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    I have connections for u

    Honestly there are some parts of this game that Chinese market would like; paying for luxury skins , and even p2w are models that do better in China.

    But the lore would not attract Chinese players. They are very nationalistic, and prefer to play games with their own people's history. This is a big reason the mists of pandaria expansion happened in wow, and why dota has a monkey king hero.
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    As a Chinese person and game developer who has worked in Asian markets as well as Western ones, I'd say that the interest in that lore isn't nationalistic so much as it is more familiar. (This is not to say that Chinese people aren't generally nationalistic, they certainly are, but there are other drivers of this phenomenon and it's a thing you kind of want to do in most regions.)

    Same thing happens in India where they are less interested in wizards in hats and more interested in things related to the Hindu pantheon.

    In the West things have propagated between the cultures, but even still there are distinct pockets of thematic interest that maps to specific regions - for example, anything WWI and WWII related is going to be more popular in central Europe than in the Americas.

    But yes, if you want your thing to be more popular in a region, you will want to insert iconography as well as cultural and artistic themes that appeals to the people there.


    The problem with China though is that it's more that the ecosystem is relatively closed and it's hard for a foreign company to get in there without help - and this is not just the marketplaces but also walking through government hurdles and marketing (they have their own versions of everything there which are largely disconnected from their equivalents in the West) - so having a Chinese partner just makes it much easier since they already have the contacts and infrastructure in place.
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    More so with the people then the government; you'd genuinely reach a larger audience by following the customs & traditions of the middle kingdom.

    Again though, you might as well try and make an entirely new game then get Pox into Chinese markets.
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    My 2 cents on the state of Pox:

    The game itself is aged and has been handed off from developer to developer for nearly 2 decades. The pot has had every cook-in-the-kitchen's hands in it and they are working with aged technology, an aged database and an aged playerbase. There are only so much twigs and bubblegum you can use to hold something together before it ultimately falls apart.

    The real value of this game is in the IP - The names, the lore and the artwork.

    The future of Pox will be a sale of the IP and a completely new game developed from the ground up. Call it Pox 2.0, New Pox, Poxzilla or whatever you want, but that will be its saviour.
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    Doubtful. Not playing pox because I am invested in the universe, playing pox because of game itself. If capitulator 's game was even half as polished I'd switch. Most ppl I talk to share this sentiment. There's no money to be made in changing pox nora to a moba other than your sunk costs if you are lucky.
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    Other, more prevalent things are banned in China. I suspect other forms of media are going to follow suit (especially lol, which is owned by Tencent , parent company of WeChat, and has many openly LGBT characters).

    If I were China, I would not see as much of a benefit in banning skeletons/ spirits as banning pride related groups. The goal has always been the same ; maintain eastern (Chinese) cultural standards, and assert them over western counterparts . Spiritualism is nothing in the west compared to pride, which every western company now supports to the point you will get fired if you don't support (or voice your opposition too loudly).

    Japan , a western ally, does a very similar thing with animie; not many ppl know this, but the government actively funds anime as a form of propaganda to other countries (well , I know Thailand does at the very least) and this anime exerts Japanese influence to other countries. Another example would be the slew of movies featuring Boston in the 2000's. It was a form of advertising to eastern audiences to come visit and spend money in the usa (student Visas mainly).
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    if they sell IP then they can't use those lore or runes
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    @Daggan any updates on onslaught?

    How far are we to a workable alpha?
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    Correct. The people who buy the IP would need to do something with the game.
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    I for one would love to see the java client return. The "new" client was so bad it's literally why I stopped playing. So many of the java client's features just vanished. Mostly features revolving around chat/gamelog/spectating.
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    Spot on. I couldn't agree more.

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