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    This thread is designed to be a handbook for using the SP FF and split Faction Bonuses. For those who don't know, the SP faction bonus refunds nora on champion deploy and on champion death. For a Full Faction, the refund on deploy for a champion is 8% of the champs full cost, and the refund on death is 4%. For split BG's, it's 4% and 2% respectively. It's worth noting that you get this nora as a REFUND, so you still have to pay the full price of the champ to play it before you are refunded nora.

    A brief history of the faction..... SP Full Faction Bonus originally gave the entire 12% nora refund on champ deploy (6 for split), and no refund on death. The change happened about a year and a half ago, I believe, and it changed to make SP's early game a bit less powerful, but was designed to keep SP's powerlevel the same throughout the rest of the game.

    One thing worth noting is that the faction bonus ALWAYS rounds up, meaning that you almost always gain more than the actual 8% described. For example, if you played a champ that was 100 nora, you would obviously get 8 nora back because that is 8%. But if you play a champ that is 101 nora, you recieve 9 nora back because 8.08 rounded up is 9. This ends up being pretty powerful, and averages a net refund of nora to be a bit over 9% on every champ deploy (based on the average cost of champions and deviation from cutoff point). The same principal is used on the death refund; it rounds up always.

    With this in mind and considering the change that the faction bonus underwent, the change can be viewed as a buff. Let me explain; Giving a 12% nora rounded up returned an explicit nora equal to or greater than what 12% of the cost is, and the amout greater than the 12% had a limit of 1 nora. Using the previous example, A champ worth 101 nora would be refunded 13 nora back in the day. Math says that 12% of 101 is 12.12 nora. Round that up and you get 13 nora. So you recieved a bonus 0.88 nora. Again, this bonus had a limit of 1, so 0.88 is a very good bonus.

    However, with the current installation of the faction bonus, you would actually recieve more nora from this bonus. Since two seperate instances of the refund exist, and they are both rounded up, that bonus limit is increased from 1 nora to 2 nora. It's simple math: Because it is always rounded up, the mechanic limit is always 1.... Multiply that by the number of instances and you get the new full bonus limit. Example: The same 101 nora champ deployed today would recieve an initial refund of 9. From math, 8% of 101 is 8.08, rounded up is 9, netting in a 0.92 nora bonus. On death you recieve the second bonus of 4%. Math says that 4% of 101 is 4.04, rounded up is 5 nora, netting in an additional bonus of 0.96 nora. Add these two bonuses together and you net 1.88 bonus nora with this champ, on top of the flat 12%, returning a total of 14 nora. So in the end, with the new SP bonus you will recieve slightly more nora per champ with the current faction bonus than you would with the old faction bonus. Of course all of this depends on the price of the champ; some champs will not recieve any more extra net nora with the current faction bonus than they would with the old bonus.

    Phew, got that out of the way. Hopefully it wasn't too hard to make sense of or so boring that it scared you away. Now to get to the real topic: Cutoff Costs. Refer to this when deploying champions; I have listed nora range groups for champs, and next to each range group I have the exact amount of nora they are refunded on deploy and then next to that I have the exact amount of nora they are refunded on death. All values are in the units of Nora

    Nora Refund Cutoffs for SP champs (FF) (8%/4%)

    Champion Nora Cost----Deploy Refund----Death Refund

    0-12 -----1----1
    13-25 ----2----1
    26-37 ----3----2
    38-50 ----4----2
    51-62 ----5----3
    63-75 ----6----3
    76-87 ----7---4
    88-100 ---8---4
    101-112 --9---5
    113-125 --10--5
    126-137 --11--6
    138-150 --12--6

    For split (SP/X) (15/15) bg's, the refund percentage is half of that of a full faction. I have put down the cutoffs for that as well. Same guidlines as the graph above

    Nora Refund Cutoffs for SP champs in splits (15/15) (4%/2%)

    Champion Nora Cost----Deploy Refund----Death Refund

    0-25 ------1----1
    26-50 -----2----1
    51-75 -----3----2
    76-100 ---4---2
    101-125 ---5---3
    126-150 ---6---3

    Hopefully this helps people, both new and old, with the shattered peaks. The idea is to cut down on calculating time in game, because we all know how ruthless the timer can be. If you have any questions, concerns or comments please feel free to post them or ask me!

    Long live the peaks.

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    Yeah great post and all, but if you view the change to the bonus as a buff then you are a blatant idiot.
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    Obviously it doesn't give as much nora up front, so in that aspect it's totaly a nerf but at the same time the amount of nora potential was increased, so, like I said in my post, in that sense it was buffed. Lol
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    I'd just like to point out that the SP bonus was not originally 12%. It was nerfed down to 12% and then much later it got nerfed again to what it is now. Iirc it was originally 14%.
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    Showing your age Nubron ;)
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    Lol yeah and the font bonus use to give 2 AP on deploy XD
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    That brings back memories of so much SP hate
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    Today I was experimenting some with SP faction bonus, and I discovered that the on death nora refund only works when your champions die during the opponents turn. Each time a champion died during my own turn they didnt give nora.

    Is this how it is supposed to be or is that a bug.

    I tested various ways of champions dieing during my own turn and none of them gave on death nora refund.
    thunderhead totem
    lightning storm
    suicidal attack

    When my champions died during opposing turn, they gave nora refund.

    Since im toying around with a death benefit deck, actually including suicidal attack spell, this has pretty big influence on the SP faction bonus.


    I was wrong, the nora refund does work on own turn, but only when your champion dies from attacks or abilities (for example death nova), when your champion dies by spells or effects, you do not get refund, also not at opponents turn.
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    I love this community, really in depth help.

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