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  1. EmperorSauron

    EmperorSauron I need me some PIE!

    So aside from my acolytes @Netherzen and @Skeezick does anyone still play stitched? I was thinking of re-writing my guide to accommodate the changes from the revamp but i gotta know if it'll be worthwhile i.e. if more than 3 people still play stitched.
  2. Sinkia

    Sinkia New Member

    I do. Please make a guide :)
  3. Skeezick

    Skeezick Forum Royalty

    i feel like im part of a stitched gang
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  4. GenGrumble

    GenGrumble Well-Known Member

    I'd like to start playing stitched again; make the dang guide!
  5. Skeezick

    Skeezick Forum Royalty

    because you cant play something without reading a guide,there are few decks posted on forums,that should get you started on idea what to include
  6. GenGrumble

    GenGrumble Well-Known Member

    I've made a few from what I've seen, but I just can't seem to make them as viable as my other decks. Of course it could just be that I'm bad... =(
  7. Moonstone3

    Moonstone3 The King of Potatoes

    im in, stitches is my LIFE, so of course I want to see an awesome guide for them, btw add me in your acolytes :p
  8. Leadrz

    Leadrz I need me some PIE!

    I play mostly 'Erry thang.
    But I do have soft spots in my heart for stitche and Forglar Swamp
  9. lcbfoxx

    lcbfoxx New Member

    I play them too. Love the stitched mecanics. Its the most fun theme imo. A guide would be awesome.
  10. saromon50

    saromon50 I need me some PIE!

    I shall await expectantly for this guide :)

    P.S. I am not purposely copying you in any way, its just one big coincidence. :p

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