So what's everyone been playing for Cheap Meat BGs these days?

Discussion in 'Forsaken Wastes' started by guokamoli54, Dec 22, 2019.

  1. guokamoli54

    guokamoli54 I need me some PIE!

    Currently what I'm playing and I really enjoy it. I also can't tell you guys how awesome Bone Slave is, its become a 2x in all my FW bgs its awesome. Just want to see what other ppl have been trying out!

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  2. L33Ch

    L33Ch I need me some PIE!

    Corpse pile x2 combined with a Mason's Spire = potentially 8 Infected Zombies at around 18 Nora each...
  3. guokamoli54

    guokamoli54 I need me some PIE!

    Dig it! Very cool idea! Would you ever play something like Elsari Mason or just mason spires?
  4. JazzMan1221

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    I'd probably run something like this. There are a few flex picks in there like Siren and Eye that could be changed out due to personal taste, but the staples are all here. BB and Corpses for being efficient meat walls, Crossbones and Risen Moga for range, Zerkers for font running, etc. (I run them with Berserker 3, kinda inefficient but makes them much scarier combatants). Blood Fiend plus the 8 speed Zerkers means I don't get dead draws as often early; meat decks have a tendency to be full of 5 speeders and Lumbering units, which is a pain on some maps, so the additional runners are welcome. With the rest of the deck, I've tried to compensate for cheap meat's usual weaknesses while focusing on a semi-attrition style using global damage relics (sans-Block, which doesn't play nice with cheap meat) and Blight Rings. Soulreave gets around one of those weaknesses (lack of alt damage) while Eye and Fallen Draksar provide utility (Detection and Shatter respectively). Fallen Draksar is actually super efficient once he gets a few Fury stacks, and he's a really cheap Regen 3 unit so he's got some staying power. Tomb Sentinel is actually really underrated IMO. He's slow to start, but an amazing mid-game piece with 60 HP and Absorb for 53 nora. You could probably drop the Wandering Zombie for another of him, or drop him for a second Zombie depending on preference. Skeletal Rifleman is another rune that I long considered but eventually decided to leave out. If you take the cheap build he's just barely over 65 nora for a decent 5/6 range unit that bypasses DEF.
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  5. L33Ch

    L33Ch I need me some PIE!

    Sure if u can find the time to manage all your units per turn then Elsari Mason provides a possible indefinite supply of infected zombies, I tend to prefer the additional hp to other relics the spire gives. It can get a bit fiddly positioning the Elsari out of damage range of 2 piles and keeping them both healed, while also moving your slow horde.
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