Slag Queen

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    Faction: Shattered Peaks
    Nora: 90
    Rarity: Legendary
    Race: Slag
    Class: None
    Size: 2x2
    Deck limit: 1

    Damage: 9
    Speed: 5
    Range: 3-5
    Armor: 0
    HP: 61

    Attack: Acid
    Summon: Baby Slag (with no upgrades)
    Oozy: This champion has Oozing. When this champion is attacked, the attacking champion becomes Scoured 2 and 2 spaces within that champion becomes Ooze for 3 turns. If the champion is flying, it becomes Grounded for 2 turns.
    Ooze Feed: Friendly Slags within 5 spaces of this unit gains Ooze Tap. If the champion has Ooze Tap already, it also gains Regeneration 3.

    Upgrade 1:
    Guarded: Slag
    Surge: Slag

    Upgrade 2:
    Ooze Blast: When this champion damages any unit with a basic attack, 2 spaces within that unit becomes Ooze for 3 turns. If the unit is a flying champion, it becomes Grounded for 2 turns.
    Acid Bomb 3
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