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    Hello, I am Gnomes... I am not a top player and I have not (yet) played over 100 games with each of these bg's or anything. But I should still be able to give you some good tips, Tricks, Insights on the Theme. I also have spoken to other top SP players to get their thoughts.HONORABLE MENTION TO @@Gorebucket

    Welcome to Top Tier Shatterd peaks
    The shatter Peaks have flying Voil, cackling hyaenid, conniving Moga, slithering fesh, bumbling Cyclops, Oozing slags, and many more. This guide will be copying @Gorebucket 's amazing guide on Treefolk in hopes of giving you many Tips, Stratagem, and insight on this ghastly theme.

    Overview of the Meta Shatterd Peaks Theme.
    Meta means that all of the best runes that the faction has to offer are put into a Battle group that can Efficiency deal with all except for the most strange situations. This mean we want something like a Swiss army knife BG.

    Criteria of what Meta should have to be named such:

    3 Different attack types not including physical and magical. -To counter mirrored, void shield, ethereal...ect.
    Efficient way to deal with summons -For us thats Ritualist
    Dispell/Hard champ removal -To counter the Super champ.
    Alternate DMG then basic attacks -We have 2x grant Aura as well as many other non-basic attacks.
    Ap gain or initiation. -We Have alacrity, as well as Harpoon
    1 AOE

    Now a Meta deck should have most of these points of utility to counter what is thrown at them. But does not need to have ALL of these things. For example, sp has very little options for cleanse, hyeanid witchdoctor is my only option of ok cleanse because we dont have it in form of spells/relics/equips. I personally dont like cleanse on champs though, i feel its only really good if its used the turn after the Champ was debuffed.

    What champ types Meta should have



    Building a Meta Deck
    I recommend starting with a base of:
    1x Riftlord
    1x Cyclops Wardrummer
    1x Mika
    1x Cyclops Ritualsist - Rituals, Dispel/Fester
    1x Klub the Devourer
    1x Kanen Slipped/Hyaenid Flamefist
    1x Tribal Post (Warbanner) - 5 hp, 1 dmg Global
    1x Avalanch
    1x Alacrity
    1x V Push
    1x Vicious Harpoon
    1x Slavers Whip
    1x Staff of solstice

    These Runes make every SP deck into something playable at top levels.

    Ritualist has a bit to much utility to be left out, he allows all summon spam/swarm BG's to be laughably easy. He also allows for super champ bg's or annoying spells to be counterd with dispel, im looking at you Magnify beast / bubble of protection.


    This says a lot! And is very true, if the meta is focussing on a certain aspect of the game, it can be more beneficial to add more hard counter to that specific thing then to add more versatility to the deck.

    For example if you are eating only soup with your Swiss army knife, then it's a better idea to remove the fork it has attached, and add another spoon in case you loose one...

    "Great. So just what is all that stuff? What does it do? And why should I use it?

    Good question. What follows is a detailed analysis of all of the theme's champs and a brief rundown of the out of theme champs and support runes that merit special consideration. Of course, you might find a rune not included in this list to be a better fit for your own battlegroup (feel free to share them). After that there is some general advice on actually playing with your META DECK. I hope you find this guide useful and enjoyable. =)"
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    So these are my meta bgs. you take the best out of a theme and plug in the holes with meta utility champs from the faction. often that comes in the manner of spells.
    Capture.PNG (as you can see by the name, this one is debatable)
    missing or not possible:
    Voil, Slags, Moga/Ghern, Elementals, Beasts

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    Chaos Brave - Personally my FAVORITE cyclops (If not champion). This guy has some of the best - Artwork, Animations, Personale sounds!, upgrade paths, Flavor, and is all around a solid champ. Any of his upgrades could be vouched for. Crushing Charge, to get in and bypass some of that bad maneuverability. Quest: Kill Enemy is my go to upgrade and it does work, you are already gaining a lot of dmg and Armour from Thirst for Battle and Quest: Kill enemy allows for some heal and even more dmg and armor, making this a one man Super Champ needing no other Support to get rolling and stay rolling ;D. Lastly Multiattack 1 is always appreciated especially in congruence with some key equipment. For his second upgrade line i take Bold. Bold makes him tanky as well and costs him at 75 nora, Its good for running long distances to engage. And lastly Resistance: Physical is very strong vs UD or any Physical dmg dependent set up. His Iconic and unique ability is Chuck: Moga, this is a Range ability that throws even more meat on the board that your enemy has to get through, and this Moga can be consumed by Klub, for the heals, even if minimal.

    Cyclops Rockshaper - Our latest Legendary, he also is a hard choice for upgrades , I prefer Calcify and Throw Boulder. Calcify is an Anti- One round Ability and is usually best used with healing in the bg, to heal after the attempted kill. Tough 2 is a nice upgrade, but in my opinion too expensive in this case. Resistance: physical 2 can also be nice, but is more expensive and can be more easily circumvented than calcify. Now comes the really hard choice, I like throw boulder. Personally I am ok with my champs dying, I mean i am playing SP, I get 1/3 of my faction bonus off the death of my champs. But Regen and Heal Self 3 are both very strong to keep alive, especially in 1v1 situations (even stronger with the high base hp of 60). Now one of the Strongest abilities in the game Chuck: Mangled Totem, this is a ranged attack that summons a 30 nora Relic. I see it in a few ways, every time he chucks a Totem he becomes 30 nora cheaper, and gains 20 hp. so after one chuck he is 46 nora and 80 hp...(and this is not even accounting the insane dmg the totem can cause) and its keeps adding every time he gets to throw a totem... The totem is also an extremely high priority target because of that Punish aura. also dont forget he is a shaman, so staff of solstice can go on him.

    Cyclops Symbiot - Aah, Symbiot. This guy use to be a meta cyclops(and might still be), but with the price-tag of 87 nora, he is just to expensive for me. Now in constructs, he does a fine job, he can get tough from tinkerer, and Cyclopean menace gives him an insane amount of ap gain. He is very hard to kill because of absorb and regeneration 3 and sonic Roar. An all around great support tank who is hard to kill and has a lot of abilities that get through armor. I highly recommend regen 3 and Sonic Roar for upgrades. Sonic roar is 2 turn cd, and makes all melee close to useless VS him and because he has Absorb, most of the dmg coming his way will be melee. I also prefer Regeneration 3 because it keeps him alive, and tough you can get from tinkerer anyhow.

    G'hern General
    Rockcharger Warbeast

    Ancient Slag - Back in the day when Ancient had swallow whole which was extremely good because it aloud for instant removal of a champion, this champ was scary to fight against. But now its changed into a more support tank. I run Pull or Gravity Well on him for when their is that one pesky ranged champ that we can not get to, we have Pull at the very least. On his second ability line i recommend Shatter because Acid eater and Tunnle:Ooze will not come to use. He also has Hunter :small for amazing tank ability but sadly also lethargic meaning you do not want him as a first or second deploy.

    Arroyo Riftlord

    Bloodhowler Alpha - one of the champs that can have an off theme ability and still possibly be meta
    Dirge, Moga Lord
    Goliath Fesh
    Hyaenid Spiritspeaker ~

    Klub the Devourer - Klub is the Theme's Hero, and he is a very good one. I Prefer Throw Boulder and Blood Rage as his upgrades (though pummle is fine too), He is our first Throw boulder champ we have encounterd so i will speak more about it here: It is a 2-5 range attack with a cool down of 3 that causes "awestruck". My meta deck has an extremely high amount of sudo-range champs. Consume on him is not great seeing as their are no easily edible champs(Cyclops Artificer) but you can eat the Moga that get thrown out from Chuck :Moga. Klub is a good candidate for Spike(It was made for him after all.) he already has 2 armor and scale armor, and the tough 2 just makes him a tanky beast. He is Cheap, dishes out nice dmg, and can take a lot of hits, a fine Champ for the Cyclops Squad.

    Metallic Slag - is a very good utility tank. I play him with Fascinate and Hallucinogenic for 72 nora. Fascinate is better then Forge Hammer in this bg, fascinate causes your enemy's to position oddly or else you might be able to double tap them. On his second ability line I suggest Hallucinogenic, its an extremely strong ability. It slows everything down which is ideal vs rush decks seeing as we have a superb late game. If a ranged champ hits him, then they can not run away for the next turn and if a non ranged champ hits him then they can only hit him that turn because the next they will be forced to move to the shrine and will not be in range to hit anymore.

    Rupture Alpha ~
    The Exile ~
    Voil Progenitor ~

    Gluttonous Overseer ~
    G'hern Punisher ~
    Thunder Elemental ~

    Terraced Slag is one of the good first deploys. he delays extremely well. With Hallucinogenic and heal self he can stay in a font very long early game. He is also still good later in the game because cleanse and because hallucinogenic means that if the enemy attacks him, the next turn he will in all likely hood not be attacked so if played correctly, he can only really be hit once and then he has 1 round where the enemy cant move and he can just either run away or position right outside of attack range.

    Armored Fesh
    Calcified Lurker

    ~ means ive never played but on paper they do have potential

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    Utility - usually in spells/equips/relics

    Cyclops Warwizard - He is cheap, has nice range, does not die to easily, and has a 45 nora spell on demand. Teleport is their to counter his low speed, making him have sudo 6-7 speed depending on what rank you choose. He is 12 dmg and with banner he is at 13 dmg. With a battle drum 18 dmg. This is a lot of "If", but even with 13 dmg, he will be doing 9 dmg at max range. Lastly CAST: ALACRITY, this is a 45 nora spell for you to use for free every 5 rounds. In my eyes, your cheapening this champ by that amount every time you use it. A Cool trick that has gotten me a lot of comebacks is to deploy Battledrummer while this champ is in range then cast alacrity on your champs and battle drummer for a spot 5 ap 4+dmg (1 from battleharden, 3 from battledrumm). Be very careful though you need to plan beforehand so you can get the turn done fast.

    Feshcaller Mika
    Hyaenid Witchdoctor
    Whirling Quarry


    Kanen Cultist

    Cyclops Ritualist - is another one of my standard champs that go in every BG. He brings insane utility and is a cheap form of magic dmg. This champ single handedly destroys any type of swarm or cheap summons bg. The ritual abilities are not in the attack chain, so you can Ritual of power and still attack. All of the Rituals are good for different situations: Power for powerturns, Destruction for killing one champ, Healing for keeping one of your champs alive. Lastly he has Dispel or fester, both nice depending vs what your playing. I think Dispel is a bit superior to fester, but healing is quite prevalent in the current meta so its not a bad upgrade. Dispel works well in tandem with Cyclops Chieftain because spellswallower indicates hidden spells that you may be able to counter with a dispel.

    Cyclops Wardrummer
    Deepcave Extractor -
    I did not play deepcave Extractor for the longest time, but once I started I could not go back. His key ability "Extraction" gives you 15 nora every 2 rounds or 7.5 nora every round. You basically have 62.5% of a font as long as this guy is out. He can be double deployed with any of the ~70 nora champs if you are second to go, and he can be double deployed with any ~60 nora champ if you are first turn. But this can be risky because you wil NOT be able to deploy a champ on your next turn if you double deploy if your first a large amount of the time, so it might be better to wait untill you have a solid hold on the mid font.

    Secondly this champ is strong because you can equip him with Staff of solstice.(because he is a shaman) This makes him a walking Heal mass champ with nora gain. All pretty nice... You are going to want to offset the two abilitys if you can though, so that you use extraction one turn and heal mass the other, so that you dont have to use both in the same turn or else he will have one turn where he has nothing to do with 6 ap and the other turn where he can only use 2 ap effectivly if you want to be able to use both abilities.
    You can even use him to kill illusions.

    Other/Changes Goal of the game

    Oozing Slag -
    Creme dela creme the Oozing Slag- At first glance he does not look like much, but after further inspection of the synergy of his kit, we see how Crazy he is. Replicate causes him to split into two, halving his hp and giving that to the replica. These "Clones" count as real champs so they can capture fonts. The "clones" have the same base abilities as the inital oozing slag... after 2 replications you will have 4 Oozing Slags and because they all have Acid Aura and Acid Eater they will start to heal themselves for 6 a turn.(2 from every friendly aura)

    The Oozing slag gives you INFINITE VALUE! Your army is going to grow much faster then that of the enemy and for far less nora.

    Math Time: 56 starting cost... after 1 replication you have 2 of the same champ for that starting cost. So lets also halve their cost... after 1 replication your 2 champs cost 27 nora... after 2 replications causing 4 slags, each slag could be seen as costing 13.5 nora... and so on.

    It takes a while to get going, but the value you get from this champ in the late game is incredible.

    Aspect of Chaos
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    Arroyo Riftwalker~


    Hyaenid Ascendant
    Hyaenid Flamefist
    Hyaenid Headshrinker
    Kanen Crone
    Lance Admiral Sceian

    Kanen slipped
    Voltaic Slag - Voltaic is a meta champ and an excellent slag champ, He is one of our few ranged champs and has a good amount of utility as well. I play my voltaic with sunder and distract for a comfortable cost of 74 nora. Secondly voltaic has jolt so that he can make up for the loss of dmg from dissipate.

    Cyclops Mauler - This guy is CRAZY! one of the highest 1 turn dmg in the game! lets crunch some numbers for an ideal(and not rare) setup for him: 13 Base dmg, + 1 from banner, + 4 from Berserker (3). 6 base speed, + 2 from Berserker. 50 base hp, + 5 from warbanner. Now lets attack a champion with him, for 5 ap you will be able to execute and pummle so thats:
    27 dmg execute(18 + 9(50%) , +18 dmg normal hit. This is 45 dmg, in one round for 5 AP... dont forget you have cast alacrity and battledrum and 9 base speed for a HUGE threat range...
    Good luck trying to play around that.

    Moga Cannon
    Peaks Ifrit
    Spark Crone

    Caustic Slag - Empowered: Ranged puts him at 6 range for the first 3 hits, with MULTI ATTACK! ranged champs with multi attack are Very strong and this one is no exception even if he loses it after the first 3. I suggest multiattack 1 and scours very strongly as upgrades. barrage two is just plain worse then multi 1 and with its added cost of 3 nora as well. with a cyclops eye belt this guy can dish out crazy dmg.
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    Cyclops Blastmage - Blastmage is a very interesting and versatile champion, his iconic ability Portal Blast makes it so after he teleports, all champs adjacent are knock-backed 2 spaces, this can be used both offensively as well as defensively, for example, if you are not in range of an attack with one of your champs, you can bounce them into range, or your own champ into their range depending. He has very good synergy with "Spike" because if their is a champion in his vicinity with spike equipped, he will gain one more range, and with that 2 more dmg from Kinetic Impulse. I run Teleport 3 and recoil, Teleport ranks can of course be changed but on his first upgrade line, recoil is the best.

    Lightning Elemental

    Auroral Slag
    Cyclopean Firecase
    Voil Stormflyer



    Sonic Elemental

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    Ok, this should be good, ill update and stuff over the next few weeks. for now i have just put down the skeleton of the guide.
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    You could add Cyclops Wardrummer for power turns. Looking forward to further entries.
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    Yo @nepyonisdead would you agree with my criteria of things that meta should have ? anything i can add
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  10. nepyonisdead

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    couple of things :

    1. you are a top player xD you just arent an insecure try hard like me and the rest of the top 20 :) Its safe to say that anyone who watched ur vids will be able to tell the same thing

    2. here are the rest of the things id consider before making a final piece :)

    * 2x flamefists: by far the best SP melee brawler and prolly one of my fav in the game, he controls the game in alot of ways especially if u go first. I like leap on him because you essentially have 8 speed and a huge threat range especially with pounce an initator.

    *arroyo riftlord is to me the best tank you can have surpassing alot of champs in terms of efficiency + meat + gives u small units to block the map with and knock back units into

    * Cyclopean firecases are prolly among the best font harrassers :) think about them as a 20 dmg spell that can contest fonts and the map rotation favors it alot. Great first deploy and allows u to react to the opponents second deploy with a wider range because of how cheap it is

    * vicious harpoon has taken a serious hit in the current meta since most games are fast paced and in your face ...youll rarely face a turtle player when you are playing SP as he is always acting against the clock when u are spamming so many summons.

    * Cyclops symbiot ....that unit is just godly, you should only watch hermaios to realize this unit is literally borderline unkillable damage machine , a safe 1v1 deploy 9/10 and worth every penny really

    *boulder throw is again such a super efficient spell nora to damage wise the distract is also very nice

    *there is a case to be made for voil conqueror as one of the best font contestors but thats again down to personal picks

    *goliath fesh is a champ that is such a solid 1v1 font fighter / kill captilizor since you kill one unit and take the other out of the equation + you can always push with him and defend that position

    there are more runes we can discuss but i feel this and what you said first are very encompassing of the factions meta at this state
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    Harpoon definitely still puts in work for me. It really depends on how/when your deck peaks. My own games often end up flowing like this:

    deal with rush
    stand off
    initiate fight with harpoon

    I think that SP is the most versatile "goodstuff meta" faction so there are plenty of ways to play it, but harpoon always has a place.
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    I meant more of the theoretical stuff that I put in, such as detection, cleanse, dmg types ECT.
  13. nepyonisdead

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    Absolutely you'd want to add most of these in any bg but it's always important to weigh risk vs benefit

    So if the meta doesn't contain a lot of stealth it's more in your favour to sacrifice those units to units that strengthen other aspects of counter more popular options in the meta
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    Your part of the guide now! Quoted bro
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    Drop the Krone for x2 Kanen Cultists they are a million times better! Also add Arroyo Riftlord + Riftwalker to the tank section.

    I have done some experimenting and the current ranged units are meta.

    S Rank: Kanen Cultist (it has healing mind + designate scapegoat), Hyanid Witchdoctor
    A Rank: Moga Cannon, Hyaenid Ascendant, G'hern Soothsayer, Cyclops Ritualist, Arroyo Smokeform, Hyaenid Headshrinker, Kanen Crone, Spark Crone
    B Rank: Cyclopalypse Cannon, Voltaic Slag, Cyclonic Fesh (becomes A rank with a lightning sub theme and S rank in Lightning,
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  16. Vorian

    Vorian I need me some PIE!

    This is what I am running atm after perfecting my meta deck.


    x1 Ancient Slag
    x1 Chaos Brave
    x1 Cyclops Ritualist
    x1 Cyclops Rockshaper
    x1 Feshcaller Mika
    x1 G'hern Soothsayer
    x2 Hyaenid Ascendant (could substitue Moga Cannon or Arroyo Smokeform)
    x2 Hyaenid Witchdoctor
    x2 Kanen Cultist
    x1 Klub the Devourer
    x2 Rockcharger Warbeast (could drop for an extra Chaos Brave and Cyclops Rockshaper)
    x2 Voil Stormflyer
    x1 Whirling Quarry (this thing has been nerfed hard and it is no longer x2)


    x1 Alacrity
    x1 Avalanche
    x1 Bad Blood
    x1 Boulder Throw
    x1 Nora Storm
    x1 Nublins Surprise Pies
    x1 Rip
    x1 Vertical Push


    x1 Headshrinkers Totem
    x1 Tribal Post

    x2 Paper Wings
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    I agree Cultist is good, but i dont believe that 1: he is better then Krone and 2:that he is good enough to justify 2 slots

    My reasoning: I think Designate Scapegoat is a great Ability because it has the possibility to counter any big spells coming from your enemy, but if they see your cultist on the field, they can also easily see it coming and thus counter it by first playing a low cost spell and after that still play the spell they wanted too. Secondly choosing a target to Designate can be hard because typically in meta, all of your champs are useful. This is in contrast to a full on Kanen BG where you can Designate your low cost kanen that are their mostly for feulcharge and packleader dmg.

    Next, Healing mind heals for 5 hp when the champion attacks but you need the dmged champ to be closest to the cultest, if you compare this too a Staff of solstice (Which is my preferd Way to heal) the staff gives divert and charm 3 in addition to heal mass 2. Heal mass 2 is more reliable and easier to get off, it does not have the extra clause that the champion has to be closest, and i dont need anything to attack to get the heal off. additionally it can heal many units at once for the 6 heal, unlike healing mind, which can only heal one.

    I like the crone because in addition to my oozing slag it gives another win condition because of escalate. secondly grant aura is great vs champions that have resistances.

    Riftlord was already in the Tank section, but im not sure i agree with the riftwalker.
    Riftwalker has 2 abilites that make him tank (Magestic and the one upgrade(like purified)) and 2 that make him have dmg (7 speed and escalating Rage)
    so i dont know if he is more tank or more DPS or if he even deserves a lot in meta. @davre @Ballballer what are your opinions

    Could you please explain more too Smoke form, Cyclonic Fesh
  18. Gnomes

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    A few things that i would change / We can talk about

    Slavers whip, Harpoon, staff of solstice

    Paperwings VS Cyclops Eye Belt

    Whispers of the mind ?

    Ascendent vs Voltaic Slag

    Witchdoctor ?

    Kanen slipped?
  19. Vorian

    Vorian I need me some PIE!

    Designate scapegoat is easy you target one of your melee champs so your enemy will hit themselves with their own aoe lol + I run staff of the solstice + Kanen Cultist which heals for about 7.5hp each turn. Riftwalker is dps and if he is used right he can completely destroy people!

    Arroyo Smokeform has adaptive + evasive 3 all for 72 nora you dont get much better than that for dps + tank!

    I ran voltaic back when it had jolt 2, now its dps is too shite for it be worth running.

    Paper Wings allows you to close down the enemy fast.

    Witchdoctor has cleanse, atm its either run Witchdoctor, Armoured Fesh or Bait and Switch...

    Cyclonic Fesh is good if you run x2 Thunderhead Totem and or x2 Lightning Storm.
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  20. Gnomes

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    not staff on the cultist though or? because it says only works on priest or shaman and cultist is witch

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