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    figured I'd post a minor good bye letter to nobody in a place I spent many years.

    Poxnora was one of my favorite strategy games, between the community, and the game I don't know which I enjoyed more but with the day the servers go dark coming soon I decided to come back to the forums for what could likely be my last time and post this here for any that come back to see it.

    It's sad, I think, had this game have been run well from the start maybe it could of been something really big, had sony never had any interaction with the game, or the devs talked to the players when it really mattered instead of going dark and leaving the community to die slowly multiple times over the years, maybe things could of turned out better.

    Regardless I will remember the fun times, the big matches, the long talks, and teaching players how to play. It was a good time, down right thrilling at times, and pox will likely never be replaced or replicated in the same way ever.

    P.S. I wish i had of got to see a jakei blade dancer before the game died, was a rune I pushed dozens of times over the years cause I thought it would of been really cool.
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