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Discussion in 'Guilds' started by Nastyhobo, Oct 14, 2016.

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    Hello my fair Poxians, are you a new player, or possibly even a veteran searching for just the right guild for you to join?

    Well tough, join our guild anyways.

    We da chillest guild in Pox so if you wanna roll with Santa's Helpers than hit me up for an invite. We are relatively new, but growing quick and thus have active players who are up for anything and we are always down to help a guildie. If your looking for a good FW guild we have mainly FW players atm such as Yobanchi and BlackCro and we also have lots of 2v2 players as well. We already have lots of chill peeps in here so if you wanna get a piece of this mad chilling action going on and join our community within the community then hit me up!! Hohohoho

    (PS: You can also PM NastyHobo, or our guilds owner BlackCro in game)
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    I lost all faith in what you had to say after your first four words. We are Pox'ers. I call thee imposter. Who are you, and what are your devious plans?
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    Is ok.

    Santa is watching you..

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