The Poxnora Spotlight: Senshu, Desert Owl Games Community Manager

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    Full list:

    Today's interview is the one and only @Senshu!

    What is your name or nick name in real life?
    Actually that is part of the mystery of the next question.

    What is the origin of your game/forum name(s):
    Ah, this ties in to the prior question. When starting up with Desert Owl Games I needed to come up with an outward facing persona just like Gedden and the other employees. For this I wanted to have something that was a bit more unique from my normal gaming call sign. So I took the literal meaning of my name and used the Japanese counterpart or the closest approximation.

    Where are you from and where do you live currently?

    I was originally from California but now reside in Arizona.

    What do you do for a living, and do you enjoy it?
    Well, I work for Desert Owl Games as the Community Manager but that is only one of many roles I take on here. Guess who also takes care of all the customer service tickets, but there is much more I do behind the scenes. For independent studios such us one needs to fill multiple roles where ever needed.

    How did you come across Pox Nora?
    I first came across Pox Nora around 2010 when I was researching Arizona game development studios.

    How long have you played?
    That’s a bit of a complicated question because I was off and on a lot up until Desert Owl Games was in the process of acquiring Pox Nora. Most of the time I kept a low profile, and I will still pop on and play with my personal account from time to time.

    What is your favorite faction and why?
    Wow, that is a tough one because in all honesty I like all factions for different reasons. KF for the Tree Production and Wood Elemental, UD for much a similar reason as KF but replace Trees with Skeletons, SL because of Dragons. ST if not for any other reason than it having my Named Runes which also happens to be a dragon. I'am more of a theme deck player rather than focusing on the high meta even with having access to all runes I will find myself playing the public decks because I like the themes.

    Favorite part of Pox Nora and why?
    The community, it does have it’s rough spots but this is one of the few games that I have seen with such a tight knit community.

    What is the first rune you remember seeing and immediately wanting to have one?

    What is your best tip to give to new players?
    Take it slow, Play Training Matches and Skirmish to get a feel for the mechanics. Pox Nora has a ton of mechanics that take a while to fully understand, but don’t expect to remember everything.

    Is there a rune that you feel isn't utilized as much as it could be?
    Well, with +3k runes in the game I am sure there are plenty of valid runes that are being underutilized. This is why it is interesting to see the reactions when players like DevelsWrath uses unconventional rune combination that completely throws the game Meta into chaos then you start to see other underused runes get more use as players try to come up with counters.

    Besides Poxnora, do you have any additional hobbies?
    I have a few other hobbies outside of gaming. Probably what I like to do most is wood working. Since an early age I enjoyed building things, starting with LEGOs, moving to carpentry, then electronics where I made a few small bots. But, there is something very satisfying about building something out of solid wood. I have played around with ideas for several projects, but the one that I have always wanted to make, but just haven’t gotten around to building, is an Arcade cabinet.
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    Does this mean your name is Harper?
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    not even a sign off? you are just going to end it like that?
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    Lol Vex
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    seshnoe pls
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    UD skeletons confirmed
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    The notes are live
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    I made a few small bots.
    Bots is a kind of broad word for me. D: What kind of bots? Do you have pictures? (Or are they programming bots for computers?)

    Arcade cabinet.
    Arcade Cabinets are really cool. Are you thinking of making it from actual arcade machine hardware or using a/multiple home consoles?
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    Love these interviews as always, thanks dark and Senshu.
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    For the first part it was just some small robots that I don't have anymore.

    For the second part I am thinking of a PC rig in the cab.
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    Interesting read. Id love to build my own Arcade Cabinet, would be cool to have. I agree with G1 on the lack of a sign off at the end of the interview. Makes it feel a bit odd.
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    Demon Lich is pleased

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    SNU SNU!
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    I'm surprised there weren't more questions that people wanted to ask.

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