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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by IIReaperII, Apr 30, 2014.

  1. IIReaperII

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    Go to PoxBox and look at the prices of a random faction, look how high their prices are, then go to the UD faction... And look. This is kinda crazy. I`m not dising PB prices PB is the best trade store out there I love him and its an excellent store. But why, why are the UD prices so HIGH!!! I get that it`s probably the most appealing factions and a lot of newer plays may start there, but what makes all the UD runes the most expensive. What separates them from the other factions? A bloodgaurd costs more than the 150k. Almost all of their legendaries are not in stock and are priced extremely high. How do you expect a player to pay these prices for those runes. UD is so cool, but those runes cost way to much to invest in. Right when the runes get put in the store after a release they are most of the time priced as the highest (after a few weeks). Is there a way to lower their prices because this is absurd. They always get the most expensive, even the renovator is the highest of all of them. Why? Lol, its the same rune! Is there a way to make all legendaries the same value as all the others (150k excluded because their kinda different). Example, Player 1 trades bowmage for Vothsair Reaver. Just a though. Once again I`m not saying PB is responsible, I just find it weird that UD mostly gets the highest priced rune from an expansion. Just a thread to discuss. :D
  2. IIReaperII

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    I`m talking about lowering prices in the community, once again, I`m not trying to say PB prices are too high. I`m saying that the players seem to `make`the UD runes seem so expensive. Hopefully that doesn`t confuse you, don`t know how else to put it. :D
  3. HalfGodBro

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    well you said it yourself...UD is the "coolest" faction, i think its the most played faction but i might be wrong, thats why it cost so much...since its the most popular, there is demand, and when there is demand, they increase the price for Profit
  4. BansheeX

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    Supply and demand.

    A lot of people want to play UD and FW so their runes are harder to trade for since people do not want to part with them.
  5. borice45

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  6. Nemorga

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    I'm full FW and a bit of UD too, so... don't tell me.

    Try to trade for your new runes on an 1-1 ratio on release day... lol.
  7. Indijanac

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    PB is overpricing Bane Shift runes since its was created.
    And NEVER il say again NEVERRRRRRRR trading limited runes just selling them.
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  8. Boozha

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    Kids think women with watermelons attached to their torso are the best thing ever, and FW is just OP as hell.
  9. IIReaperII

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    Is there a way we can scrap the value of each rune and make them be traded 1:1? Like the example I gave in the first post? The only problem this might cause is that collectors and traders would lose all their value. Which, I personally, don't give a crap because why the Firk would they be collectors and only play to trade Bane Shift around. They should play the game, not try and manipulate the trade system. People should play this game to actually play it, not to collect all the high priced and 'rare' Bane Shift. Any opinions of thoughts about changing it to a 1 for 1 ratio so everyone has access to all the runes, not just low tier ones? :p
  10. Boozha

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    Everyone plays the game the way he wants.
  11. Cydna

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    I don't think runes will ever have the same value 1:1.
  12. Lubanja

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    I cashed out all my PoxBox credits because he took away a ton of credits from everybody. If he can just do that any time he wants then screw him. I hope the revamp puts his horrible greedy business practices out of business.
  13. Boozha

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    ... Who?
  14. Rockhopper

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    Take a high school economics class. It will help.
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  15. Protick

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    I think he is referring to when Deconder "adjusted" everyone's credits to have the same buying power after DOG took over since supposedly he was gonna change the store's prices to reflect the Rune Forge. At the time I felt that it was ok for him to do so as Exo's will obviously become much more readily available, but Legs are a different story. I mean, a Reaver is even 220k credits on PB at the moment.

    So basically what happened was.. Store prices changed (Exo's lower, Legs higher) and everyone got their credits adjusted.

    I always love it when people refer to other people as kids. It shows how mature you are. Damn near every faction has sets of watermelons, but flying demonic chicks and the undead are just more popular than bats, elfs, frogs and you name it.
  16. Boozha

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    FS is all out of melons. At least runnable melons, there's that ugly chick riding a croc, and kind-of the misshapen Salaman Rook.
  17. SPiEkY

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  18. BansheeX

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    He did that for a very good reason. He even explained it in detail on his page why it was done and gave people a good heads up time on it happening so they had time to clear their credits out in advance if they wanted to.
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  19. Lubanja

    Lubanja Member

    "Yeah, with the alteration of all the rune prices came an alteration to everyone's credit to reflect similar buying power." - Poxbox

    He said he reduced everyone's credits so that he could reduce prices. Then he reduced some of the exo's prices, and kept or increased the legendary prices. Nevermind that some of our credits were paid for with Legendaries, the same ones that received huge price increases. At this point PBox is nothing but a pyramid scheme except you play the losing side 99% of the time. It seems like stockholm's syndrome has inflicted a lot of pox's player base and they are happy with whatever. Hopefully Owl will be able to help manage some of these trade sharks by making legendaries more available like they did with the Exos.
  20. Boozha

    Boozha I need me some PIE!

    Why the hell are you complaining? Your point just got run over like an unfortunate hedgehog, but somehow you are still not done crying. Weird.

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