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  1. xezno

    xezno I need me some PIE!

    So I noticed the spell Rally the Herd and it got me interested in Centaurs. I threw this together:

    However I am having a really hard time with getting these guys moving. Every map I have faced so far has HUGE road blocks for 2x2s. So what is the trick to these guys? I tried to include as many mobile friendly spells/equips as I could but I just dont know enough about KF yet.

    Also Centaur Regulator restrict ability is ANNOYING as hell. Just saying.

    EDIT - I gave up on these guys for now. Mass 2x2s annoy me to much.
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  2. kagebunshn

    kagebunshn I need me some PIE!

    rally the herd would be OP if centaurs were good....sadly they are not, so rally of the herd just looks OP and does not compensate for the bad-ness of the centaurs.
  3. xezno

    xezno I need me some PIE!

    Well thank you. For the first time I am feeling like I am getting a small sense for this game again. These were my thoughts exactly which is why when I saw the spell I was amazed more people were not playing centaurs.
  4. chris0024

    chris0024 I need me some PIE!

    The fact that they are all 2x2s makes it very difficult to position properly during a game. You could still include 1 rally in your bg and only use 4-5 centaur in your bg. With Bliss in your bg you'll be able to use the spell again quickly cause of creativity.
  5. xezno

    xezno I need me some PIE!

    Ok so I went back and looked at them again and I like this idea. I threw a deck together and tried it out twice so far (skirmish only) and I like the feel however I am using 7 of them. Maybe I biggest issue was just having to many of them so I like the sound advice. I am going to play with this for the next couple days and if I still like it I will post what I am using (after human trials of course). I do expect to be slaughtered but if I win even 2 pvp games with them I will be very happy.

    btw- using Bliss, 1 interceptor, 1 savage, 2 skirmishers, and 2 sarnghavian. I would use 2 savage but he costs so much and I am assuming suppressing fire is glitched since it almost never works. I really hope this is the magic deck. I am getting tired of switching a bunch and just trying to find a deck that feels right for me.
  6. chris0024

    chris0024 I need me some PIE!

    haha yeah i've tried running a full fatty centaur bg and it's cumbersome to say the least.
  7. chris0024

    chris0024 I need me some PIE!

    If you like, post what exos, legs, lims you do have and maybe I can build a bg for you or give some tips on it? I'm sure the other guys will jump on the bandwagon and throw their bg designs.
    I like doing stuff like this so it's not a big deal. :)
  8. xezno

    xezno I need me some PIE!

    No way, awesome. I am taking you up on this. I dont want to talk about what I had to do to get so many of these so quick. Oh I feel so dirty. Anyway here is the list.

    1 Ancestral Avenger
    1 Bliss the Muse
    2 Dragonbark Protector
    1 Elder Garu
    2 Elven Strategist
    1 Experimental Warspirit
    2 Fae Enchantress
    1 Privateer Captain
    1 Rage of the Circle
    1 Ranger Elite
    2 Sarnghavian Centaur
    2 Spirit Singer
    2 Starlight Sylph
    1 Thirion
    1 Tremir Craghide
    2 Vashal Cavalier
    1 Wisp
    1 Wood Marshal Druid
    1 Stellar Horizon

    1 Elven Mage
    1 Elven Prodigy
    1 Menalaus
    1 Pox Renovator
    2 Spring Dragon
    1 Wilderkin Dancer
    1 Clairvoyance
    1 Fan Faire

    2 Bowmage
    2 Centaur Savage
    2 Queen Anaru
    1 Seeker of the Source
    1 Woodland Diplomat
    1 Bullseye
    2 Thorn Collection
    2 Pride of K'thir

    I have at least one of every rare except solitary garu and windsprinter and I have 2 of ever com/uncom. Dude, seriously thanks for the help. I think I got to many to quick and overwhelmed myself.
  9. chris0024

    chris0024 I need me some PIE!

    no problem. how do you guys make bgs on poxbox? it looks like it is faster than typing out all the info on here
  10. chris0024

    chris0024 I need me some PIE!

    also you have all the runes necessary for a meta kf bg.
    1 ancestral avenger
    2 avenging angels
    2 falconers
    2 elven strategists
    2 deadly trackers
    1 elven bard
    1 elven artisan
    2 elven mages
    1 brambles
    1 bulls eye
    2 natures wrath or thorn collections
    2 protections
    1 escape magic
    1 lifeshield
    1 kf banner
    2 artillery markers
    1 cleansing emeralds
    1 covenant
    1 withering fern
    1 horn of order

    keep in mind that this is meta kf so it uses all the really strong, OP, super efficient runes. Most of these are on the list for being nerfed, so this bg's power will change after the patch. If you need tips as well let me know. enjoy :)
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  11. xezno

    xezno I need me some PIE!

    @chris0024 - Thank you for the setup, it is working out nicely so far (only used it in single player however). Questions:

    1) I can't figure out the best upgrade setup for the Avenging Angels. What am I going for with them? Mass healing or cheap AP gen?

    2) What are the key factions or decks that I need to keep lifeshield in the back of my mind? IS/FW/SP? I just havent faced enough yet to know who single spell targets allot.

    3) There are many runes I have used in the past that you excluded (Reclaim, Boa, Tower of Amareth, Nectar Fariy, Fan Faire...ect) so I am trying to get into your mind on the advanges of this deck without using these other runes. Any tips or tricks that really stand out?

    Thanks again for your time!
  12. chris0024

    chris0024 I need me some PIE!

    1) For the angel just go straight healing upgrades. Any invig or drive is provided by the horn of order.

    2) The only reason I have lifeshield in there is for FW and essence drain against your AA, maybe IS and hammer strike. You can take it out if you want but the focus of your bg is your AA.

    3) Everything that is in this bg is to help you one-shot everything. That being said, you can substitute certain champs with others. angel can be replaced with nectar fairy but then again this bg isn't built around a lot of healing so you will have to find a way to build those charges, or maybe use one of each. Reclaim is a good spell but does no dmg. It has it's uses but not in this bg imo. Boa is a great tank but not a good beater.

    4) Everything in this bg is incredibly cheap and efficient. Some tricks you can use would be the strategist+artillery marker, keep in mind whenever you relocate something it will be placed in the top left space. Bliss's creativity keeps those protections coming back so u can keep using them to protect your AA, or any other spell for that matter. Since this bg is so cheap, on a good draw you can sometimes double deploy and go for seperate fonts! Also, the AA might be the focus of this bg but he is by no means the only way you can win. There have been plenty of games where I didn't use him at all and still won.
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  13. xezno

    xezno I need me some PIE!

    This helps out a ton! Now I know what I am focused on. THANK YOU!
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  14. TheBulwark

    TheBulwark I need me some PIE!

    Maybe they should make an alpine centaur :)
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  15. bzodiac

    bzodiac New Member

    Hi guys, just buold a centaurs bg and use this set up:

    1 sarghnavian centaur
    2 centaur archer
    1 interceptor
    1 regulator
    1 savage
    2 skirmisher
    1 circle msgr
    2 civilized wilderskin
    2 falconer
    1 menelaus

    Horn of order
    Pride of kthir

    Cleansin emerald

    Time slip
    Combined arms
    Herbal antidote
    Living vines
    Grimlic mirror - 4 get second savage cheaper ;)
    Rally the herd
    Reclaim thorn collection

    Tried the centaurs with archers, beasts, barbs, randoms is and kf runes and still cant make them work well...
    Low damage is an issue, so i used combined arms, it give them more abilities and all those rangers help a lot.
  16. bzodiac

    bzodiac New Member

    Just change the circle messenger and insert a strategist. So cool.
  17. Tweek516

    Tweek516 I need me some PIE!

    Just go to Poxbase.com and browse the runes - it has a great search system. Press add to workbench and you'll see your bg template appear at the bottom of the screen. Once you're finished, press 'link' and just copy paste the link in your browser :)
  18. bzodiac

    bzodiac New Member

  19. bzodiac

    bzodiac New Member

    Need an extra sarghn centaur... Tnx for ur help... :)

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