What to do: Cyclonic Fesh and Lightning Elemental

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  1. RedScarlet

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    Cyclonic Fesh
    Pre-revamp everything is OP, including this guy. He does not only doubletap someone, he can doubletap a lot of people in the same time with 2 LRods + Barrage + Lstorm/Ttotem. That was OP. Now he's borderline useless. Why not keep his original combo, but deconstruct his efficiency:

    Attack: Elec
    Barrage 1 (+6 N)
    Electricity Overload (+10 N)

    This is his signature, right? Then, pre-revamp he gets Absorb, Grant: Elec Aura, and Regen.

    Now after deconstructing him to his base signature abilities, his stats should also be considered. The tricky part imo is his Range. 4-6 for a guy who doubletaps easily is a bit dangerous, but 1-2 is just idiotic for a non-tank 2x2.

    Cyclonic Fesh
    ~80-90 Nora (at default lowest with Farshot + Storm Acolyte)
    Race: Worm

    Attack: Elec
    Absorb (+8N)
    Electricity Overload (+10N)
    Mobility (+4N)

    U1: Logistics: Range (8N), Farshot 1 (2N),
    Grant: Electricity Aura (8N)
    U2: Brutality (8N), Barrage 2 (12N), Storm Acolyte (6N)

    How's this? I'm not so sure. Keep him at melee, but able to do range via first upgrade path: LOGISTICS: RNG, FARSHOT1 (way more efficient than 2 or 3), or Grant:elec.

    Can go to a racial path with Brutality, a Barrage for double tapping, or playing it in an elec theme where most have Jolt, allowing him to singletap someone to put an Lightning Rod. and heals from Storm Acolyte in a dedicated elec deck can go up to 6HP/turn or something or more.

    Lightning Elemental
    Signature champ of SP despite some cries on SP stealing lightning from IS. Lightning Thief's base signature abilities:
    Attack: Elec

    Bolt (+8N)
    Mobility (+4N)
    Electricity Eater (+4N)

    Now after deconstructing him to his base signature abilities, his stats should also be considered.

    Lightning Elemental
    ~75-85 Nora (lowest with Paralyze and Elec Eater)
    Race: Elemental

    Attack: Elec
    Bolt (8N)
    Electricity Aura 2 (4N)
    Jolt 1 (2N)
    Mobility (4N)

    U1: Electricity Eater (4N), Immunity: Electricity (6N), Static Greeting (6N)

    U2: Evasive 3 (7N), Absorb (8N), Paralyze (4N)
    To keep him cheap and keep him simple to his signature role: bolt in and deal continuous damage to ranged/supports, basically an anti-range/support. Deconstruct his abilities into his upgrade paths... base with Bolt, Elec Aura 2, and Jolt 1. By putting his sig abilities into his upgrade paths, he becomes much cheaper without sandbagging him at all.

    Any other suggestions as to how to balance the champs?

    If I were to balance these two, I'd probably do the following:
    1) breakdown their sig abilities and roles
    2) take two of their sig abilities and put it in the upgrade paths, so that their base would be cheaper
    3) profit from cheaper total Nora cost, while limiting their "do-everything" efficiency.
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  2. Paper Skull

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    I would argue that Lightning Elemental's signature ability is really just Bolt.

    In a perfect world, I would have a Lightning Elemental with Bolt, Hit and Run, Scrapper, and nothing else.
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  3. RedScarlet

    RedScarlet I need me some PIE!

    Then he'd be OPcried by the masses and get butchered by the greens...

    Whee i forgot mobility...

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