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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Chris, Mar 1, 2014.

  1. Chris

    Chris I need me some PIE!

    I used to love taunts on champs. I would use my DEA to assinate something taunt "my work here is done" then boom ret that next champ out. Made a more exciting watch and a little fun too. Could be another gold/shard sink too.

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  2. Alakhami

    Alakhami I need me some PIE!

    Yeah, that was a nice feature, would be nice to have it again.
  3. yobanchi

    yobanchi I need me some PIE!

    I love taunts and taunts love you.
  4. BansheeX

    BansheeX I need me some PIE!

    Taunt and naming of champs (preferably visible to the opponent) would be lovely features.
  5. Cortices

    Cortices Administrator Octopi

    I really liked this feature too. I'd love to see it brought back.
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  6. yobanchi

    yobanchi I need me some PIE!

    I'd really like naming tokens to be brought back as well and we never really received a hard reason for why they were discontinued.
    I hazard a guess that it may have been due to people giving runes 'bad' names or causing rune recognition confusion.

    For both cases the owls could have name change tokens be title tokens to fix both of those issues.
    I use the destructor title token on my Dark Knight.
    He now becomes "Dark Knight, the destroyer"
    The title could be right under the name in a color depicting the rarity of the title as there wold be multiple titles available at different rarities.

    You could end up with Ambling Frond, the destroyer... or Nymph, the sparkling

    This way the runes are still easy to recognize and actually adds a little more flair depth to trading ^_^.
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  7. BansheeX

    BansheeX I need me some PIE!

    Another option could be to have the name of champions be language filtered. Default is on and then you can turn it off if you want to see enemy champions name.
  8. Dantezz

    Dantezz Member

    Taunts are great. I wish they could be funny and have flavor for each character. I would stay away from any negative taunt.
  9. only

    only Active Member

    I'm somehow not into that taunt boat. it eats space (literally) of other abilities and funny becomes complex. I also feel like they can be received very offensively.

    in Hearthstone there are emotes. simply taunts to say hello, sorry, oops, threaten or stuff. forums are full of people saying how they feel offended in certain situations. it might seem quite of a surprise at the first glance, but I see a small issue here.
  10. KTCAOP

    KTCAOP I need me some PIE!

    Well, the last time I saw a taunt was when a doom ball yelled out "DOOOOOM" when it killed a unit.

    I thought it was funny, most of the taunts aren't super serious taunts but more of a flavor text war cry.

    There should never be a taunt of "LOL YOU SO NOOB" or "You obviously don't know what you are doing, loser" or anything like that. For something like "The stronghold will never fall!" or something like that I could imagine would be a fine taunt.

    Also, if future champs are able to have fewer abilities, I don't see that much of an issue in terms of space.
  11. yobanchi

    yobanchi I need me some PIE!

    I think your point is a little dampened since PoxNora has a chat box so taunts can be less construed as offensive. Especially with some of the exchanges I have seen/read.

    You can always squelch taunts in hearthstone so you could have this option for Pox as well:
    Squelch: turn off taunts/in game chat.

    Another point is that in Hearthstone there is no cool down on emotes so some of the offense could be from spamming it.
    People will be sensitive to losing anyway so even if there weren't taunts/emotes/chats people would still right saying playing a chicken was offensive.
  12. Shadap

    Shadap The King of Potatoes

    Naming seems like it could be a chore unless DOG doesn't care about rude/crude names. You know people will try whatever they can to name their champs something inappropriate. This is most likely the reason when we had it before it was only visible to the owner.
  13. KTCAOP

    KTCAOP I need me some PIE!

    I personally was also quite happy when my champions names were visible to myself. While I guess it could be interesting, it might make it more confusing especially for the newer player.
  14. Cydna

    Cydna Forum Royalty

    I loved naming my champs. The taunts were kind of dull, that being because there were only a few of them. Maybe we should have a vote on new taunts to add.
  15. soulmilk

    soulmilk I need me some PIE!

    Ambling Frond, Destroyer of Worlds.
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  16. RedDain

    RedDain I need me some PIE!

    I am going to disagree on taunts. I think that the game is "offensive" enough without them, and that the only thing they add is another degree of frustration to a game that is already prone to inducing rage.

    Other aspects are the "keeping track of things" and the "animations that take too long" problems. There are a ton of things to watch for in-game, and yet another animation, sound, thing happening can be extremely disturbing at critical moments.
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  17. BansheeX

    BansheeX I need me some PIE!

    If people gets rage from Taunts they might need to work on their angermanagement issues instead of playing Pox Nora ;)
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  18. BurnPyro

    BurnPyro Forum Royalty

    Taunts were removed because they encourage bad manners. I should not have to deal with someone spamming a random phrase every time it's my turn and he feels like putting me out of my concentration. If I'm in the middle of pulling off a massive turn where I spend 1min10 seconds thinking and I have to execute everything flawelessly, taunts are the last thing I need.
  19. Nurfed

    Nurfed The King of Potatoes

    Naming of champions was a nice feature indeed but taunts not so much, if they stay then you should at least add some kind of mute button of some kind.
  20. JazzMan1221

    JazzMan1221 Better-Known Member

    Taunts are abilities though, same as everything else. They have a cooldown of 5, and since they would be on champions, the opponent could only activate them on their turn, making it impossible for them to spam the taunt. Besides, the ingame chat function already serves as a place for people to do all the stuff you just mentioned. Champion taunts, such as the ones already on Doomballs and Vampire Bat, are not offensive in the slightest, and I would like to see more of those kinds of taunts in the future.
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