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    So im pretty bad at this game. I have good knowledge but playing the game is a whole other ball park. So i ask all good players to help me out. And here ill try to put my games as well as analysis of what i did wrong and what i should do for next time. i hope you guys can watch and help me out
    This is the bg i think i want to try and get good with, it has a lot of potential as well as not just being full meta so its a bit more interesting. It is a Meta hyaenid mix, that has meta non ranged champs, but ranged hyaenid to take advantage off the double dots from resistance.

    the only non standard things in this bg are the diplomat, which is there as a test because i think drudgery can be extremely strong, but he also is magic dmg, has distract and illuminate as well as very good range (<3 1-3). and the cyclops eye belt which i have just come to love so much.

    In my games i will be saying everything i am thinking. now i know that one can not think of ever single thing because their is not enough time, so i need help to allocate my time to thinking of the most important things. here are the things i should be thinking of constantly if i play right.

    - How much nora does my opponent have next turn?
    - Depending on faction, what spells and equips and relics can i try to play around?
    - What does my opponent want to do next turn and how can i make him doing that hard.
    - If my opponent is most likley going to this square next turn where do i go so that when he attacks i can retaliate.
    - am i out of range of possible double taps?
    - am i out of range of possible abilities?
    - am i positioned optimally so even if they can use an ability on more then one champ such as a bomb, its on the two champs i care about least. (ex. 2 beaters and not a beater and a ranged. )
    - What is the cool down on their abilities.
    - What is my win condition: Do i have a better late game? if so should i retreat and give up a font so i can regroup for late. If they have better late game, how am i going to most optimally initiate so i can keep the late game from coming?

    Please help me think of more things that i should be thinking of. What and how should i be thinking tactically.

    how should i change my bg to optimize it even if i do want to keep the premmis of the bg. How should i change my upgrades?
    - I have a lot of healing: mika, 2x houngan, staff of solstice
    - I have a lot of anti healing: inhibiting touch, rotting blows, sabotage defile
    - I have: fire, disease, physical, magical, electricity, sonic attack types.
    - I have initiation with: pull, pounce, battle drum, alacrity
    - I have counter initiation with: Drudgery, whispers, hex, rock trap, shrink, cackle
    - I have AOE: 2X stone barrage, ava, bad blood(could use more)
    - I have late: not much for super late game, but i have very good Initiation so i could ideally --> battle drum, cast alacrity, get kill then drudgery or rocktrap ect. but vs escalation or rockforger i might have a hard time.
    - I have maybe to much ranged... throw a spearman out for another meta beater?

    @davre @Destorum @nepyonisdead @TinyDragon plx help

    Game One:

    + Thinking time allocation
    + Check upgrades
    - Dont click to fast
    + think ahead
    - did not think of possible spells i need to wach for
    - always have Grid up

    Game Two:

    - positioning
    -tactical choices

    Game Three:

    +good idea to give up font
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  2. Gnomes

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  3. Fentum

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    Excellent theme for a thread.

    If you are running some non Hyaenid then peaks ifreet is nice as is storm bunny.

    Also perhaps consider earthshaker bracelet which combos well with the belt.
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  4. Gnomes

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    i like the idea of ifreet, maybe for 1 spearman. but im not so sure about the other suggestions
  5. Fentum

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    Yup . The ifreet is inherently good with the double immunities. Good to position for knockback synergy with phys immune. Expensive though.

    Bunny I find VERY efficient. Super cheap, high speed, reflexes, evasive, 1-3 range, escalating damage. Lovely.

    Bracelet works well for the spot knockback and general utility. But not as useful outside of a knockback bg.
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  6. Fentum

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    I REALLY like equipping a sonic elemental with a bracelet in a knockback deck. He teleports around creating a living ‘wall’ for the knockbacks
  7. MrCharles

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    Ascendant has been a bit of a disappointment for me. I was really looking forward to using him all the way up until I acquired him last week. I'm not sure why exactly but we just haven't gotten along well at all. What upgrades do you run?
  8. Gnomes

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    in this bg i run intensify and dogpile but in meta where you might not have as many other hyaenid hunter flying might be better. he is awesome if you can get his sabotoge on a big champ. try to calculate how much nora your opponent will have next turn to mess up their deploy if they deploy somthing worth 80 nora or more so they cant heal it up
  9. Raikan

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    BTW, thanks for casting various games on Youtube. The davre v. nepallyon game (FF SP vs. ST/SL) was particularly interesting to watch.
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  10. TheBulwark

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    this is the bg i have been having success with as of late. I only have it as pure hyaenids though. But they are the strongest sp theme imo. You are lacking a lot of theme enablers. Executioner is so amazing and dealing 40 damage in one shot just feels good (you have so many units that can add conditions). Spirit speaker is the best unit with shroud in the game and is just a tank. Stalker is a phenominal for one rounding initially (coming out of stealth) but is also a great damage dealer with surge in general and scrapper makes him have a lot more effective hp. Witchdoctor provides great utility and helps to cut off opposing healing which is very incidentally useful. As is cleanse and hex. Dreamcrusher helps with summons if you wanna stay in theme (which i like to since dogpile is actually very powerful) and instigator just murders summons. Bulwark is ok, but probably a win more with aid defense being his real upside. As for upgrades for ascendant I think the only meta viable upgrades are dogpile and speed. Intensify seems good on paper. But hyaenid are much better at rushing then stalling and intensify is win more in the long game but doesnt help much in a rush scenario. And in the event of a stalled game, spiritspeaker is your best unit since you can get into a ranged war only with him protecting your other ranged units. Flamefist is more of a meta unit which doesnt add much to the theme, I like the unit from playing meta so im doing one in this BG, so one is pushing it. Always happy to chat more about my thoughts about hyaenids :)
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  11. Fentum

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    Looks good. Try the big guy on the Fesh for ap generation fun.
  12. Gnomes

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    i tried the executioner and really liked him untill i used execute on a fully dogpiled unit and stuff and dealt only the half dmg.... not sure if bugged or not. but i also have a full hyaenid bg, looks a lot like this one. they are quite nice.

    you are missing the theme relic witch seems strange to me.
  13. TheBulwark

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    I forgot about feshrider. Im gonna try him
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  14. Fentum

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    One other thing... if you are running 2x Vertical Push, you might not need a Diamond Mace.

    VP is a good equipment counter for non flying enemies. Doesn’t help vs. enemy debuff equips on your own guys, but it would free up a slot.
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  15. TheBulwark

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    True, I do like the versatility because you are not necessarily running any champs that you would enjoy having a debuff equip on. Although tbh i dont see too many bgs that run negative equps of late. So I'm willing to try it.
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  16. Fentum

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    The only common problem is Bastion with some equip.

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