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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KTCAOP, Nov 3, 2019.

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    You are bar none one of the most abusive split players in the game. I read your words but all I hear is some garu split player who abused the IS spell Converging Portals and Wizard of the Ways until they were nerfed into oblivion. Axeraiser is right and your opinion is the exact opposite of what Axeraiser said. Splits can eat a bag of dcks. It is nice when splits add diversity. It is horrible when they are used for push button victories and counter or die strategies that create a no win situation unless you build a bg for the sole purpose of countering the split abusers dog poo abomination.
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  2. aseryen

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    Should poxnora be open source, none of this matters except for which server you’re playing on.
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    On split BGs, there are pros and cons.
    > access to 2x runes and more 'combos'
    > use of faction banners is less efficient
    > Can have up to one split hero instead of up to many full faction heroes
    > 2 half faction bonuses are not always as good as a full faction bonus (e.g. KF or SL)

    I am not a competitive PvP but like the flexibility of putting together runes from different factions.
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  4. polltroy

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    Come on stop this split discussion already. Poxnora IS its complexity in BG building. Take away Splits and you make it about 2500x less complex if counted correct. Actually that was counting wrong it would take away way way more complexity than that.
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  5. aseryen

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    Continuing with my statement that attrition needs to be in war games; psychological warfare also has it's place. I can only imagine something be reverted as far as variable complexity and we are stuck playing a meta game of high SPD/Siege units to take out the opponents Avatar. PoxNora breaks down to destroying a single 2x2 unit (at whatever costs) available to every other player.

    The topic of splits boils down to what kind of proactive decisions are going to be made to steer the conversation. These are just a few of what I remember being discussed so far:

    1. Slotting Ranked/Competitive Matches - This would require additional match making settings; Funnels can be a good thing, allowing for Private Leagues is also a trending option.
    2. Removing Split factions - Ultimately stagnates future design; or brings back the same variable complexity as expansions are released, difference being the extra complexity of whatever splits are under the new Octopi Era
    3. Cycle Expansion release; with a variation of the above solutions - This directs attention towards any/more abusive mechanics and can be proactively considered when making future leagues or events.
    4. Remove/Rework Existing Runes to make a new standard for PoxNora with a variation of the above solutions - This creates more continuity with Octopi outright and can be a platform to demonstrate new/focused mechanics.
    At this point it can be said that Green Text is more Forum Graffiti than a proactive solution.
  6. profhulk

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    Splits can be fun when you are a big fan of a certain class of champions like shamans and you find cool synergies when you combine champs of the same class with diverse abilities. Same goes for things like IS/SL paladins.
    Splits are NOT fun when you find something to exploit and fill your bg with it. Facing an entire split dedicated to deep wounds is irritating :(.
    Another one that was not fun to fight against was the IS/FW "counter me or die" ap denial which focused on using champions like Magnetic Rover/ Wretched Witch in combination with other turd like combos to shut down anyone within 10 rounds.
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  7. aseryen

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    I can understand where this may have been really annoying to play; I played as and against these decks but always came from the mindset that if (I or someone else) could remake PoxNora, it would be smart to incorporate these kind of meta-breaking (for lack of a better term) mechanics into campaigns. Similar to how Skirmisher worked; this would have required an AI overhaul but I always played, hoping for a silver lining development wise. I'm not sure if there is an order to how campaigns are played , I always imagined them myths set in an undefined lore of Poxanthuru; when we as players play this game we influence past and present designs, not to get into any kind of legacy mechanics, but this development/play-test circle is part of Pox lore if I were to design any kind of game similar to the complexity of Pox.

    Having that little bit of narrative, Time Travelers instead of Planeswalkers; something far enough out of left field would tie everything together. If one thing could be set in motion, the mechanics dictate what will be expected for single player and competitive.
  8. Axeraiser

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    You realise PoxNoras ‘complexity’ is by and large the reason the game failed ? Too many runes, too many abilities and too many unpredictable interactions is what prevented new players being able to pick up the game. Even the massive revamp failed in lowering the learning curve.

    Splits and power creep are the cancer that killed this game and that is a fact. Are splits fun to play ? Sure they are , are they imbalanced ? Absolutely. If runes had originally been designed with splits in mind, which they were not, things may have been different. Unless the game is fully redone with this in mind then splits are not a good option going forward.
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  9. aseryen

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    I believe it was clearly expressed, moreover, redundantly imposed that it was originally the SOE to DOG debacle/stumble/fail-transition of ownership and code. Along with extended over reaching nerfs/buffs that occurred more to put a stamp of DOG over SOE and clearly define the development eras. Not sure what's complex about the variables existing or being newly designed for; I see more of an issue with a bugged code not working when the intention is to learn the variables and how they interact, nuancedly.

    But maybe I misread a whole slew of the greens postings over the years directly pointing fingers at each other; while most development teams praise the amount of off the clock hours their team put in to deliver the quality of content their gamers come to expect.
  10. poxrooster

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    When are you all going to realize that you're barking up the same tree from different sides? Yes, we need better ownership. Yes, we need better coding. Yes, we need different gaming modes to reduce complexity. And Yes, we need to MOVE ON.
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    Glad to see the game has some hope. Gave me a little chuckle when I saw octopi was back in the mix. I loved buying hose Target Cards back in 07-08 with the special runes.

    Any chance pox 2 can be on a hex grid?
  12. aseryen

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    The last attempt at funding and community engagement was the player lead expansion; and that is in part what the root of the discussion above has been about. If we look at the 30th expansion as a soft bound and the early days of PoxNora as the other end of that spectrum there needs to be something that confirms one thing or the other. Another reason to have random and overly nuanced discussions; this all being dependent on developer time.

    Platitudes aside, focusing on a set of variables is part of the community discussion. If the IP becomes open source then that changes the topic entirely and it's up to developers to figure out some kind of advertising/event-hosting.
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    Honestly dude, you have WAY to much time on your hands. Get a job, for all our sakes, before we we put you on our ignore lists...
  14. aseryen

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    I'm not sure what free will is to you but, by all means. Express your own in the same capacity you want me to. Or don't I mean, it's up to you to even respond. Should I carry on with this little bit of explaining how the internet works? I didn't realize Octopi making an announcement and this thread being created for discussion is the exact moment discussion ceases to exist.

    But as I said, it's up to you to respond in the first place.
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    And now, you've been iggied.
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    Today in class we hand out golden stickers for those who tell everyone what they did today; Oh! @poxrooster you started us off already.

    Here’s a gold star! Hooray!

    @Daggan watched some GDC videos last night; I really enjoyed this one

    I apparently have too much time on my hands to not be sharing what it is I do, when I do it. Hopefully this ate a good chunk of your time as it did mine, I watch at x2 speed.
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    Nah man, no response needed... /ignore
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    PLZ Android game urg
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    Does this mean we will eventually all loose our beloved collections??
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    Yeah, I remember when it showed up, I just never could buy into any of CorpsE's BS about it, lol.

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