Another Pox Clone: Help me choose my Game Engine

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by newsbuff, Jan 18, 2020.

  1. newsbuff

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    I'm thinking of starting my pox clone project. Capitulator guy didn't want my help, unfortunately.

    I'm thinking of three options:

    • A) Unreal Engine
      • Pros: it's what I work in already, I'm already set up to develop, so I can start quickly. I could ask people at work for help pretty easily
      • Cons: Not really appropriate for 2D games - intended for 3D (but it is possible to do 2D in it, it's just a bit "heavy weight" for that). Not sure how easy it is to deploy cross-platform onto mobile and PC
    • B) Unity
      • Pros: I've worked in C# before, had a certification, native and easy cross-platform PC/mobile deployment, good for 2D games
      • Cons: Never used it before, not sure how to get started
    • C) Try to Mod Duelyst
      • Pros: Easiest and best possible option. Game's already made and is already the same as pox, just zoomed in and with different art style
      • Cons: Have to somehow convince CEO to let me mod it, and then even if I do convince, not sure if I would be allowed to monetize it ever, or if I did, how that would work.
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  2. Goatmanji

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    Unreal is pretty clunky for something like Pox, imo. You technically could use it, but it's not going to be optimized, which will result in the game being overly large and... er.. clunky. If you're sticking with 2D, use a tool that's designed for 2D. You *could* technically take apart a laptop with the tip of a steak knife, but should you? It's generally better to use a tool that's meant for the job at hand.

    And even if you were to convince Counterplay and Bandai/Namco to allow you to modify their work (they won't), you certainly wouldn't be able to monetize it. or even so much as advertise it as anything but a Duelyst mod--so your target audience would consist mostly of Duelyst players and little else. Furthermore, if and when Duelyst shuts down, so would your mod (barring some miracle).

    Unity is already set up for cross-platform, and honestly it's not that difficult to work with, especially if you already have a coding background. So yeah, of the three, I'd recommend Unity.

    My two cents, which are probably worth less than that as I am not overly knowledgeable about game development or legalities.
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  3. chickenpox2

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    I wonder if there better languages for unity other than java script I feel like bearly anyone uses it now
  4. LoganMkv

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    You don't even have to know programming at all to check indiedb for how many games of your budget for each engine actually made it into production. And it's not a coincidence.

    And client engine choice is the least of your problems anyway, you are going to spend much more on serverside and assets.
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  5. aseryen

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  6. Bondman007

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    Make Pox a 3d game with a 20 degree tilted board so that the pieces run/jump onto spaces... I dunno...probably not worth your time to do any of the 3
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  7. yuore

    yuore The King of Potatoes

    do it in multiplatform, mobile on android!
  8. calisk

    calisk I need me some PIE! issue with doing something like pox is the multiplayer aspect, farthest i've ever gotten with a multi-player game is a p2p architecture, would take a lot of research and trial and error to get a proper system setup for multiplayer.
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