Terrorist Attacks in Belgium: Europe United?

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    Your thought process is truly amazing. The idea that anyone would call that racism is made up and laughable.

    In my humble opinion, it IS islamist terrorism and we should name it that way. They are doing it for reasons connected to their belief, let's not dance around the issue. However, just because we say Islamist terrorism doesn't mean we accuse all of Islam. Extremism of any kind might be part of a larger idea, that doesn't mean it's representative for the larger part.

    I'm no fan of stupid and ignorant generalisations, but being overly PC (and I hate that word) is just stupid.

    Call things by their proper name or it will increase the fear of the thing itself ~ loosely translated: Albus Percival Wolfric Brian Dumbledore
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    Very interesting. We agree 100% on substance, but you still started by taking a shot at me. Reflex? Or did you honestly misunderstand my point?

    I have personally been called a "racist" many times for saying/typing "Islamic terrorism" in political forums near and far. And I have seen many other folks during interviews and talk shows and debates and internet sites called "racists" just because they accurately named the type of terrorists after a particular event. Reality. 'Tis what 'tis.
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    Except maybe Lord Voltmeter, He Who Must Be Named. (Gotta love John Moore for coming up with that.)
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    you misunderstand DJ, nobody is calling you a racist for that! ... it's the other stuff.
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    Uber specific. Thanks?
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    I am kind of racist, to be honest. I can't help it, but I try not to let it show in my interactions with said races.
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    April 6, 2016

    A leaked cache of confidential emails and notes passed between the North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) state government and local police has revealed the extent to which the force were placed under pressure to cover up the migrant sex attacks at New Year’s Eve.

    Reportedly released to Cologne-based German newspaper the Express by an inside police source, the documents may imperil the position of NRW interior minister Ralf Jäger. The minister has been clinging to his position since the attacks first became known, days after the event, and even went so far as to fire his chief of police to “restore faith” in the city.

    One of the documents sent by Jäger’s interior ministry to the police ont he first of January is a so-called “Important Event-Message” (“Wichtiges Ereignis-Meldung”). Far from the initial claims made, and statements made at an early press conference about the attacks the message confirmed the state government had full knowledge of the gang sex attacks.

    The internal message explained there had been “****, sexual offenses, thefts, robberies committed by larger foreign Group” and that a “40- to 50-strong group of people” had been acting in the “downtown area” by the railway station “to the detriment of young women”.

    Although it took days of
    exposure on-line and at news outlets such as Breitbart London to reveal the full scale of the attacks, the document confirms that the police were fully aware of what was going on. Describing the offences, it said: “The women were in this case surrounded by the group of people and groped above their clothing, jewellery stolen and was snatched. In one case, a 19-year-old German victim had fingers inserted into her body openings [****** and anus].

    “The criminal group was consistently described by the victims as North Africans, between 17-28 years of age. Investigations are continuing”.

    In all, there were 359
    complaints of sexual assault and **** on the night.


    That article contains a few more shockers. Politicians can suck yonder in Europe too, is the point. Meanwhile the peeps get assaulted and/or *****.
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    PSA: "Express" is a tabloid, not a "newspaper."

    (My understanding, I don't live there and have never read it.)
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    North africans suck a lot more tbh. it's been that way ever since the romans took down Carthage.
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    Belgium captures 3rd terrorists in the Brussels terror attack on the Zaventem airport Mohammed Abrini. He was also involved in the Paris terror attacks of November 2015.

    Commenly refered to as "the man with the hat", he was pushing the 3rd cart with explosives, but was knocked away after the first two bombs exploded and thus the 3rd set of explosives didn't go off. Officials believe he thought his explosives would detonate by the blast of the others.


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    but was he wearing the hat?
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    It actually never was a hat, it's his hair styled to look like a hat.

    Shocker huh
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    That is some InfoWars level mind control/reveal/crazy right there. Nice scoop. ;)
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    No, InfoWars is merely focusing on the plotter allegedly being a "refugee" and how other "refugees" have warned/threatened further attacks on Brussels.

    That "revelation" goes far beyond.
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    i think he was always referred to as "de man met het hoedje" regardless in the papers. Nice find though.


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    Hey im a muslim but what your seeing aren't actual muslims but people being used by politcal groups or shady people who are interested in power but aren't true muslims. Things like suicide are basically against our religion because you'll go straight to hell/hellfire. And the jihad doesn't just mean holy war, its also a word we use for living life itself. like say a struggle to perserve your faith against many things that seek to corrupt or change you, or struggle to live life in the face adversary. there's just alot of things going wrong in the muslim world. the thing is our caliphate was unfounded and dismantled a long time ago so everytime i hear people talk about muslim leadership etc; i get mad because we don't really have any true muslim leadership, the only muslim leadership allowed after the prophets death was the caliphate founded by the closest companions of the prophet and it has been in a decline since it first time passed and now its gone! Not to mention almost all the people in charge in muslim countries are basically just muslims in all but name and the few who are can't really do anything because of a bunch of ****d up reasons and even they manage to Firk up beyond hell.

    Also when were in war as muslims(though since we have no caliphate currently the muslim world isn't in war) we are supposed to leave the landscape/terrain undamage, we aren't allowed to hurt woman or children, we also can't steal peoples Bane Shift;but again there is no true caliphate currently so who is the islamic world in war; when we are divided?and a bunch of other things. these groups lilke isis aren't really muslim and are infact denounced by the islamic scholars/or preservers of deen ; basically the intelligent muslims who know alot more about our faith then me. For one it says in our holy book ; there can be no compulsion in faith;and no islam did not spread by the sword most of those so called wars were because we were being attacked and we had to defend ourselves or be forced to believe in paganism; the real reason it spread so fast back then is because almost everyone then were in the times of the prophet and his companions so they were the best possible muslims in word,in meaning and in practice, so converted people peacefuly;infact we never attacked other non muslims except to defend ourself;if we did in the past it was probably done when islam started declining and people who weren't true muslims got in charge;again no compulsion in religion means we can't force other people to believe in what we believe; instead were supposed to spread faith through being godliness,being reasonable people,doing good deeds or acts,and giving out debates and motivating others; which is why if you look at the hadiths and past tellings of my faith you'd know that the muslim community has had a downfall in islam since the prophet and his compains and the people closest to them all died. we have stagnated since then and alot people who never had good intentions for us took over control of our people; or those in charge just grew lazy and complacent in faith and kinda became worldly ,forsaking basically religion for material gains. there's like a million issues going on in the islamic world and i don't have the time to explain them all or i couldn't explain them all even if i wanted since there's just too many to start with.

    and there are 2 main groups of muslims ; sunni and shiate ; and im sunni muslim;
    shiate i don't consider them true muslims; because they basically distort the faith to believe in whatever they want(innovaters who introduce made up Bane Shift into religion;same kind of effed of people who ****ed up the bible and torah); and shiate isn't really 1 group its more like a collection of these of heretics. there's shiates who don't believe in the quran which is basically the holy book of our faith. there's even shiates who don't believe in our prophet but instead believe in their imams(own religious leaders) or in one of the prophets childrens. there's even more effed up shiates who don't believe in all the above and made up even more Bane Shift. god bless/allahu akbar that even though my muslim community is in decline that most of us are still sunni and haven't thrown away or tried to introduce innovation.
    the thing that makes me proud of being a muslim is that for the most part; our faith is basically the same as it was when the prophet started delivering the message. like as a kid i'd get whipped in duqsi(which is like a school where you learn about faith) for even making the smallest mistake when reciting the quran/koran(holy book). and the the same language/dialect that the prophet used to recite the quran still exists to this day; unchanged. which is kinda amazing considering that other religions in a few centuries get distorted and changed so fast. so yeah tl;dr islam is basically the same faith as it was introduced originally. And as for women wearing hijabs or scarfs. its not because we are sexist. It probably seems like that way. but truth is we consider adultrery and sex,drinking alcohol,provocative clothing and taking drugs and stuff like that as against our faith. like it says in our holy book we cannot do those sort of things. but yeah there are some people who overreacted and gave us a bad image. but true muslims consider both men and women equal. i'd say muslim women have it easier then men to be honest. atleast from the household i've grown up in and from the people i've seen and their opinions.
    so as muslims we are striving towards the hereafter(afterlife) because we know our life in the present world is short and simply just an illusion. while the hereafter is eternal. meaning you can choose between living for this world where you may or may not be disappointed depending on what cards you get from birth or choosing eternal happiness or eternal suffering if you chose this life.
    and the other thing that makes me mad is people believe with worship the moon. like wtf man, thats just some symbol of the ottoman empire used in their flags or something. Islam is a pure monotheism. the prophets are just messengers of faith not sons of god or other such non-sense, and prophet muhammed was only just one prophet out of the many before; we also believe in the same prophets as christianity and judaism. all three of these faiths are called Abrahaimic faiths and share connections with each other. we believe in jesus but not in the same way as christians or jews. to us he was just one prophet who gave out same message of monotheism and it got distorted along the way. we believe that there were many prophets sent in the past to groups of people when they strayed away from monotheism and most of them weren't really well received. they were either killed,stoned to death,torturted,mutiliated and Bane Shift or people believed in them for a short time before making Bane Shift up til the true faith got changed because the guys again grew complacent and worldly. we also believe in angels and devils but to us they aren't really something important. To us angels don't really have a gender same for devils. attributing human nature to things we don't understand is really crazy such as angels being women or men. they are more like abstract beings that we can't really interact with. there's basically this veil or barrier between the unseen world and the seen world(where we live) and because of god they can't really interact with us. except to prophets when he wills its. angels to us are like these automated machines or something with no free will which is why anything good they do has no value and why the free will given to us humans is something special since we can choose to be good or evil but angels can't so thats why we are given a heaven or hell as a reward depending on the what we do with said free will. we also believe in predetermination in conjunction with freewill but im not sure how i can explain this to you guys since im not learned scholar. So there's a bunch of more things i'd like to talk about but im not really a learned scholar and i don't want to be given a sin for talking about things pertaining to faith that i have no knowledge of and seem to god like im falsely guiding you. You see in islam you can actually get a sin for talking about Bane Shift you don't know when its related to religion. So if you really want to know the truth about my faith and stuff just search for mosque's and knowledgeable people in faith but don't be deterred if the people you meet people who are are shitty or ******** because thats just how this world is, you have to wade through coal before you find the diamond.
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    damn i posted a bunch of crap and i feel like i barely skimmed over everything i wanted to say.

    also the reason why we get mad when people draw pictures of our prophet is because we aren't allowed to make statues or art containing human form. its like forbidden to us so we don't go astray and start idol worshiping. That plus we are specifically forbidden from drawing the prophet and his companions,etc. basically there's a really long reason why but i'll just say. humans are really simple creatures so if you make a statue of someone important person in history people will start to worship it somehow in a form even if they aren't intending to,plus its really similiar to how people in the past became astray,they'd keep on overexaggerating on someone important til the history or story got distorted, and god doesn't really like that. also we can't draw pictures of god. not that we could to begin with since we don't even know his form! thats not to say things like cartoons couldn't exist; if its just for entertainment i'd say its fine but im not really a scholar so i don't know. there are too many damn things i want to say but i just don't think i could put it all in this thread without taking up like 10 pages at the minimum.
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    well islam is a monotheism. ofc christanity and judaism and islam will all be related considering they are all part of the truth faith of monotheism,we call jews and christians people of the book since they were our predecessors and believed in the same thing we did before it got distorted and changes and so to us islam is the final message from god.We also are allowed to marry people of the book and we don't have to convert them to islam if we choose. But we aren't allowed to marry pagans or people who believe in pantheism or many gods. Also we can eat whats kosher as long as it doesn't have something haram or forbidden to us like pork or alcohol,etc and the people who slaughtered the animals said so with the name of god. Like for us we can't mindlessly kill animals for fun. Things like sport hunting are unislamic. We are only allowed to hunt animals for food when its necessary.Also while its not forbidden, living lives of luxury where you eat things like steak everyday or high quality meats/foods is something discourage/frowned upon since its worldly and unislamic in essence and will distract you from the hereafter. i believe our prophet was said to have never eaten a lamb or goat or the equivilant of a high quality meal, he subsisted on things like sweet meats( which is a word for things like honey or sugared flour products or candies),bread,water but even then he almost starved to death many times. so thats why fasting is a big deal to us, and another way we can remind ourselves as muslims that we aren't living for the present world bu the hereafter. but sadly alot of muslims actually eat more food during ramadan or when they fast then before, and they party and do many unislamic things which defeats the entire purpose of ramadan which is contemplate and strengten ones faith. i've seen families have a bunch of leftover waste food during ramadan every night. and its discouraging because its like none of them what the month is for. and kids not even bother going to the mosque every night for tahwir prayer.

    So Islam is basically just the last message sent from god atleast thats what we believe. there won't be anymore prophets coming down to revitalize monotheism, and no more miracles occurring. i also read the reason why god stopped giving out miracles like in the ancient past is because people back then were more hard headed and stuck down and wouldn't believe you no matter what you did unless something truly extraordinary occurred. also satan isn't someone powerful at all ; he's basically just a regular jin/demon who was a really good and awesome guy and fell because he couldn't accept men having freewill and getting heaven/hell and being basically better then him. again i fergot to mention this but some jin have freewill and others don't; jins basically an all encompassing word for these unseen beings; angels came first;then jinns;then us; some of who choose to be good and some choose to be bad and lead people astray. again the veil exists but its like they can only interact with us in a limited fashion. at best giving people bad thoughts,whispering to them to do evil deeds or motivating them.
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    also again i have the feeling that alot of the religions in the world were monotheism in some form ,in the ancient past but got distorted and changed til they became what they are now. again something people seem to think is that our prophet wrote the quran. he was called an illiterate person throughout his life. he didn't even know how to read or write.he lived a really simple life. he basically just delivered his messages from god through speeches and trusted people around him compiled what he said. and he supervised them and made sure as hell they didn't distort what he said. and the reason islam was sent to preislamic or jahilliya arab was because at that time god said they were probably the worst people in the world. people who worshipped their own lusts and desires and constantly made up idols to falsely worship. one of the 3 big companions of the prophet before he was a muslim, Umar was said to have crushed some dates and made it into some small ball called it his god and worshiped it then later on in the same day eaten it when he got hungry. they committed adultery often, they'd kill the families or people they hated and make their daughters into whores just because,these people had a tradition of killing female babies because they valued sons more. these people gambled and if they couldn't pay they'd just be killed and commited sins in enmasses. And Bedouin were called the worlds best liars and natural born liars at that time. Who to lying was like an active/revered part of their culture .Just look at the poems and few recorded stories about pre islamic arab world some of the ****ed up things that were recorded and don't tell me they were not in the top tiers for worst groups of people throughout history. There was alot of gambling and people were illiterate at that time there; and pretty much savages of the worst kind. which is why god or allah chose for them to receive the final message. if there any other group worse then them at that time i have no doubts god or allah would've chosen them to carry the final message instead. So its not favoritism. Because islam isn't just a message to arabs but rather a message to the entirety of humanity, a reminder. and frankly what pisses me off is that people think just because someone is arab they are muslims. islam is a universal faith ; there are people who are asian,russian,german,chinese,japanese,brazilian,and so on who can be muslims. there are lots of arabs who don't believe in islam who are jewish or who are christians and etc who live peacefuly with muslims. Infact we are told to not harass non muslims yet there are people who ignore this and still go ahead. there's just so much of a bad perception and so many lies going around its kinda hard to know the truth about islam or whats false. At this point in ; if you really want to know about someones religion stop believing in everything you read or see or hear. chances are its probably fake.Knowledge won't come to people who are lazy ,you have to actively go search for knowledge, another thing that pisses me off is that the western world has alot of written documents about my faith that are revered and accepted scholarly but are pretty biased and clearly the guys who wrote about them never actually traveled to a muslim country and just heard them by word of mouth and written them to antagonize and spread hatred. This is also one reason out of many thats given us muslims alot of friction between the west;its kinda hard to respect people who a few centuries earlier ago made many baseless lies concerning your faith;and occupied your countries and tried to force you to change yourself to be like them. There's also the crusades which made most of the western countries in europe have a seething hatred for muslims ; and vice versa not to mention colonialism where muslim countries ended up being occupied by people who weren't muslim; thats also what led to the decline of my faith. thats not to say islam is going to die. but it brought alot more of corruption then we already had. so yes history is written by the winners. they teach you this in school. it says in quran that you are not a true muslim until you've searched and cleared all your doubts of god by seeking truth. so we can't really believe in god just because we were born muslim until we go look at other faiths and judge whether who's right and wrong and then decide for ourselves what to believe in. but sadly most days its rare for a muslim to do anything like this. i myself wish i could just travel around the world and strengthen my faith by searching for truth. there's a term for this i can't really translate but its people who called truthseekers. they existed in the ancient past and those kind of people were usually the ones who became prophets. they'd go out and try to figure out what their reason or purpose for life is ,for existing is and they'd meditate somewhere alone or go on distant journeys. god i have alot of things i wish i could say but eh i don't feel like i could really explain indepth of properly. you guys just gotta go search for facts yourselves instead blinding believing everything you read or see on the news or internet.
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