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Discussion in 'Rune Trading' started by falconbg, Jun 3, 2023.

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    Hi Everybody,

    I play the game more than 15 years and I really enjoy it, some time ago I tried to hook up my kid to play as well, so we both started new account from scratch, let me tell you it is much easier from the old days.
    Long story short for me it was a lot of fun developing a new account, not so much for my kid especially for the Campaigns on Legendary difficulty.
    Now that we have both accounts developed I can go back to my old account and sell the newly developed one.

    Account name: hotalex
    Number of runes: 300+ with good amount of Exotic, Legendary and even Limited cards
    Avatars: All unlocked
    Campaigns: All unlocked
    Decks: All Factions, and some Weekly Quest Decks too
    Treasury: Decent amount of Gold and Shards for the Rune forge

    If you are interested to place and offer just let me know at [email protected].
    I also accept offer for developing new accounts.

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    This isn't exactly the place for it. Moved to Rune Trading.
  3. falconbg

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    Thank you! I was not sure myself. :)

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