The Incel of Elves

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    Gene K'Dhir'Tah'Wow couldn't help but stare at the attractive couple sitting across The Treetrop restaurant's patio. They leaned in towards each other, never breaking eye contact as they spouted nonsensical phrases of affection such as "I love you so much my delicious cutie pa-tootie, oh my goodness what would I do without you, no I love YOU more." Gene looked the male up and down.

    A f***ing Chad.

    Chad looked athletic, with lean muscles flamboyantly pushing against the threads of his shirt. Chad looked wealthy, with a golden watch that could tell the time as well as the speed of an approaching shadow. Chad looked desired, with multiple females sneaking longing glances at him when it was safe to do so.

    Chaaaad. Don't these STUPID females know he's just using them. Females must be conjurations. Conjurations programmed to be attracted to f***ing a**holes. Conjurations programmed to be attracted to money and looks. That's all that matters to them. They don't care if I'm nice, if I treat them right. NO. They only care about money and what other people think of them.
    I was NICE to you Kara. But you chose him. You chose Chad. Even though I was nice to you, you chose to f**k CHAD. HE won't treat you right, you stupid bimbo, but you still let him inside you. I did EVERYTHING I was suppose to. That should have been ME.


    Chad suddenly pushed back his chair and rose to his feet. He stood exactly 6 feet tall, with perfectly pointed ears gracefully peaking out from behind locks of hair as dark as the forces he fights to keep K'Thir safe. Gene quickly looked down at his untouched plate.
    When he looked up, Chad was gone. So was Kara.
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    This is why Dwarves > Elves.
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