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  1. Raikan

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    This champ is paying for range 3-5, even though it is passive. Please reduce its range to 1; and then increase some of its baseline stats as compensation to keep it's overall nora cost relatively consistent (primarily damage/health).

    Ritual Cultist's abilities account for 26 nora out of 75 total nora cost:

    Death Charged 3= 3 nora
    Charged Disease Breath = 4 nora
    Abuse Charged 2 = 2 nora
    Charged 1= 3 nora
    Charged Heal = 5 nora
    Vaporize = 9 nora
    Ability total= 26 nora out of 75 (assuming death charged 3 and charged disease breath)

    That means Cultist's stats cost approximately 49 nora (8 damage, 6 speed, 0 defense, 40 hp, range 3-5 champ).

    Hyaenid Spearman is very similar stat-wise: (9 damage, 6 speed, 0 defense, 40 hp, range 3-5 champ.) His abilities costs 21 nora out of 72 total nora cost:

    Weary = 4 nora
    Poison 1 = 2 nora
    Cackle = 4 nora
    Dead Eater = 5 nora
    Dogpile = 6 nora
    Ability total = 21 out of a 72 nora build (assuming weary/poison 1 as upgrades)

    So Spearman's stats cost approximately 51 nora (presumably the +2 difference relative to Cultist reflects his extra point of damage). This suggests that Ritual Cultist is paying the full price for the Range 3-5 even though the champion is passive and even though that range doesn't affect a single baseline ability. While that range might be helpful in connection with certain equips that grant an attack (burning oak seed for example), none of those equips are in SP. Please adjust the range on the champion to 1.
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  2. Centuros

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    Also, as I posted in Split Faction, compare it to Stitched Seamstress.
    Cultist is +10 Nora for the same role (charged heal + bomb), and has worse stats and -1 Nora worth of abilities.

    Lack of a basic attack should definitely get some sort of cost reduction, at least if you actually have a damage stat (since if you don't you get a cost reduction because you don't have to pay for damage).

    Does anyone know if Cultist EVER used the range? It had 2-5 immediately prevamp and still no use for it.
  3. TheNidhogg

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    Anecdotally, I've still seen Tiny use it several times in meta SP.
  4. Raikan

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    It's a good rune...so I'm not necessarily saying that it needs to be better. But I'd guess that's because vaporize is underpriced (or magic damage less available than it used to be). My point is that I thought DOG was trying to move the game away from manual cost increases/decreases, and putting range 3-5 on a passive champ with no abilities that interact with its range is...well...a manual nora increase in disguise and a sign that something about these abilities is undercosted.
  5. Lauremoon

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    Anyway, it's an inconsistence and have to be solved!
  6. darklord48

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    Good catch, without Charged Attack or something else that gives it an attack, there's no reason for the range.
  7. TheNidhogg

    TheNidhogg I need me some PIE!

    I mean, there's always burning oak seed / IS market / Tundra Whisper
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  8. Paper Skull

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    Well yeah, but when none of those things are in SP or SL, it's a bit of a stretch.
  9. bluestun

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    As I recall the big thing for the cultist and the kanen scavenger when he too didn't have an attack was giving them the Drake tooth rifle or dragon claw equips. I think the cultists used to have charged blast or something previously that used her range.
  10. Lauremoon

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  11. bioalchemy

    bioalchemy Member

    Nope, but she can be given an attack in a couple of ways. Not usually super effective but it can make for a nice surprise!
  12. Lauremoon

    Lauremoon I need me some PIE!

    Not worth the nora cost, though.
  13. OriginalG1

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    IS market far shot, and holy blade of valdac give her attacks.

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