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    I would like to see this happen, a place for us to get to know each other without cluttering up the pox forums. Will also help the guild feel like more of a community. We are pretty active at the moment, so if everyone was notified of the forum, I'm sure it would be somewhat active (more active than the PoxNora Subreddit at least)
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  2. MentalMoles

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    I created the guild forum.

    Click here to sign up, don't forget to request access to the board. then we will get you approved.

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    Very nice! Good job, i joined the right guild ;)
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    I can be a real ******* and troll sometimes but this guild is a good one.

    I recommend it to new players and to ones just coming back. It's a good concept and has a lot of helpful people in it. I am glad that it is going smooth and I hope it grows and prospers in the future.

    Keep it up Pox Academy
  5. gamer2009

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    Dis guild got da medium size taytayz
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    Applying for guild membership. Pox name is Walker1979 I've been playing like 2-3 years, but mostly PvE.
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    For anyone in the guild that is interested , we now have our own guild forums thanks to Moles1909.
    Follow the link and then register on the forums, you will then have to wait for an admin/mod to accept your forum appplication.
    It would be cool if everyone could get around to registering on there.
  8. gamer2009

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    How to finish this guild RISK type tourney?

    Rules of the Realm:

    •One Lord per house, To claim your house, state the house and your name. (Eg. "I claim House Stark, I am lord gamer2009."

    •To win The Game Of Thrones, All remaining houses must bend the knee, or be allied with the King, and agree to the kings rule.

    •To become king, you need to win the Battle for Kings Landing.

    - Have at least 3 territories of another House plus the Capital of another House.

    •The king may appoint a hand of the king, he will then be able to include +1 Exotic Rune to his/her deck.

    •To capture a Kings Landing and hold the Iron Throne, You must defeat the King that holds it, in a game.

    •No Lord may pass through the territory of another House.

    •You may not ally with another House unless you have taken its Capital.

    •The game will start with Baratheon and Targaryen at war. Players decide how the game will go. The story in the show is completely unrelated.

    •Territory may be swapped with allies. You can trade land that borders allies but territories must be connected and owned by the same House. If your ally has no way of connecting that land to his own, It cannot be traded.

    •At the bottom of each post, sign the bottom of your post with this:
    "(Insert your title here)
    Allies: "

    Story Events:

    Every now and then a story event will occur. These can include:
    - Politics or Spreading Rumors, These can lead to strained or broken alliances.
    - The death of a Lord, forcing their child to take over. The child can either be controlled by the original player or can be passed on to an entirely new player.

    - Challenging another Lord to a duel, Which may result in a loss of land, or a death. Duels will be run at the discretion of both players in agreement to a time that suits both players. Getting a shrines HP to 0 will kill that player. A surrender will mean that that player still lives but has lost that territory.


    To attack simply state what territory you want to attack, the House that owns the territory will defend.

    If your shrine is destroyed then so is the Lord that controls the army of that House.

    Houses of the Realm:

    House Stark:
    Capital: Winterfell

    Bonus skill: "Winter is Coming"
    -Once per game, gains the ability to cancel an opponents move against House Stark.

    Penalty: "Honor"
    -Stark cannot betray allies. House Stark cannot attack its allies.

    Colour: Grey
    Lord/Lady: Lord XX of House Stark

    House Tyrell:
    Capital: Highgarden

    Bonus skill: "Bountiful Harvest"
    -May add +1 Exotic to all Family decks.

    -No Penalty.

    Colour: Green

    House Targaryen:
    Capital: Pentos

    Bonus Skill: "Dragons"
    -Once per game, House Targaryen may use dragons to capture any location in Westeros, Only exceptions are Capitals, Kings Landing and Bravos. You must have at least 3 Exotic Dragons in your deck.

    Penalty: "Hatched"
    -The bonus skill cannot be used until story events allow it to be used. Anyone of the Targaryen family may add +1 Exotic Dragon rune per capital it holds.

    Colour: Red

    House Martell:
    Capital: Sunspear

    Bonus: "Unbroken"
    -Only the Lord of House Martell will gain +1 territory if it wins any territory. The Lord must choose an adjacent territory to the one it has just won.

    No Penalty:

    Colour: Orange

    House Baratheon:
    Capital: Storm's end.

    Bonus: "Staunch Defenders"
    - Shrines may Transfigure and be used if Storm's end and Dragonstone are being attacked.

    No Penalty.

    Colour: Yellow

    House Greyjoy:
    Capital: "Pyke"

    Bonus: "Reavers"
    - House Greyjoy can attack anywhere on the western coast of Westeros.

    No penalty

    Colour: Brown

    House Tully:
    Capital: Riverrun

    Bonus: "The Trident"
    - Riverrun and The twins take either a 9 or a 0 to take. Dragons can also capture them.

    Penalty: Targaryens can capture Riverrun and The Twins without a battle.

    Colour: Light Blue

    House Arryn:
    Capital: The Eyrie

    Bonus: "The Bloody Gate"
    - The Eyrie will only fall to an attack if the attacking House has Wickendon, Gulltown, The Vale and The Fingers territories.

    No Penalty
    Colour: Dark Blue

    House Lannister:
    Capital: Casterly Rock

    Bonus: "A Debt Of Gold"
    - When attacking Lannister territory the attacking House will lose -1 Exotic. When attacking Lannister Capital the attacking House will lose -2 Exotic.

    No Penalty
    Colour: Darker shade of red.

    House Stark:
    Lord XX - May add +1 Legendary.
    Rob Stark - Can add +1 Exotic for every capital allies control. Every 3 capitals may add +1 Legendary.
    Brandon Stark - Can add +1 Exotic for every ally.
    Rickon Stark -

    House Tyrell: KF Trees
    Lord XX - May add +1 Legendary.
    Mace Tyrell - May add +1 Exotic per Capital it holds.
    Ser Loras Tyrell - May add +1 Exotic per Capital it holds.

    House Targaryen: SL Dragons
    Lord XX - May add +1 Legendary. +1 Exotic.
    Viserys Targaryen - May add + 1 Exotic.
    Daenerys Targaryen - "May hold the Family of Dragons" Vex, Vindrax, Valdac, Akakios.

    House Martell:
    Lord XX - May add +1 Legendary. +1 Exotic.
    Doran Martell - May add +1 Exotic.
    Oberyn Martell - May add +2 Exotic.

    House Baratheon:
    Lord XX - May add +1 Legendary. +1 Exotic.
    Robert Baratheon - May add +1 Exotic and +1 Exotic per ally
    Stannis Baratheon - May add +1 Exotic and +1 Exotic per 2 ally
    Renly Baratheon - May add +1 Exotic.

    House Greyjoy:

    House Tully:

    House Arryn:

    House Lannister:

    Last edited: Apr 16, 2015
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  9. fattyy2k

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    So is this guild still active? I came back after a break and apparently my guild died. I am pretty inexperienced with the game and have been recruiting several friends for the game. I this guild is still goin I want to be a part
  10. Pattn199

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    of course it is :D feel free to apply
  11. fattyy2k

    fattyy2k I need me some PIE!

    Alread did and I got accepted this morning :) gonna jump on the forum soon
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  12. fattyy2k

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    Will someone approve me on the forum??? :(
  13. fattyy2k

    fattyy2k I need me some PIE!

    Still not approved :(
  14. hfok

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    I'll try to let someone know
  15. creepNcrawl

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    lemme into this gilde noobs or i will stick a fork in your eye
  16. kalasle

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    Sorry for the delay on guild forum acceptances, both @fattyy2k and @darklord48 should now have access to the guild forums.
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  17. darklord48

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  18. BurnPyro

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    omg PA scammed me wtf help
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  19. kalasle

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    If someone in PA actually did scam you shoot me, JellyBerry, or Gamer2009 a PM and we'll take care of it.
  20. fattyy2k

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    Did burn get burned????

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