Client and Gameplay Update: November 26th, 2022. Book Four: K'thir Forest Discussion Thread.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Etherielin, Nov 26, 2022.

  1. Etherielin

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    Link to the patch notes: Click me!

    Feel free to discuss the patch here! What are your thoughts and opinions on it?
  2. dsjtheman

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    As a long time KF main and collector, I appreciate the work towards the game. However, nothing about this patch made me wanna play new stuff or go make a new bg from the changes. Not saying some arent good... just boring to me. When you first took over the few champs youd change a month almost always rejuvinated me to play more and make new bgs or change current ones. Not trying to knock your work Im really not... im not sure what changed from the beginning of your content updates that I almost always loved and brought new fun to the faction, but this one just didnt do it for me. I wish I could give specific suggestions on what Id like changed instead...
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  3. Braxzee

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    I dont even play any of the factions that have been updated and a lot of it makes no sense. There are some highlights, but over all I am cringing the changes to SL, Leoss, or ST. I would like to see something done to Leg, Exotic, rare , champs. Like LEG Hero champs get 2 more base upgrades, Exotic get plus one more base upgrade and if you run split faction you are lmited to how many LEg and Exotic champs are in the BG. I feel FF BG's overtime have lost their benefit overall
  4. Etherielin

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    Rarity has not defined the power of a rune for ages now. It will stay this way.
  5. Sirius

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    My opinions, bearing in mind I am a casual returning player and my experiences with KF are mainly from occasional KF/X splits:

    • Elven Blademaster: Multiattack makes sense, but I would've left Upgrade Path 2 as: Multiattack 1, Melee Specialist 1, Mocking Blow. It makes more sense than Banditry being left there, but perhaps it was too strong with NKD? I'd definitely run NKD + Mocking and enjoy it.
    • Centaur Interceptor: having block on base just makes sense to me, I think this is good.
    • Light of the Circle: since I've been away for... years, I don't remember the finer details of previous version, but this looks like a unit I'd be happy to have in some splits. Ideally it'd be 2 nora cheaper but that might be OP (looking at Illuminate+Precision here)
    • Garu Shaman: I'm not a fan of 5 speed champions (split KF doesn't get +1 SPD) but I think this is a solid mid/late game deploy
    • Quillbeat Pango: I don't know where one uses this. Meta doesn't need it, Archers have plenty of options iirc. I considered him for the SL/KF Beast deck I want to try and I am still leaning for Ospryan Valkyries and Valdaci Needlewings instead. Maybe it has a place in FF KF Beasts?
    • Elven Shade: Looks like a good buff to me
    • Wolf Pack: pending testing
    • Rage of the Circle: Used to be one of my favorite units back in the day when it still had the zombie spawn for the opponent on death. Paralytic Feedback + Paralytic Strike and Reckless Teleport + Aura are pretty neat but this has Devotee on base which I personally will never use and it has Vulnerable on base too... It's definitely less of a favorite now and I don't know if Devotee decks actually run this.
    • Aurora Sunmage: Looks good to me, used to mess around with Aurora decks a bit on launch
    • Nature's Wrath: I think this isn't a good buff. Comparing to SL's Acid Storm, I would say this is too good, though admittedly the comparison is not straightforward. Most of the time, 10 Magic damage is better than 10 Acid damage, I believe more things are vulnerable to magic than acid and it hits through Incorporeal. Granted, SL has Amp Acid and SL would probably be too strong if it had its AoE spells for cheap, but then we get to the defense halving status compared to Scoured 2... I would've left it at 45 nora.
    • Sabotage: I am not privy to the thoughts of the KF players, but I would expect Dreambox to still be used over this, mainly because more relics are placed in the back than on the field... I could be wrong though! I think there's a legit choice to be made between the 2, so in my book this is a good buff
    • Poisonquill Trap: does the Seal of Vashal destealth the relic upon use? I hope not. In any case, this looks like something I'd want to use in KF/X Beasts (I don't play Vashal)
    • Shield of Thorns: I don't expect this to ever see use; maybe very rarely on something beefy with Dodge/Evasion. But it has to compete with other equipments and with the newly buffed triple AoE spell spam for deck slots.
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