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Discussion in 'Split Faction' started by ZWindKami, Feb 21, 2022.


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  1. ZWindKami

    ZWindKami The King of Potatoes

    FS:UD Syngery Nora Hex Cataclysm.png

    MAIN THEME: Nora Hex Cataclysm (Last ditch strategy to reverse an unfavorable match at end game)
    Stitched Librarian + Deep Leviathan + Sea Song

    1) Stitched Librarian: deploy early to effectively widen the nora advantage by Nora Hex. Marsh Song and Smoldering Ashes are great synergy play to out nora and strong arm yourself with additional Spell Charged and snowball the Nora Hex to mid game and end game.

    2) Deep Leviathan should not be deployed unless you have sufficient nora to use Sea Song to evenly distribute your Spell Charged to all friendly champions in play. You need 15 charges to use Cataclysm. Deployment of Deep Leviathan followed by Sea Song may potentially wipe the map of almost all enemy champions. Reckless Command may also be used to give that extra global damage to wipe out the rest of enemy champions. If nora permits, Masochism may be used to give up one champion to protect the rest of your champions.

    Synergy 1: Tortalleon Gunbattery + Mucker
    Split and Reconstitute allows for good font contesting. Most enemies will utilize a spell in order to kill Mucker, allowing Stitched Librarian to gain Spell Charged. Constrict will allow you to effectively land your Artillery Strike from Tortalleon Gunbattery. Tortalleon Gunbattery itself is an effect 54 nora champion if you are to compare it to Tortan Land Cannon. Although it does not have the unpredictable/surprise aspect of relic deploy, effective play can force enemy champ to stay in Artillery Strike zone despite the 1 round delay.

    Synergy 2: Nora Hex + Marsh Song + Smoldering Ashes + Mucker/Angel
    For every spell that was casted while Stiched Librarian is in play, your opponent gets 1 nora less each turn. By casting Marsh Song (you gain 10 nora advantage after 5 turns, almost a difference of 1 font advantage) and Smoldering Ashes (dealing 18 total fire damages over 6 turns, and 5 nora advantage if the champ lives). These cheap yet effective spells will widen your nora advantage during attrition play. Depending your preference, you may run less or all copies since they do take up 4 rune slots.

    Synergy 3: Darkmarsh Fury + Timothy Vile + Darkmarsh Zealot
    This set is your damager dealers as well as contest support. Violent on Darkmarsh Fury will give you that extra edge to increase damager output. Timothy with Summons (which has Bodyguard ability) will give you survivability. Darkmarsh Zealot with Final Words most often forces opponent to cast a spell, against increaseing Spell Charged. The overall race: boghoppers will give Darkmarsh Fury the trigger for Violent. Additionally, Swarm: Festering Corpse on Timothy will give extra meat. Through Summons and Swarm:Festering Corpse, Avenging Flame can now be used to effectively outplay your opponent when they are killed.

    Synergy 4: Avenging Flame / Reverberating Blast / Smoldering Ashes
    These set of spells are fun to play with. Avenging Flame will give you that edge in champ and limits your enemy champ's movement when they need it the most. Combining Reverberating Blast with Defiled from Smoldering Ashes prevents enemy champs from cleansing. A trigger of Avenging Flame followed by a spell combo may be what it takes to start the iniative for counter attack and take the lead. All depends on how you play it out.

    Synergy 5: Mucker + Maddening Echoes + Phase Spider
    Any failed attempted to kill your Mucker should be rewarded. If a spell was not used to kill your Mucker, often you will see a clump of enemy champions. Maddening Echoes times 2 will generate anywhere from 24 to 46 damages total. The key here is clones are count as real champion. While Phase Spider can use either Phase Shift or Cocoon to protect itself and others while increasing the number of real champions within the 2x2 area of effect to wipe out that area. 75 nora utilizing of Maddening Echoes combo to wipe out 2-3 enemy champions are worth the investment. This is often a counter play for a failed as well as successful attempt to kill Mucker. Additionally, Masochism can be used to chain the spells casting plays. Example: casting a Masochism on a clone or real champ near enemy elsewhere, followed by an Avenging Flames, congregating your other champs against your enemy champs to cast Maddening Echoes times 2 can easily reverse a downplay.

    My Favorite uses so far:
    Angel + Smoldering Ashes = spell charged plus refund of 30 noras
    Mucker + Smoldering Ashes = spell charged plus refund of 30 noras
    summoned Boghopper Zombie + Avenging Flames = counter play and contest
    clones + Maddening Echoes = 2 by 2 area of effect wipe out
    Fury + race: boghopper = violent triggers
    Reverberating Blast + Smoldering Ashes = crowd control
    Artillery Strik + Reverating Blast = damage control
    Cocoon + range champs = damage output, crowd control
    Sacrifice + Avenging Flames = champ control

    As a closer, Sacrifice can be used to reduce the number of your champs on the map, so the Spell Charged divided will give you sufficient charge to use Cataclysm. Sacrifice also gives you the much needed nora to execute the rest of your strategy.

    Good and luck and have fun, while I create more fun Battlegroup to play. Feel free to discuss the counter against this Battlegroup.

    Don't forget: There are a counter to every Battlegroup. If you haven't lose yet, it just means you haven't met your counter.
  2. Bushido

    Bushido Devotee of the Blood Owl

    overall this is a bad deck. fs / ud psy are just flat out stronger. The win conditions are too complex, and the payout is too little. It's basically a spell spam stitched librarian deck, which is better off done as UD FW stitched. Nice attempt tho.

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