to all those people who came into my custom game rooms in the past and who i kept dodging im sorry

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    i really im.
    if i wasn't a coward during those times maybe you might've had a fun game.
    maybe i might've had a fun game.
    i just kept seeing your big shiny names on ranked and kept being afraid of being destroyed so i dodged.
    and i dodged and i kept dodging.
    looking back i probably could've beaten most of you and maybe just maybe lost some matches due to RNG and DRAW LUCK.

    i think honestly one of the major things that kept pox nora from getting bigger than it should've is how runes were so hard to obtain for most of its lifespan.
    only now during the last final stage of its life did runes finally become obtainable.
    this no doubt scared away and detracted many potential longtime players from us.
    if this game had a reasonable monetization method more people would've sticked to it.
    and more love and support to the game through useful updates such as more game modes.
    improvements to the already existing game modes and so on.
    if 2vs2 had the support and love it needed.(and you didn't destroy runes solely BECAUSE of 2vs2 like say VEX now whatever happened to separate balancing?)
    or custom game rooms weren't destroyed and actually given more customization.
    or if we had a lobby just for newbies/beginners a tutorial area so to speak that'd have helped out much.
    or if people weren't shoved straight into ranked from the get go.
    or if this game had any amount of advertisement at all.
    or if legendaries weren't power creeped every release or some themes and factions left in the dust in certain aspects.
    or if factions weren't being homogenized for all except for UNDERDEPTH WHO FOR SOME GOD FORSAKEN REASON CAN'T BE ALLOWED GOOD AND EASILY OBTAINABLE SOURCES OF CLEANSE WHICH MAKES NO ****** sense since you broke the rules countless times with the other wrath factions and those rules stopped making any sense or even mattering when things like release pirahnids came out who were A PROTECTORE MELEE SUBTHEME WITH MELEE STRONGER THEN AN ENTIRE MELEE FACTION LIKE WHAT THE HELL IS THAT NONSENSE! Even now PIRAHNIDS ARE STRONGER THEN 70% of all of UDs MELEE even after all the nerf barrages they received both indirect and direct hows that FOR THEMATIC!

    I'm not even an UD player never been really, truly i've always been a split player first and foremost then second a circus deck experimenter but even i knew all the bullshit logic you guys used NEVER made any sense when it came to balance.

    so many questionable choices taken actions made.
    looking back i still cannot fathom why tortuns nora gen HAD to be removed;a weeks worth of complaints maybe 2 and thats enough to sway the devs to killing off an entire split race theme for the rest of pox nora's lifespan.
    now that really says something.
    i can't imagine how the dev team would've functioned with an actual huge playerbase.
    imagine 10k players,100k pox players or even a million.
    how exactly would the devs gone by nerfing things; would they have been so unhesitant at destroying entire themes like tortuns or would've they been more cautious? I'm leaning towards the former.
    or if you hadn't tried to throw stitched,tortuns,leoss into the ground with zero i repeat zero actual runes/changes they wanted or desired or their communities even asked for. Also what happened to lore legendaries? where did kain taris and company go?
    what was the point of all these enigmatic leaders/figures we never saw put into rune-age.
    why did you bother making random new themes/races nobody ever asked for each patch?
    would it have killed you to expand on what we already had,Not just for 1 expansion and then giving up but upon multiple?

    there are million and more plus things i could be mad about or i could list but honestly at the end of the day it doesn't matter. IT DOESN'T MATTER!
    pox nora was a unique experience.
    a unique game that can't be replicated.
    a unique one of lifetime experience.
    if there ever comes another tcg or tabletop or card game with even 1% of pox nora's potential i'd be amazed. there were several but they too died out almost as quickly as they came.
    i was really hyped for hex until i realized how much of a pay to win game it was and how brain dead and inept its management was.
    its strange you'd think all these game devs would learn from each others mistakes but then looking at triple aaa studios like bioware making such huge mistakes with anthem even with perfect examples on what not to do and do with warframe and destiny yet still managing to fail it baffles my mind.

    i can't think of any other game that interested me or kept me in it as much as pox nora has.

    anyways you'll be missed dearly pox.

    from all of us.

    now this is my last post and my last time ever coming here.

    peace out im done.

    G O O D BYE!
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    I used to come on here a lot. I came back hoping I'd run into you again but I was too late. You helped me really start playing the game, not just the public decks. It hurts my heart to see you go, man. I hope you come back for old times sake one day.
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    I will forgive but I won't forget.
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    This is honestly very relatable. I've only started playing seriously very late in the game. I mostly goofed around and observed matches back in the day.
    I probably have thousands of hours in game and only 1-2k games played.
    I see that there are some attempts to resurrect the game though. Best we can do is to support them.

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