme's champs and a brief rundown of the out of theme champs and support runes that merit special consideration. Of course, you might find a rune not included in this list to be a better fit for your own battlegroup (feel free to share them). After that there is some general advice on actually playing with your Slags. I hope you find this guide useful and enjoyable. =)"
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    Back in the day when Ancient had swallow whole which was extremely good because it aloud for instant removal of a champion, this champ was scary to fight against. But now its changed into a more support tank. I run Pull or Gravity Well on him because Slags do not have many ways to get to a enemy champion, so no ap gain, like invigorate, or spells that relocate. Its fine that we dont have those things because Slags ALWAYS want to be the defender. and Slags are completely fine with waiting games out for a very long time because we have infinite value with our Oozing slag Cohort. But when their is that one pesky ranged champ that we can not get to, we have Pull at the very least from ancient. On his second ability line i recommend Shatter because Acid eater and Tunnle:Ooze will not come to use enough to justify their use. Acid eater could be used In a Oozeing slag BG, but i rather have the extra utility then the ability to heal my Ancient up. He also has Hunter :small for amazing tank ability but sadly also lethargic meaning you do not want him as a first or second deploy.
    The best side font runner Slags have, the Auroral is quick annoying and hard to kill. Dazzling makes him nie near impossible to kill in one on ones and with restraining aura(if you should choose it) abilities that bypass blinding also have a hard time dealing with him. He is a bit squishy and a tiny bit expensive as only a font runner but he also provides some magic dmg(wich Slags have little accesses to). I suggest Teleport 1 for his second ability line this is because teleport 2 makes him to expensive for what he does, and Repulsion does not help him get into the enemy font as much. In my opinion he should be used to attack side font of the enemy, and not defend your own. and repulsion is better as a defensive tool. For Ability slot 1 all could be used but i recommend restraining or magic nova. mobility is a bit useless if you have teleport to disengage anyhow. So now the choice is between nova and Restraining, and here i would just go with restraining ATM with all the stone barrage and other abilities going around. and if you actually need the extra dmg on him just equip a cyclops belt.
    This adorable disgusting thing here...Got a buff!!! and is pretty damn good now! both the abilities Guarded and call to arms are EXTREMELY strong and very underrated in my opinion, this champ can not make the best use of either of them, but with his low cost, thats completely fine. At 42 nora you are completely fine with getting maybe 3 hits off and then just deinig and getting the guarded prock to go off. Guarded Slag would mean that he has to get hit to give all of the Slags around him the 2 AP and 4 dmg... but because he is 30 hp he dies in one round from pretty much any mid game set up, and then you just made them waste their hits on a 42 nora champ AND you get the buff. I say mid game set up because you want guarded to at least give 2-3 other champs the buff. Now with call to arms, and if you get 3 hits off or more, and the SP bonus... this is a 35 nora champ maybe who gives you a buff when he dies and is at least 1 to 1 ratio nora wise!

    The first "Essential" Slag, the caustic is AMAZING. Empowered: Ranged puts him at 6 range for the first 3 hits, with MULTI ATTACK! ranged champs with multi attack are Very strong and this one is no exception even if he loses it after the first 3. I suggest multiattack 1 and Call to Arms very strongly as upgrades. In my opinion Multi 2 does not give the needed boost in dmg to warrant the extra 3 nora and barrage two is just plain worse then multi 1 and with its added cost of 3 nora as well. secondly i see some people play Scour over Call to Arms, and to me this is silly. First off the champ has multi hit anyway putting its dmg over most ranged anyway secondly it costs more then Call to arms (only by 1 though). Scour is used usually for extra dmg and secondly to prevent stealth, both of which you dont need.

    Now on to while Call to arms is so much better: This champ will hit way more then normal champs with multi, an average of 10 hits or so before he gets killed by the enemy, thats 20 nora off this champ so to say.. so 53 nora(for caustic) for the 110 dmg it did! ya! while with scour you will be doing maybe 10-15 extra dmg so 73 nora for 120 dmg if that makes sense... just in general call to arms on a multi hit champ is amazing. take it.

    Lastly I play my Voltaic Slags with Improve range, meaning that after the 3 hits this champ will still have a respectable 5 range instead of the awkward 4.

    I did not play deepcave Extractor for the longest time, but once I started I could not go back. His key ability "Extraction" gives you 15 nora every 2 rounds or 7.5 nora every round. The reason that this guy is so nice is because a large amount of the time you will find yourself down a font as slags and with the extractor you are able to keep up in nora with the enemy. You basically have 62.5% of a font as long as this guy is out. He can be double deployed with any of the ~70 nora champs if you are second to go, and he can be double deployed with any ~60 nora champ if you are first turn. But this can be risky because you wil NOT be able to deploy a champ on your next turn if you double deploy if your first a large amount of the time, so it might be better to wait untill you have a solid hold on the mid font.

    Secondly this champ is strong because you can equip him with Staff of solstice.(because he is a shaman) This makes him a walking Heal mass champ with nora gain. All pretty nice... You are going to want to offset the two abilitys if you can though, so that you use extraction one turn and heal mass the other, so that you dont have to use both in the same turn or else he will have one turn where he has nothing to do with 6 ap and the other turn where he can only use 2 ap effectivly if you want to be able to use both abilities.
    You can even use him to kill illusions.

    Oozeking slag is one of the linchpins of the theme as the name might indicate. Ooze Tap, the defining ability, is only on 2 champions the king and the Terraced Slag. As stated in the intro, this ability allows for Healing to your Slags as well as dmg to your enemy as they move across Ooze, otherwise the Slags would only be dull sacks of meat. He is an amazing front line, but is slightly exspensive so make sure to keep him alive/defended. Depending on if you are playing the "Oozing Slag" version or "Meta Slag" version you want to differ in his upgrades.

    In "Oozing slag" you will want Acid Bomb 3 and Acid Eater, Acid bomb 3 because you can throw it on your own units or the enemy depending if you want to heal yours or dmg theirs. And Acid Eater because you are going to have the King close to your Oozing Slag Cohort most of the time and this way he will heal up from their auras too. (82 nora)

    In Meta Slag, I suggest Acid Bomb 1 and Guarded: Slag. If you choose Acid Bomb 3 he becomes a bit more exspensive but its ok too. Guarded: Slag gives all of the other slags near to yours +4 DMG and 2 AP when he is the target of a basic attack(only once per turn). And because your enemy will want to get rid of the Oozing tap as fast as possible, he will often be the aim of their dmg allowing for your easy retaliation. Absorb also makes him much stronger VS One rounding because they need the bulk of their dmg to come from close range.(81 nora)

    Hanging is another champ that i did not play in the start of learning Slags but have grown to love, he will be a common Mulligan start. The upgrades are always going to be Bile Explosion(2) and Acid Aura(3) no question. The reason that Hanging is so good at the start of the game is because he is harder to kill in an effecient manner with less champs out.

    I have had many games where good players just dont know what to do vs him, they know if they hit him he will just Split and then they have to deal with two hanging slags that are doing 12 dmg with aura and are healing themself, and if they kill one the other will be healed by an extra 5 and they are taking 10 dmg and becoming blinded.

    Fun fact: If you have 4 hanging slags out, all at 10 hp and next to eachother and if your enemy uses a 15 dmg aoe on all of them then only 2 will die and the others will survive. The reason for this is because they die after eachother in a manner and not all at the same time. So the first will die and heal the others for 5 and then the second will die and also heal the others for 5. I have won quite a few games because people will split my champs and then AOE them down(Like you should kill split champs) only to have many of them survive.

    If playing Oozing slag, this is also a good champ to heal your Cohort because with one split and this guy next to them they will heal for 5 hp per turn. (3 + 2)

    I dont like Mountain Slag. He can only be used as a Tank and nothing else. His aura will hurt your own champs because its Physical. Slags do not need a 59 nora 2x2 tank, if you are thinking of playing this champ, just dont and play metallic instead. Metallic is more expensive but is not 2x2 and is just as tanky and has WAY more utility.

    Metallic is a very good utility tank. I play him with Fascinate and Hallucinogenic for 72 nora. Fascinate is better then Forge Hammer in this bg, and I already play Restraining aura on my Auroral so I dont see need for it. Not to mention Fasinate is just better, fasinate causes your enemys to move over the Ooze and heal you even if they do not want to and makes them position oddly or else you might be able to double tap them. On his second ability line I suggest Hallucinogenic, its an extremly strong ability that also causes the enemy to move over the Ooze even if they dont want to. It also slows everything down(wich slags want). If a ranged champ hits him, then they can not run away for the next turn and if a non ranged champ hits him then they can only hit him that turn because the next they will be forced to move to the shrine and will not be in range to hit anymore.

    Creme dela creme the Oozing Slag- One of the BG's is named after THIS champ.(and for good reason) At first glance he does not look like much, but after further inspection of the synergy of his kit, we see how Crazy he is. Replicate causes him to split into two, halving his hp and giving that to the replica. These "Clones" count as real champs so they can capture fonts. The "clones" have the same base abilities as the inital oozing slag... after 2 replications you will have 4 Oozing Slags and because they all have Acid Aura and Acid Eater they will start to heal themselves for 6 a turn.(2 from every friendly aura)

    The Oozing slag gives you INFINITE VALUE! Your army is going to grow much faster then that of the enemy and for far less nora.

    Math Time: 56 starting cost... after 1 replication you have 2 of the same champ for that starting cost. So lets also halve their cost... after 1 replication your 2 champs cost 27 nora... after 2 replications causing 4 slags, each slag could be seen as costing 13.5 nora... and so on.

    It takes a while to get going, but the value you get from this champ in the late game is incredible.
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    I played around with Illusion of Lies on Overmind but its probably just best to run regen 3 and mindwipe 1. But it can work if they dont have to many easy AOE counters for it. Overmind is a great first turn because of relocate: Ally giving your second deploy a very quick way to get into the fight. also he is just a solid champ to have sitting in the mid font because of how tanky he is and with mindwipe aura, the enemys will have a hard time killing him.
    Only their for detection. You are forced to take empowerd range which is really poopy. He has low dmg, and low utility with detection/distracting blows. if you play him, i would say only as a one off for detection.

    On a good note, he has a re-skin that looks super funny. Its bright blue and has its belly glow up every once in a while. [​IMG]
    Terraced is one of the good first deploys. he delays extremely well and early game that is what you need to do. With Hallucinogenic and heal self he can stay in a font very long early game. He is also still good later in the game because of oozing tap( one of two champs that have it) and because hallucinogenic means that if the enemy attacks him, the next turn he will in all likely hood not be attacked so if played correctly, he can only really be hit once and then he has 1 round where the enemy cant move and he can just either run away or position right outside of attack range. Also hallucinogenic will mean they will un-wantingly be moving across ooz if done well. An Essential Slag champ for sure.(Heal self & Ooztap)
    Voltaic is a meta champ and an excellent slag champ, He is one of our few ranged champs and has a good amount of utility as well. I play my voltaic with improve range and strike for a comfortable cost of 74 nora. Improve range is much better then distracting blows in my opinion because you will be bunched up a lot with your cohort and this allows your oozings to hit over each other witch allows for MUCH more dmg. secondly after your caustic slag has hit 3 times, he will still have 5 range with the voltaic around which is not nearly as bad as 4 range. There is a GIGANTIC discrepancy between how bad 4 range is compared too 5 and i have no idea why. But 5 range is actually good and not seen down upon but if you have 4 range its just HORRIBLE and i have no idea why its like that. Secondly voltaic has jolt so that he can make up for the loss of dmg from dissipate.
    This spell is there to ground any flying champs that are moving above your ooze and not taking dmg, secondly it gives 2 dots dealing a total of 12 dmg and creates ooze terrain. the AOE can get very large, it increases with the amount of slags in the area. A great way to cheaply create ooze terrain. sp does not have a whole lot of de stealth as well other then them moving in ooze tap range so this is another possibility as well.

    This relic is what allows the whole theme to function and is essential. you create oozing terrain that slowly expands outwards, this puts your enemy on a clock, because if they can not kill the generator in time then the whole map will ooze and and any movement they do with you in the vicinity will heal you for very large amounts. i run 2 encase they siesm the first. do be careful though, once this generator is over half the map, the game can get VERY Laggy.
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    Oozing Slag.PNG

    "Oozing Slag" as the name implies focuses on the champion Oozing Slag. The idea of this bg is to Delay the enemy while you have your oozing slag cohort at the back replicating and healing up. Replicate is on a 5 turn cooldown and after 2 replicates(and the time needed to heal up) your looking at 200HP of Slag for 56 nora... this is usually to much for the enemy to hold, and after one more replicate your at 400HP or 8 slags, all for the starting cost of 56 nora... for this bg, you will need at least one more form of heal to allow them to be at full hp before the next replication... this usually is - Mika, Hanging Slag, Extractor with staff of solstice.

    Your best Mulligan choices are Hanging slag, Over mind and Terraced Slag. If you have no mid font or a mid font where the enemy can not easily rush your ranged slags (for example k'thir Forest), then they are fine too. The reason that Hanging is such a good first turn deploy is because he is so cheap and can be often double deployed with Deepcave Extractor for a good starting nora boost. The second reason that Hanging is so good at the start is because the earlier it is into a game, the less answers your enemy will have because they will not have as many runes revealed or on the board to deal with him. The Overmind is a good first turn deploy because if you go the "Illusion of lies" route then you will get the most illusions out if if he is out while your enemy deploys, secondly with relocate ally you can get your second deploy into action much faster because it does not need to move the distance from the shrine to the middle font. The Terraced is good because he is cheap, and at the start of the game their is not as much dmg out yet in the form of champs, and that is when heal self shines.

    Another rune you would like in your starting hand is Sludge Pool, because you want it to get started as fast as possible even if you just drop it from your shrine deployment zone it will reach the mid font on most maps by the time any fighting starts or shortly their after.

    The ideal start would look like this: First/Second deploy Hanging slag if it is a map where you might need the extra nora for your second turn, other wise you want Overmind. Thirdly you want Caustic. So Turn 1/2: Hanging/overmind. Turn 3: Caustic, this is because you need a threat on the board so they can not run at you to easily, and caustic provides the most dmg. Turn 4 : Terraced Slag, this is for the oozing tap. Now that you have a solid base to protect your fonts, you can take out the Oozing slag and the mika for the heals and spell resistence. If you get hanging and the exacator in the first turn hand, it is often best to just play both for that great gain in nora generation.

    This is now your game... you have won, gg... Ok not completley, but its a good bet. After you get those 7 champs out (Hanging,Overmind,Caustic,Mika,Extractor,Oozing,Terraced) it is hard to loose. I have had games vs FW Skeletons where the enemy has 3 fonts too my 0 and a UT out and i still won... my meat generaton was just to much + the whole map being ooze. I have enough nora gen with extractor and normal shrine Gen to still poop out a champ every 2 turns, and with the replications i had around 16 free champs that they could not deal with. Ive played vs good players who had 2 fonts vs my 1 or 0 and still won by just hanging back and building up and waiting, you dont need to ever go in because your army generation is exponential (x^2). And if you are in shrine deployment zone, then you have 50% spell res + -5 from mika, so spells dont do much. If thats not enough your healing all your champs in a AOE for 12 every 2 rounds with mika + staff of solstice on extractor.

    When Playing this bg, and Slags in general, you want to play passively. This means you want to try to force your enemy into not wanting to engage. You do this by hunkering up saving up AP, and most of all NOT doing anything threatening. You dont want to do anything threatening so that he thinks he could/should engage. THIS MEANS - Dont go in with your ranged to pick away at his melee champs. DO NOT inch forward like you might if your getting ready to attack. Just sit in / next to your font and build up your Oozing Slag Cohort and your Ooze terrain.

    You win by not fighting


    My current iteration of meta slags, added two baby slags.

    So, this style is a bit more proactive and better in the early/mid game. and still has a great late game, just no where near as strong as the above bg. With this bg you change the upgrades for the ozzeking from |acid eater and bomb 3 ---> Guarded :slag and acid bomb 1| it makes him 1 nora less and is better when you dont have many oozings to heal you up.

    Again, you want your hanging , overmind, in your mulligan. but we have a few more good choices now as well, and those are: baby slag, Metallic slag, and Auroral Slag. all of which do fine at the start. if you are turn two, then getting the baby slag at the start is usually a 2 champ deploy turn 1 for you. Auroral is great on maps where teleport can be usefull and is the best font runner we have, and very close to the best in the game. With the Ability Dazzeling, he is very hard to get rid of at side fonts.

    In general you want to start the game setting up your ooze terain, and getting a good mass of units out. once the fight starts, you will want to bait your enemy into attacking the baby slag, he will give all of your units 4dmg and 2 ap, with the overmind (commander) and warbanner your caustics is at 18 dmg with multi attack, and if you add a cyclops eye belt, then he is doing 28 dmg in 1 hit... now this is a very ideal and rare occurance, but it does happen. and all you have to do is keep deploying, if your baby slag gets killed, thats fine, he was 42 nora, and with getting 3 hits off from him and the sp bonus he was 30 nora....
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    I still have to update and finish my Cyclops Guide! but with the map pool as it is now, i refuse to play them... both ele plateu and swamp are auto loose.... and for whatever reason i keep getting those maps when i play em.

    but ya, will update that guide once we get new maps and ive played em more.
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  7. Gnomes

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    Would love as much input as you can give.
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    I watched your recent game against that ud/kf supervoth bg, it was awesome.

    The turn where you landed that beautiful Avalanche for a bajillion knockback damage and then deleted the voth with cyclops eye belt yet simultaneously misplayed and proc'd the Vashal's invoke giving everything Wind Shield was an emotional rollercoaster.
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    Haha, for you and me both! Thanks, was scared after he got that fire eater on him. But I even played mangled totem for the over kill.
  10. vipoid

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    Out of interest, are there any split BGs made around Slags?

    Regardless, this is a fantastic guide.
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    Shaaaat up will yah?!
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    You could split with sl acid. There are some nice synergy's there.
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    @Woffleet How are you liking the slags? would love some other people input. if you play one way for so long you somtimes forget that their are other ways to play em.

    for example, you play mountain slag, now i barley tested him and did not like him compared to metalic but what do you think?P

    next you play sunder on your voltaic, and that definetly look like it could work, it makes him a bit more exspensive, but ive learned to really like the ability. might be better then strike. although strike can be great vs all the SL

    next you play scour on the baby slag instead of call to arms, can you tell me why?
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    honestly I'm really loving slags. Due to voltaic and caustic being so damaging when used together the game always guns down to my opponent spin ding huge amounts of Nora to attack my back of the line champs. However do to Ooze tap this is nearly impossible. So They instead focus those champs down which leads to my range slags having a field day killing the opponent. I love mountain slag because of his efficiency. He artificially lowers the opens damaging by engaging and stealing their AP and has an aura. Essentially he acts as an AP dump for the opponent to tie them up while I get my more important pieces out. Sunder on voltaic is for damage so is scour on baby.
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    all of this sounds good/interesting except the scour.

    have you tried call to arms?
    you get 3 hits off and thats -6 nora off the next champ, that can be insane. while baby slag is not there for dmg anyway, he is there for the guarded proc or am i thinking of this wrong?
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    i tried is/sp slags but my version was too passive and i sat on 250nora most match having nothing to break stall. i'm going to try now fs/sp slags to make use of that nora with nora artillery and infuse.
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    well if you are running the oozing slags, then you dont need to break the stall. at you can just keep sitting there and replicating. at one point you will have replicated to the other side of the map... they have to come to you
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    I used to love slags, I may try em. I just have to get 'em again. Don't have any at this point
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    Im sold. Just walloped ff st elementals on a map on UD which clearly is not good for slags since he had a lot of flying. Cheap champs, tons of ooze, its so ez dude. Glad I read this forum! Im using a similar bg to the ones recommended above. Capture.PNG
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    Looks great! What upgrades are you running on baby, King and voltaic?

    Keep me updated on how the bg goes :) if I catch you playing some. I'll record and put it under the guide :)
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