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    Niantic is having a contest, including myself, we need four more team members to enter into the hack-a-thon.

    This opportunity will allow for those interested to put forward their ideas in a constructive manner.

    I am a Technical Artist and will take lead for those who are interested.

    - Java Coder
    - Unity Developer*
    - Sound Tech
    - Digital Artist*
    - Storywriter*

    Currently as a technical artist I can support the roles with an asterisk. Other than that I’m too far out of my depth to put in quality work. That being said if you can support any of these roles please send me a private message or respond to this thread.

    One of the biggest problems with Poxnora was lack of awareness to such a complex game, here is a platform that can support a good amount of complexity while being niche enough to give us the attention for years to come with minimal advertising required.

    Again if you have an incentive to participate in this project do not hesitate to contact me. A video submission is required middle of February so the clock is ticking.

    PoxGo - it’s a thing, we can do this!

    Contest Entey Requirements:

    (i) Complete an application giving their team members’ names, educational and professional experience, and other information reasonably requested by Sponsor and confirming their availability to travel and participate in the Contest. Application information will be provided on the official Contest website located at http://www.nianticlabs.com/developers. By submitting an application, teams confirm that all members have valid passports, are able to travel as required during the dates outlined herein, and meet all other requirements as set by Sponsor.

    (ii) Submit a five (5) minute or less video showcasing the team, its members’ individual personalities, enthusiasm for development, and team dynamic. This video should be uploaded to the application form.

    (iii) Submit a game design brief of no more than ten (10) pages which should include, but is not limited to, (a) a description of the team’s game idea in two (2) paragraphs or less, (b) a description of how the game idea fits into Sponsor’s real-world platform vision, (c) a description of why the team picked this idea and whether the team has expertise in this area, (d) a description of the core geospatial gameplay loop, (e) a description of the core augmented reality gameplay loop, (f) an outline of any third party software, open source libraries, or other resources which the team may intend to use, (g) a description of the team’s target audience and why the team believes this gameplay is fun or enticing to that audience, (h) a general outline of the team’s art style, including basic illustrations where possible, (i) a general plan on how the team will deliver on these ideas during the Contest period, and (j) a description of what considerations your team has taken into account for player safety.

    (iv) Following completion of (i), (ii), and (iii) above and after the entry deadline, Sponsor may decide to interview certain teams between February 18, 2019 and March 19, 2019 through video conference software of Sponsor’s choice. Teams may have all members present for the interview but must have no less than one (1) member present. Interviews will last for no longer than two (2) hours and the questions will be at Sponsor’s discretion, but may include (a) explanations of the team’s ideas, (b) technical expertise, and (c) game design experience.

    Team Selection:
    (i) February 17, 2019: All entries must be received as outlined herein.
    (ii) February 18, 2019 through March 19, 2019: All entries are judged and interviews are conducted by Sponsor. (iii) March 20, 2019: Qualified teams are selected and results are announced.
    Developer Stage:
    (iv) May 1, 2019: Kickoff of work by selected teams. Teams will hold on-site meetings in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA.
    (v) June 7, 2019: Review with Sponsor of first playable gameplay loop (geospatial or augmented reality) (“Milestone 1”). (vi) July 12, 2019: Review with Sponsor of second playable gameplay loop (geospatial or augmented reality based on remainder of previous check-in) (“Milestone 2”).
    (vii) August 9, 2019: Review with Sponsor of playable demo (“Milestone 3”).
    (viii) August 23, 2019: Demo day in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA showcasing playable demo to Sponsor and third parties such as the press, at Sponsor’s discretion (“Milestone 4”).
    (ix) September 6, 2019: Completion of final judging and announcement of final winners.

    If anyone is willing to be an advisor on this let me know, I live close enough to meet the in person requirements for the team in the beginning. I can reach out to some contacts of mine to fill the remaining team positions. The biggest hurdle is travel for those that can commit.

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    And what's wrong with Capitulator's project, Aseryen? What strengths would this have over his project?
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    Nothing is wrong with @Capitulator's project. But what would you rather have?
    1 person giving 100%
    or 5 people giving 20%? The more the merrier I've always heard...
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    One pro is that his will be centered around an artist and so will make much faster progress on the assets. I expect it would be an entirely different game though, given that it has to be AR/geospatial like Pokemon Go.

    Anyway, I'm not able to help as all my free time is going in to my pox-like as it is. Good luck to Aseryen though - there's no harm in having more games out there.
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    I happened to be doing some research and found out Niantic was doing the contest, the timing just worked.

    I’m stoked about @Capitulator project, it looks great and I’m ready for the alpha as should everyone else imo. I’m not trying to take away from that version at all. In an ideal world some of us fans would try and self fund and startup a production company which I think many us have been implying.

    Happy New Years!
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