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    THIS guide is available on steam here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=327556874

    If you have just completed the tutorial and wondering what next? I hope this will help to get you started.

    Who am I?: I have been playing PoxNora almost since its release, since around mid 2007, in that time I have been an experienced player and moreso a community guru, having many Youtube videos of PoxNora posted and streaming some dev Q&A's with the new developers of PoxNora, I also host regular community tournaments with prizes.


    If you are having problems loading the game here are a couple of common solutions to those problems.

    Make sure you have the most uptodate version of Java installed (remove older versions)

    If your client won't load try reloading it by right clicking and Run as Administrator

    If your client still doesn't load, try going tohttp://www.poxnora.com/download.doand download the non-steam version of the client

    If you are still having issues, go to the PoxNora Forums and create a thread in the bugs forum -http://forums.poxnora.com/index.php?forums/bug-reporting.6/

    If you still cannot play the game at all, try sending Senshu a private chat on the forums - he is the PoxNora Community manager and will do his best to resolve your issues.

    First Steps

    The first thing i'd say if you are confused, or unsure where to go next is to ask somebody for help. There is a lot of friendly helpful people on PoxNora that are willing to put time into helping resolve issues, answering your questions and helping you improve at PoxNora. I do hope to be answering some of your questions within this guide though!

    Consider joining a guild! There are a few good helpful guilds, I host one myself specifically made to help new players progress and improve within PoxNora to apply click here:https://www.poxnora.com/guilds/apply.do?i=3229

    Gaining Gold

    PoxNora used to have a reputation for being a "Pay to win" game, however this has changed! You can now build good basic decks very quickly and cheaply and eventually build many competitive decks without spending a penny. To make the most of this Gold pay attention when you login to your dailly goals - you can gain around 2-3000 gold per day just by completing these goals and doing the dailly skirmish.


    Did you know? You also now get free runes just for playing games, so go to single player or the battlegrounds and try out some training games, you may well get crushed at first, but its a learning experience! If you are being beaten badly in the battlegrounds, try asking the other player what you are doing wrong and how you can improve - many existing Pox players really want to help you learn the game!

    What to do with your gold? (Marketplace accessable top left of Pox Client)

    This is something I hope to cover in more detail in the future, but for now, I can assure you the best option is to buy Extended set Boxes and Extended set packs, these runes are worth more on the rune Forge (which i'll explain soon) and are generally more runnable runes. Buying the boxes is your best value, but of course you can buy less often and it can take time to build up enough gold for a box, so you are probably better starting off buying the Extended Set Packs to get your collection started.


    Consider buying an Avatar for your favourite faction - the avatar levels up and becomes more powerful than an ordinary shrine. The Avatar also comes with a Warbanner which is a Relic that you can have in your deck to buff all champions you have on the field, it is considered a staple in most Full Faction Battlegroups.


    Building your first deck:

    Building a battlegroup on PoxNora is one of biggest features, there is a lot to this but i'm going to explain only the basics in this guide, to help you build your first battlegroup!

    Choose a faction

    There are 8 Factions in PoxNora click this link for the lore on each faction so you can pick your favourite!https://www.poxnora.com/factions/viewfactionprofile.do

    Choose a theme within a faction

    There are hundreds of themes, and while you don't have to stick to one theme for a deck (the options are limitless) it is a good way to build your first deck so you can get used to the game. I'm going to start by mentioning my favourite Faction and Theme - Ironfist Stronghold and Dwarves, to view all the cards filtered into Ironfist Stronghold and Dwarves go to this link:https://www.poxnora.com/factions/viewfactionprofile.doand select the drop down boxes for Faction and Race.

    Champs, Spells, Relics and equips?!

    Many new players find all the different elements quite confusing, especially when building a deck - to give you a rough idea, most decks usually include16-18 champions,1-3 Relics,1-2 Equipsandthe rest as spells. This gives you a good balance and i'd strongly advise on sticking to those numbers for your first deck.

    Which cards are good?

    This is a very difficult question to answer as there is literally thousands of cards and a LOT of them are very runnable. I'd advise looking at champions with efficient Nora Costing, notice each champion has a nora cost above its head usually ranging from 50-100. Most champions fall into roles which i'll try to explain in a more in depth guide in future, but for now think fighters and supports, you generally want to have 3-5 support champions maximum and the rest as fighters - at least in the beginning.

    How to make the deck?

    You can look at the cards you own and create decks all within the client, simply click the Rune Manager link in the top left corner of the client, there is no limit to the number of decks you can create so get creative, but for your first deck i'd advise on keeping it simple. Press create deck and put the cards you want to use into the deck once the deck is full, you will be able to que up for games with it immediately.


    If you are lacking cards for the faction and theme you want to use but have others left over from packs, look below for the explanation of the Rune Forge.

    The Rune Forge (Accessable via the client, link is in the top right corner)

    So after you have gotten your first bunch of runes, either as rewards or from packs you will be able to cash in on the runes you don't want - by forging them. This gives you Forge credits which you can then use to create a card of your choice. This is the best way to start creating your first deck.

    How do I know what to get?

    First decide which runes you want to try in a deck, a good tool to decide which runes to run in a deck, is by using a website calledhttp://www.poxbase.com- To follow through on the earlier example of Ironfist Stronghold and Dwarves, to view all Dwarves click this linkhttp://poxbase.com/race/22PoxBase allows you to build a prospect deck on their website without owning the cards. Which makes it a lot easier to plan which cards you are going to need.

    Once you have the deck known and just need to obtain the cards?

    Once you know what you want, look to the top right corner of the client, there is a link for the Rune Forge, there you can sell the cards you don't want and buy any card available, once forged you will be able to add this card to your decks. (Note: It is often cheaper to obtain runes via trading website www.poxbox.net or www.poxpoints.com than by using the forge, so consider both - note that sometimes Shards can be purchased in the Marketplace)



    Trading is a very complex subject that could use a whole guide of its own, so i'll only be warning you and mentioning the absolute basics here!


    Most players of PoxNora use the websitehttp://www.poxbox.netfor all their trading needs, it is a privately run PoxNora card shop that allows you to trade your cards, for cards they have in stock, it is an immediate bidder on your trades once you submit, and very easy to use. It is safe and gives you a good guideline of what runes are worth!This will often be cheaper than using the Rune Forger!


    Certain runes on PoxNora can be hard to obtain and therefore valuable, most notably limited edition runes and Legendary runes, do not trade these away unless you are sure you are getting a good deal, there are some people that will try to rip off new players to get good runes cheap, don't let that be you! Look at the value of a rune on PoxBox before deciding whether you are being offered a good deal.

    Beware of people offering real money for runes, it could be a scam.


    Thanks for reading my guide, I really hope it helped you out getting started, Feel free to leave comments or questions and I will do my best to get back to you.

    Again, if you would like to join my guild please click here to apply: https://www.poxnora.com/guilds/apply.do?i=3229

    I often stream and upload PoxNora videos to youtube, my twitch channel can be found http://www.twitch.tv/poxnora_live and my youtube channel can be found http://www.youtube.com/poxreplays
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    Well done, Moles!
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    added the full guide here, it is still available on steam too.
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    @IMAGIRL So wheres the video in this buddy o pal?

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    Misscommunication. Thanks for catching it.
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    Thank you for this guide, it helps to know what packs to buy first. ;)

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    Welcome to Pox.
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    Thanks. In fact I played 2 or 3 years ago but now I can't find my identifiants (don't have access to my old mail box anymore) so I'm starting anew from scrach. The game seems to have evolved nice.
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    thanks! I have only just caught this, but i fixed the images and put in a small update to mention poxpoints here as a store.
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    @BatmanV26 Not sure theres anything here that you havent learnt already but perhaps.
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    Great guide for new players, Poxnora has never been easier to get into.
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    I'm still waiting for a guide or at least a full image reference of the Achievements in Pox. I've been gathering some here and there but Heroic Achievements rotate out longer so gathering those together will take much longer than Dailies. Dailies from what I've noticed seem to require specific Race, Class, Dmg types, Abilities. Heroics follow a similar scheme but have different requirements and play a heavier role in what units a player should have in their deck and what to deploy. If it takes a whole year I'll sit through the rotations but I know the community will appreciate having a list of what runes are required for achievements.

    Furthering player knowledge should always be a goal, and the cons for having a list open to view are outweighed by the pros that the community gains from having such a list. It will give direction and a solid foundation for further topics to be discussed. Alone as a player I can create threads that players may or may not see of the achievements that I've seen come through rotation and further make a list of example bgs I used to complete those achievements but that stagnates the conversation week to week.

    This weeks Rotation is:
    Interactions: Play a deck with 6 or more champions that have an ability with relic in it.
    Relics R' Us: Play a deck with 3 or more Relics.
    Provisioners: Deploy 4 or more champions with a Provision ability.
    Gear Me Up!: Equip 3 or more champions.

    Without an available list of Achievements discussions will be limited to just that day/week of an achievements rotation and most likely for the next rotation those questions players had will go unanswered as far as what to do about their bgs. If players can actively try to cover all the bases by creating battlegroups for achievements that will be in rotation, player knowledge will be able to increase and hopefully so will player interactions. It will no longer rely on what the Vets or players with fuller rune checklists are running. New players will be able to discuss more openly what it is they have to accomplish those achievements, and then more experienced players can come in and tweak it for ranked play or to better grind gold with.
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    Is there a way to invite a friend to privately play against you, or is it just randomly selected every time? And IF there is a way to privately play, could you include that into the guide...?

    It's not so much the game itself, but also the out-of-game interface that might give new players trouble (myself being one of them).

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